united states coast guard

14 JUN 21

ALCGPSC 053/21
A. Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1 (series)
1. The Secretary has approved the report of the selection panel convened on
19 April 2021 recommending the following officers for a Reserve commission.
Officers are listed in alphabetical order.
No. Rank  Name
1.  LT    Conway, Kathleen A.
2.  LT    Doherty, Eric A.
3.  LT    Hashimoto, Brock J.
4.  LT    Hutchinson, Kip R.
5.  LT    Joseph, Jacob E.
6.  LT    Lowd, Jenny L.
7.  LT    Martineau, Brittany M.
8.  LT    Thomas, Ryan C.
9.  LT    Undeck, Kevin J.
10. LTJG  Jorgensen, James E.
2. Current and former officers listed above, IAW Ch. 2.A.1.d(3) of REF A, shall
have a DD-2697 completed by a CG Medical Officer on file with RPM-1.
3. CG PSC RPM-1 will contact members with rehire instructions. Current officers
will be accessed into the Reserve by their local SPO. Former officers will be
accessed by CG PSC-RPM-3.
4. Officers who expect to be in zone for selection during Promotion Year 2022
should contact CG PSC-RPM-1 immediately. Accession into the Reserve Component
must be completed prior to any selection board convening date.
5. Unless otherwise indicated, those members who do not respond within 90 days
from the date of memo notification will have their records closed and must
reapply, if eligible.
6. For any officer identified above who has already separated from active duty,
guidance on how to complete the accession for a Reserve commission will be
forwarded via e-mail or memo using the contact information listed
in Direct Access.
7. The Panel's membership and units are:
Name                                Unit
CDR Todd A. Remusat, USCGR          COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS)
CDR Caroline A. Beckmann, USCGR     D9 RESPONSE DIV (DR)
LCDR Anita A. Williams, USCGR       COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS)
8. Questions regarding the Regular to Reserve process or inquiries regarding the
selection process can be submitted via e-mail to:
9. Questions regarding assignment to the Selected Reserve (SELRES) can be
submitted via email to:
10. PSC-RPM point of contact is Ms. Rose Lord, email:
11. Released: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for our most important resource - Our People.
12. Internet release authorized.