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R 071804Z APR 21
ALCOAST 140/21
SSIC 5224
B. Coast Guard Innovation Program, COMDTINST 5224.13 (series)
1. I am pleased to announce and congratulate the recipients
of the 2020 Captain Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Awards, as
chosen by the Innovation Council, and discussed in REFs (A)
and (B).
2. Fostering a Service culture of continuous innovation and
learning empowers our workforce to play an integral role in
supporting CG strategic objectives. This year's award recipients
found ingenious solutions that addressed complex maritime
challenges, contributed to creating a more inclusive Service,
and leveraged data analytics and machine learning to maximize
efficiency and effectiveness. Faced with the unprecedented
challenges posed by COVID-19, our recipients also leveraged
strengthened C5I infrastructure to modernize force readiness
management and maintain engagement with the public and external
3. The 2020 award recipients by category are:
   a. Science or Technology:
CHAINLENK: Countering IUU Fishing with Data Driven Solutions
      (1) LT Emily Johnson, D17 Intelligence Branch
      (2) IS1 James Lenkiewicz, D17 Intelligence Branch
   b. Operations or Readiness:
Commercial Space Launch Risk Assessment Tool (SLRAT)
      (1) CDR Scott Kirkland, COMDT (CG-7411)
      (2) CDR Joshua Rose, Sector Jacksonville
      (3) CDR Jillian Lamb, Sector Jacksonville
      (4) LCDR Molly Keyser, Sector Jacksonville
      (5) LT Emily Sysko, Sector Jacksonville
      (6) LT LaMarcus Walker, Sector Jacksonville
      (7) LT Anthony Scott, Sector Jacksonville
      (8) LT Joel Hill, Sector Jacksonville
      (9) BMC Robert Martin, Station Port Canaveral
      (10) MST1 Dionysios Mitsios, Sector Jacksonville
      (11) Mr. Douglas Campbell, Sector Jacksonville
   c. Administration, Training, or Support:
Modernized Learning for Shore Forces Readiness
      (1) CDR Joel Carse, TRACEN Yorktown
      (2) LCDR Paul Simpson, TRACEN Yorktown
      (3) LCDR John Laraia, TRACEN Yorktown
      (4) LCDR Michael Oubre, TRACEN Yorktown
      (5) LT Mark Bender, TRACEN Yorktown
      (6) LT Elizabeth Tatum, TRACEN Yorktown
      (7) LT Jeremy Leggett, TRACEN Yorktown
      (8) Mr. Mark Ogle, TRACEN Yorktown
      (9) Ms. Kristy Plourde, TRACEN Yorktown
   d. Culture Change:
Urination Device for Female Boat Crewmembers
      (1) AMT3 Kristin Talbott, AIRSTA Kodiak
   e. Coast Guard Auxiliary Achievement:
UPV and Bareboat Charters: Remote Education & Outreach
      (1) AUX Alvaro Ferrando, Sector Miami Prevention
Investigations Division
   f. Commander Joel Magnussen Innovation Award for Management:
Adaptive Risk Model for Inspected Small Passenger Vessels
      (1) CAPT Matt Edwards, COMDT (CG-CVC)
      (2) CDR Baxter Smoak, COMDT (CG-INV)
      (3) LCDR Stefanie Hodgdon, COMDT (CG-CVC)
      (4) LCDR Peter Bizzaro, COMDT (CG-CVC)
      (5) LCDR Jeff Bybee, MSC
      (6) LCDR Cameron Cooper, MSC
      (7) LCDR Brian Crimmel, COMDT (CG-DCO-51)
      (8) LCDR Timothy McNamara, COMDT (CG-PAE)
      (9) LCDR Matthew Meacham, COMDT (CG-ENG)
      (10) LT Katherine Ahrens, MSC
