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R 041406Z JUN 21
ALCOAST 210/21
SSIC 5400
A. Title 10, United States Code
B. Executive Order 13912 of 27 Mar 2020
D. Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series)
E. Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series)
G. Manual for Courts-Martial United States (2019 ed.)
H. Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1 (series)
I. The Separation History and Physical Examination (SHPE) for the
DoD Separation Health Assessment (SHA) Program, DoDI 6040.46
J. Administrative Investigations Manual, COMDTINST M5830.1 (series)
K. Physical Disability Evaluation System, COMDTINST M1850.2 (series)
L. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. This ALCOAST provides guidance for units and Servicing Personnel
Offices (SPOs) on common issues and questions identified during the
Release from Active Duty (RELAD) process for reservists recalled to
active duty under § 12302 or § 12301(d) (contingency Active Duty for
Operational Support (ADOS)) of REF (A) as authorized by REF (B) and
REF (C). For purposes of entitlements and benefits, COVID-19
response is considered a contingency operation.
2. Reservists may be involuntarily recalled under § 12302 of REF (A)
as authorized by REF (B) and REF (C) for a maximum of 365-days;
there are no exceptions to the 365 day limitation without individual
waivers from the Secretary of Homeland Security. RELAD process
requires a 60-day notification when practical prior to RELAD in
accordance with (IAW) chapter 3 of REF (D). If members approach
their 365-day involuntary mobilization limit and volunteer to remain
on active duty in support of the COVID-19 operations, they may be
issued new voluntary contingency ADOS-AC orders under § 12301(d)
of REF (A).
3. Members should expect to RELAD on their end of orders date, or
date specified by the command when the mission completion date
occurs before the original orders end date. All RELAD procedures,
including the utilization of accrued leave, must be complete prior
to departure. When practicable, the member should be provided
60-days notification of early RELAD, however, in the event where
60-days is not practicable, members must have minimum of 30-days
notice to allow SPOs time to complete all transactions.
    a. COVID-19 response orders are currently funded under the
CARES Act. The period of availability of these funds will expire
on 30SEP2021. All reservists currently on active duty in support
of COVID-19 response requirements must either be demobilized by
that date or transitioned to a new funding string provided by
4. The order issuing authority is responsible for ensuring
the member is demobilized in the Direct Access Mobilization Module
(DAMOB) with an accurate departure date, in addition to the
administrative demobilization and RELAD procedures.
5. Per chapters 3 and 10 of REF (D), members must submit a CG-2045
Career Intentions Worksheet to their Admin shop upon notification
of their RELAD and no later than 45 days prior to the actual RELAD
date. Timely submission of this worksheet is the best way to ensure
there are no pay issues.
6. Accrued leave will be treated IAW chapter 10.A of REF (E). The
60-day career limitation for selling leave does not apply to leave
accrued while serving in support of a contingency operation.
Personnel with accrued leave have the options of selling unused
leave IAW REF (D), taking transitional leave, carrying leave
forward to a future active duty period, or a combination thereof.
Leave balances will remain subject to the established fiscal year
carryover limitations of REF (F) which announced National Emergency
Special Leave Accrual (SLA). Reserve members are reminded that they
can only use carried over leave on future orders of 30 days or more.
Orders under § 12302 authority of REF (A) cannot be extended beyond
365 days under any circumstances, including for the use of leave.
7. All personnel must be provided minimum separation counseling
prior to RELAD per chapters 3 and 10 of REF (D), including the
following programs:
    a. Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI);
    b. Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
    c. Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP);
    d. TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS);
    e. TRICARE Dental Program (TDP);
    f. Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33);
    g. BAH/CONUS COLA Entitlements; and,
    h. Dwell period.
8. All reservists recalled to active duty in support of COVID-19
operations, for any length of time, are entitled to a Certificate
of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214) upon RELAD.
DD Form 214s for reservists who RELAD from being recalled in support
of COVID-19 response should be completed IAW chapters 3 and 10 of
REF (D).
9. Individuals pending disciplinary proceedings under the Uniform
Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) may be retained on active duty
without their consent, as provided by Rule 202(c) of REF (G) and
§ 802(d) (Art. 2, UCMJ) of REF (A), pending resolution of
allegations. Members ordered to active duty under § 12302 of REF (A)
whose recall status changes for administrative reasons must have
their orders modified on or before completing 365 days, to reflect
that they no longer serve under the provisions of involuntary orders
under § 12302 of REF (A). Commands must notify commander PSC (RPM)
and FORCECOM (FC-1) for coordination and consultation as soon as
10. A reservist who performs 90 days of active duty will have their
eligibility age for receipt of retired pay reduced below 60 years of
age by three months for each aggregate of 90 days for which the
member performs active duty in any two consecutive fiscal years.
