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R 031421Z JUN 21
ALCOAST 208/21
SSIC 1524
A. COMCOGARD PSC Washington DC 7 May 20 ALCGPSC 048/21
B. OPM Comprehensive PG Shopping List
C. CGJAG Portal JD Application Guidance and FAQs
D. Performance, Training and Education Manual,
COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
E. Law Advanced Education Program for Juris Doctor and Master of
Laws Degrees, COMDTINST 1524.2 (series)
1. I need high-performing officers and enlisted members committed
to making a positive difference as the newest members of the Coast
Guard legal program (CGJAG). From law enforcement to disaster
response, intelligence operations to marine safety and security,
CGJAG is actively engaged in every Coast Guard mission. We provide
commanders a decision-making advantage and drive mission execution
by delivering proactive legal advice and counsel across the full
spectrum of Coast Guard operations. Active duty personnel whose
performance demonstrate the ability, dedication, and commitment
to excellence are ideal candidates to become judge advocates.
If you have applied before, you are strongly encouraged to consider
applying again. We will select active duty CG members to attend
school beginning in fall 2022 to obtain a Juris Doctor (JD) degree,
with an anticipated graduation in spring 2025.
2. Eligibility/Application Materials - All personnel meeting
the requirements specified in REFs (A)-(C) are eligible to apply.
To confirm you are eligible to apply and learn how to submit an
application IAW strict deadlines, you must review REFs (A)-(C)
especially REF (C)
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(under “Shared Documents”). All applicants, please pay special
attention to recent changes made to the applicant process,
especially for officer applicants. The deadline for the Direct
Access portion of the application is 10 June 2021. All other
materials to be sent to OPM-1 as required per REF (C) are due
by 16 July 2021. Direct Access submissions/materials received
after this date will not be accepted. Selection panel dates
will be released by OPM via ALCGPSC at a later date. Selection
panel results will be released via message traffic around a
month after the panel convenes.
3. Law School Selection: Selectees will work with the legal program
manager to choose an ABA accredited law school, typically near CG
Headquarters, an Area Command, a District Office, or the Legal
Service Command to allow for mandatory, valuable Coast Guard legal
office summer internships.
4. Funding/Payback/Enlisted Contract requirements: The Coast Guard
pays tuition and authorized fees within the FORCECOM established
Advanced Education funding structure. The required active duty
obligation is three months for each month of education for the first
year and one month for each month of education thereafter, normally
resulting in a five-year service obligation. The AE obligated
service would run concurrently with the commissioned service
obligation during the member's follow-on legal tour(s). If enlisted,
upon selection for and acceptance of the program, the member's
enlistment contract will be extended for the duration of law school.
5. Commissioning/Further Training: This provides an opportunity for
officers and enlisted members to attend law school and be assigned
to a billet within CGJAG upon graduation. During law school,
enlisted selectees remain on active duty and follow normal
advancement schedules. Likewise, officer selectees remain on active
duty and follow normal regular promotion schedules throughout their
participation in the program. Upon graduation from law school, an
enlisted selectee would receive a Temporary Regular five-year
commission as a Lieutenant (O-3) in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
and attend the Direct Commission Officer course. Additionally,
after graduation and taking the bar exam, both officer and enlisted
selectees will also attend and complete the Basic Lawyer Course at
the Naval Justice School (NJS) in Newport, Rhode Island.
6. POCs:
    a. Program Manager: CDR Shanell King,;
alternate: LT Glenn Gray,
    b. PG/AE Coordinator: LT Anna Ruth,
7. Action: Widest dissemination of this ALCOAST is requested.
8. RADM Melissa Bert, Judge Advocate General (CG-094), sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.