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R 162033Z APR 21
ALCOAST 151/21
SSIC 12900
1. The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) was administered
from 24 September to 05 November 2020. As with previous years it
was a census survey, meaning every eligible Coast Guard civilian
employee was provided the opportunity to participate. Our Coast
Guard response rate was 48.8%, an increase of 8.8% from 2019.
Thank you to all the civilian employees who took the time to respond
to this important workforce survey. The Office of Personnel
Management (OPM) issued agency and component level results for the
2020 FEVS in January and February 2021, and we are still waiting for
the release of government-wide results.
2. On 18 March 2021, Deputy Under Secretary for Management (DUSM),
R. D. Alles released a message to all DHS employees that
highlighted the Department’s improved FEVS results. The DUSM
stated that he was pleased to see improvements in positive DHS
FEVS results, including in the overall DHS Employee Engagement
Index (EEI) which increased by 4% and the Global Satisfaction
Index which increased by 5%. Despite increases, DHS knows we
have more work to do to improve employee engagement and global
satisfaction in the Department.
3. The Coast Guard remains a leader across all of the measured
engagement indices, ranked first or second within the DHS
components and above the DHS scores. The Employee Engagement
Index (EEI) measures employees’ sense of purpose that is evident
in their display of dedication, persistence, and effort in their
work or overall attachment to their organization and its missions.
The 2020 FEVS results reflect that the Coast Guard’s overall
engagement index score is 78%, a 2% improvement from 2019.
Additionally, 189 out of 203 (93%) of the reported Coast Guard
organizations have a 65% or higher EEI score. Note: Reported
organizations have 10 or more survey respondents.
4. The Coast Guard results on the other measured engagement indices
are equally impressive. The Global Satisfaction Index measures
employee satisfaction about four aspects related to their work:
their pay, their organization, and whether they would recommend
their organization as a good place to work; the Coast Guard score
is 75%, an increase of 1% from 2019 and tied for the highest across
DHS along with FLETC.
5. OPM considers a positive response rating of 65% or more as a
strength, and 35% or higher negative response rating as a challenge.
For the Coast Guard, 32 of the 38 core survey items are identified
as strengths, and none were identified as challenges. In fact, 24
core survey items increased the percentage of positive responses,
and only 6 items decreased in the percentage of positive responses
with the largest decrease -2%.
6. Analysis of the five highest percentage positive results shows
the Coast Guard civilian employees: believe their supervisor
supports their need to balance work and other life issues
(90% positive); feel that their supervisor treats them with
respect (89% positive); believe the agency is successful at
accomplishing its mission (89% positive); know how their work
relates to the agency’s goals (89% positive); and feel the people
they work with cooperate to get the job done (87% positive).
While no Coast Guard results rise to the OPM definition of a
challenge area (35% negative or higher), areas which Coast Guard
civilians viewed as challenges, or the highest percentages of
negative responses, include: believing that the results of the
survey will be used to make the agency a better place to work
(27% negative); feeling that in their work unit, steps are taken
to deal with a poor performer who cannot or will not improve
(26% negative); believing that in their work unit, differences in
performance are recognized in a meaningful way (20% negative);
believing that in their organization, senior leaders generate high
levels of motivation and commitment in the workforce (20% negative);
and believing that their workload is reasonable (17% negative). The
2020 FEVS included several COVID-19 related questions and additional
analysis will be done on these specific questions.
7. The 2020 FEVS Coast Guard Annual Employee Survey report (AES)
with Coast Guard level results is posted here: Select
the 2020 FEVS Results folder. Detailed organization level reports
will be provided to senior leaders for review and action later this
spring. Organizations that are interested in conducting further
analysis of results can use the tools available on the CGPortal
page to identify strengths and challenges, as well as develop
action plans for improvement. All leaders, managers, and
supervisors are encouraged to look further at your organization’s
results, strengths and challenges, so that we can work together to
make continuous improvements.
8. I greatly appreciate your feedback and participation in the FEVS.
The Commandant and I are steadfast in our efforts to improve our
work environment. We are committed to using your feedback to
continue to make the Coast Guard an employer of choice within DHS
and the entire Federal Government.
9. POC: Ms. Brooke Lawson, COMDT (CG-124), 252-498-9860 or
10. ADM Charles W. Ray, Vice Commandant (VCG), sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.