The eligibility age may not be reduced below 50 years of age for
any reason. Policy and additional information can be found at:
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11. Medical Evaluations. All reservists who RELAD must meet certain
separation requirements prior to RELAD to include a medical
examination per REF (H).
      a. A Limited Health Assessment (LHA) also known as the Limited
Periodic Health Assessment and/or a Separation History and Physical
Examination (SHPE) must be completed via a face-to-face visit within
30 days prior to separation date from active duty IAW REF (D) and
REF (I). If not completed in last 6 months as part of Periodic
Health Assessment (PHA) or other assessment, a Mental Health
Assessment (MHA) must be completed. If a possible fitness for duty
concern exists, see paragraph 12 below.
          (1) Reservists must complete a SHPE when separating after
180 days or more of continuous service on orders, or when separating
with greater than 30 days of continuous service on orders in support
of a contingency operation.
          (2) Reservists must complete a LHA when separating after
short-term ADOS under § 12301(d) of REF (A).
          (3) Any illness, injury, or disease must be documented in
the reservist’s health record, and if necessary, a Line of Duty
(LOD) determination will be made IAW REF (J).
          (4) If a reservist RELADs prior to completing the required
SHPE, PSC-RPM-3 must be contacted immediately for coordination and
issuance of orders under § 12301(h) of REF (A) for the period of
medical evaluation.
      b. Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA) DD Form 2796 and
Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) DD Form 2900. For
COVID-19 mobilization, completion of the PDHA and the PDHRA are
not required. COMDT (CG-11) may add additional COVID-19 deployment
specific requirements.
12. Medical Holds/Notice of Eligibility (NOE).
      a. Any illness, injury, or disease must be documented in the
reservist’s health record, and if necessary, a LOD determination
will be made IAW REF (J).
          (1) With approval from PSC-RPM-3, members meeting LOD
criteria must have their involuntary orders under § 12302 of
REF (A) terminated (change actual end date of orders) and must
be issued voluntary orders under § 12301(h) of REF (A), for
medical treatment under this provision.
          (2) Orders under § 12301(h) of REF (A) will remain in effect,
pending resolution of the medical issue and/or completion of the
physical disability evaluation board process IAW REF (K).
          (3) Reservists who elect to stay on voluntary orders for
medical treatment must remain at a Coast Guard unit with the
capacity and expertise to swiftly manage their case to conclusion
in proximity to appropriate medical facilities and professionals.
For specific guidance, contact PSC-RPM-3.
      b. Reservists who elect RELAD must have their medical concerns
fully documented in their medical records prior to release. The
reservist’s permanent duty station must request a NOE authorizing
health care at a military or civilian facility from PSC-RPM-3
through the servicing district (Dxr). 
      c. Commands must work with DXR/RFRS staff to complete LOD and
initial request package for medical hold and NOE for final
authorization from PSC-RPM-3. A monthly update is required by the
responsible clinic until the reservist has been determined available
for full duty (AFFD) or separated/retired IAW the process detailed
within REF (K). 
      d. Further guidance for Medical Holds and NOE's, to include
templates and additional information can be found in chapter 6 of
REF (L) and the PSC-RPM-3 portal site at:
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13. Members who have served more than three months of involuntary
active duty under § 12302 of REF (A) may participate in, but are
not required to, resume IDT in the first 60 calendar days following
their RELAD. Reservists who recently RELAD must resume IDT within 90
days of their RELAD. These members may participate in, but are not
required to perform, ADT-AT in the first six months following RELAD.
Note: while this policy relaxes participation standards for these
reservists, nothing in this policy relieves members of the
requirement to earn 50 points in an anniversary year. Members are
still responsible for earning 50 retirement points in order to be
credited with a satisfactory year towards a reserve retirement per
§ 12732 of REF (A).
14. Members who have served 90 days or more supporting COVID-19
response should receive readiness and resiliency training and
benefits information via coordination with the CG Yellow Ribbon
Reintegration Program (CG YRRP).
15. Questions or concerns should be directed to the appropriate POC:
      a. PSC-RPM-3:
      b. Reserve policy and execution standards: 
      c. General workforce policy standards:
      d. CG YRRP:
16. RDML T. C. Wiemers, Assistant Commandant for Reserve (CG-R),
17. Internet release is authorized.