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R 151704Z APR 21
ALCGOFF 038/21
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions,
COMDTINST M1000.3(series)
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
C. 10 USC 12311
D. 14 USC 2102
1. This ALCGOFF solicits volunteers from the ready reserve
(O2 to O4) to serve on EAD for a period of one to three years. There
are currently limited opportunities which will be targeted for FY22.
Upon selection for EAD members will be contacted by OPM-2 to discuss
billet availability.
2. EAD is often used when the active duty corps experiences
shortages in critical competency areas. EAD opportunities are
balanced against approved accession numbers and are therefore
limited. The commencement date and length of EAD will be determined
by CG PSC-OPM based on the needs of the service and the desires of
the officer. Officers selected for EAD positions can expect
contracts to begin on or after 1 October 2021.
3. Ready reserve (SELRES and IRR) officers are eligible to be
considered for EAD. Reserve officers currently serving on Title 10
or ADOS are eligible to apply for EAD provided the member's command
authorizes release to allow the member to accept orders in
conjunction with the EAD agreement. Officers already serving on an
EAD agreement are subject to reserve extension policies found in
Ref A. All applicants will be considered using the following Ref A
a. Possess unique skills and abilities, or professional
qualifications in areas in which there is a critical service need
and a lack of qualified candidates.
b. Are in grades up to and including lieutenant commander.
c. Have fewer than 11 years total active service or if they have no
previous active service, fewer than 11 years commissioned service as
a reserve officer. Waivers for commissioned service length can be
approved by Commander (CG-PSC-RPM) on a case by case basis for
officers needed to fill critical skill set vacancies. To minimize
delay in processing requests, reserve members must ensure accurate
statements of creditable service are completed prior to requesting
EAD. The member's Servicing Personnel Office may assist the member
as needed.
d. Applicants should understand that the needs of the Service may
require the member to relocate. EAD is a tool to allow qualified
reserve officers to serve on active duty in active duty billets.
The more flexible a member is regarding location, the more likely an
agreement will be offered, provided all other criteria are met.
4. Position vacancies will be announced via the AY21 Officer
Assignment Opportunities ALCGOFF.
5. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit applications by
28 May 2021. All applications must be in CG standard memo format,
include a resume, and have a command endorsement. All memos should
contain desired positions from paragraph 4 (above) and must contain
the members EMPLID, and current contact information. Members
currently assigned in the IRR should contact CG PSC-RPM-3 for
additional guidance. E-mail complete application memo with command
endorsement to
6. In accordance with Ref D, effective the date the EAD agreement
commences, officers accepting an EAD agreement will be removed from
the inactive duty promotion list (IDPL) and placed on the active
duty promotion list (ADPL) according to grade and date of rank. The
member will then compete for promotion on the active duty promotion
list (ADPL) when eligible and in-zone. Officers in-zone or projected
to be in-zone should refer to Ref A. Concerns about career timing
and promotion zones should be addressed prior to agreeing to the EAD
contract. Candidates may contact OPM-4 for general questions.
7. The POC for Reserve Officer promotion boards is LT Marvi Rivera
at The POC for EAD questions is
LT Sara Pepin (OPM-1E) at
8. CAPT M. T. Brown, Chief, PSC-OPM sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.