united states coast guard

R 211346Z MAY 21

ALCGENL 073/21
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. This SITREP kicks off AY22 for the IT rating. All members who are tour
complete in AY22 should take time to consider their career aspirations,
career progression, professional development, and seek guidance from mentors.
Commands should begin evaluating readiness impacts, preparing AY22 command
concerns and should counsel tour complete members to ensure they are ready
and available for worldwide assignment. In addition, Commands should
identify all members nearing the end of their enlistment to review
reenlistment eligibility and career intentions for continued service.
2. Slating: The IT Assignment Officer (AO) will utilize a tiered slating
process for AY22. All AP4 and above members will submit E-resumes
NLT 03NOV21. All AP5 and AP6 members will submit their E-resumes NLT
01 Feb 2022. This approach will aide all members in submitting a more
competitive and realistic E-resume. Members should look for future
IT SITREPS on perspective AO portal pages.
  a. The IT AO will be paying close attention to rated and non-rated sea time
in AY22. ITs with less than 2 years of sea time will be considered
sea duty candidates. Sea duty candidates are highly encouraged to craft
E-resumes that include all cutter opportunities.
3. Advancement: The Coast Guard advances members to fill vacancies.
Accordingly, members and commands are reminded that as outlined in REF A,
personnel who compete for advancement must be prepared for reassignment to
vacancies at the next higher paygrade. Members who tested in the May 2021
SWE and become above the published cut, should apply for positions
at the pay grade they will advance to within the timeframe as per
the member's current AP billet. Members will be considered tour complete
in AY22 and shall submit an E-resume if ANY of the following conditions are met:
  (1) Identified above the published cut in AY22
  (2) Currently in pay grade to billet mismatch
  (3) Assigned in a double encumbered billet
4. Fleet-Ups: The IT AO will continue to maximize fleet-up
opportunities in AY22. Commands should communicate fleet-up
opportunities with recommendations through their AY22 Command Concerns.
5. Extensions: The IT AO does not grant automatic extensions as it could
disenfranchise other members from applying to highly desired positions.
Members desiring to extend at their unit must compete for it by including
the billet on their AY22 E-resume. Command endorsements are required for
all extension requests. Commands should communicate extensions with
recommendations through their AY22 Command Concerns.
6. IT AY22 Timeline:
   01 May to 01 Aug 2021: Members contact AOs for career counseling.
   01 May to 01 Aug 2021: Commands are encouraged to request AO Roadshows.
   01 May to 01 Aug 2021: Commands/AOs conduct PAL validation.
   TBD: Early Afloat List - timelines will be listed on the AOs' portal page.
   01 Aug 2021: Command Concerns due.
   08 Sep to 24 Sep 2021: Unofficial shopping lists published, Commands
   validate shopping list.
   28 Sep 2021: Official shopping list published.
   TBD: PATFORSWA E-resume deadline (PATFORSWA)
   03 Nov 2021: E-resumes due for AP4 and above members.
   01 Feb 2022: E-resumes due for all remaining rotating personnel.
   31 Mar 2022: All AY22 orders issued.
7. Timeline changes and additional information will be communicated in
future SITREPS and will be posted on the AO's page.
8. Career management:
   a. Defining a realistic E-resume across all paygrades is difficult.
Whether members or tour complete or not, all are highly recommended
to take advantage of the AO career counseling season (01 MAY - 01 AUG).
   b. Members should always craft their E-resume to reflect a diverse
career path, and not expect to remain in one mission set or geographic
area for an entire career. Members should list as many positions as
possible on their E-resume they are willing to go to. Members also need
to consider their AP and rank when selecting the number of positions to
apply for. Tour complete members who submit an unrealistic E-resume or
do not earn an assignment will either receive a list of remaining
positions to rank order or will be assigned to a service need position.
  c. Members that complete back to back assignments afloat or ashore
should expect an assignment to a different unit type. Failure to apply
for positions in a different unit type can cause a delay in assignment
decisions. Career and mission diversity will continue to be the cornerstone
in developing a well-rounded senior IT workforce.
  d. Women Afloat assignments vary from year to year depending upon the
requests received. In addition to normal AO counseling, all women are highly
encouraged to contact the Women Afloat Coordinator listed at the bottom
of this message.
9. General assignment guidance:
  a. As outlined in REF A, some positions require a command endorsement. It is
imperative that each member works with their command to ensure that they meet
the specific requirements of the position requested and that a command
endorsement is included with the E-resume submission. Failure to include
a command endorsement will automatically disqualify a member from competing
for the desired position.
 b. PATFORSWA assignments will be advertised in a future solicitation
message which will be released SEPCOR. Specific requirements and the
application process will be covered in the solicitation message. Members
currently interested can find additional information at the following website:
 c. Potential position reprogramming: EPM receives numerous requests to
fill billets being proposed for reprogramming. EPM can only assign
members to approved positions. Commands and program managers should anticipate
billet reprogramming requests and ensure requests or approvals align with the
assignment season to capitalize on a robust candidate pool and adequately
address the intended position reprogramming action (e.g. rate change, location
change). Direct Access is the primary tool EPM and AOs have to advertise open
or newly established positions. Vacant positions may also be found at REF B,
perspective AO's pages.
10. POCs:
  a. CWO Peter Deacon: IT/Senior ET AO (202) 795-6604.
  b. Women Afloat Coordinator: OSC Ramona Mason (202) 795-6573.
11. Released by: LT Kim Jenish (202) 795-6593.
12. This message will expire within one year from release date.
13. Internet release authorized.