      (11) LT Kimberly Gates, COMDT (CG-OES)
      (12) LT Keith Heine, MSC
      (13) LT Kevin Kinsella, COMDT (CG-PAE)
      (14) Ms. Jennifer Poythress, COMDT (CG-OES)
      (15) Ms. Juliet Hudson, COMDT (CG-CVC)
      (16) Mr. Emanuel Terminella Jr., COMDT (CG-INV)
      (17) Mr. Marc Cruder, COMDT (CG-5P-TI)
4. The Coast Guard Innovation Council reviewed award nominations
received through CG_Ideas@Work. The 2020 nominees embody the
exceptionally innovative spirit of our workforce and their efforts
have made tangible positive impacts in our Service, maximizing
readiness today and tomorrow. Additional information about these
and other exceptional ideas may be viewed at:
5. Although only a few ideas can be selected for an award, the
Innovation Council would also like to recognize this year’s
honorable mentions for each award category:
   a. Science or Technology:
Augmented Reality Maintenance Assistance (ARMA)
      (1) CDR Bryan Burkhalter, FORCECOM
   Virtual Readiness Center
Maritime Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (MISLE)
Weather Macro
      (1) LT David Cooper, Sector Jacksonville
   b. Operations or Readiness:
      Advanced Domain Awareness Messaging System (ADAMs) as a
Mobile Vessel Sighting Report Solution (text/email compatible)
      (1) LCDR Adam Gibbs, Sector San Diego
Sector Miami Prevention Investigation: Illegal Charter
Investigator Qualification – (PAX-OPS)
      (1) LTJG Danny Hicks, Sector Miami Prevention
Investigations Division
      (2) Mr. Jesus Porrata, Sector Miami Prevention
Investigations Division
      (3) AUX Alvaro Ferrando, Sector Miami Prevention
Investigations Division
   c. Administration, Training, or Support:
Aviation Rating Apprentice Program
      (1) Aviation Technical Training Center Elizabeth City
Modernization of EMT Recertification
      (1) LT Douglas Schneider, LANT-39
      (2) LT Eric Sheridan, TRACEN Petaluma
      (3) HSC Heidi Christensen, TRACEN Petaluma
      (4) HSC Patrick Coppo, CGC Stone
      (5) HSC Darcy Hislop, TRACEN Petaluma
      (6) HSC Shelby Carlson, TRACEN Petaluma
      (7) ASTC Micah Franklin, TRACEN Petaluma
      (8) HS1 Taijiro Laren, TRACEN Petaluma
      (9) HS1 Eugene Pryka, TRACEN Petaluma
      (10) HS1 Christine Yoshimura, TRACEN Petaluma
      (11) HS1 Heidi Bennett, TRACEN Petaluma
      (12) Ms. Shyla Volk, TRACEN Petaluma
Galley Metrics and Command Visibility
      (1) CS1 Zachary Carman, USCG Base Seattle
   d. Culture Change:
MyCG - A Centralized, Public Information Gateway for All
Coast Guard Audiences
      (1) CAPT Matthew Moorlag, COMDT (CG-092)
      (2) CDR Timothy Balunis, COMDT (CG-092)
      (3) CDR Whitney Houck, COMDT (CG-092)
      (4) LT Luke McConnell, COMDT (CG-092)
      (5) LTJG Krystal Wolfe, COMDT (CG-092)
      (6) CWO3 Allyson Conroy, COMDT (CG-092)
      (7) YN1 Scott Turner, COMDT (CG-092)
      (8) PA2 Hunter Medley, COMDT (CG-092)
      (9) Ms. Alana Miller, COMDT (CG-092)
      (10) Ms. Allie DeLegge, COMDT (CG-092)
      (11) Ms. Christie St. Clair, COMDT (CG-092)
      (12) Ms. Kara Noto, COMDT (CG-092)
      (13) Mr. Rodrigo Brinski, COMDT (CG-092)
      (14) Mr. Jonathon LaDue, COMDT (CG-092)
ATC Mobile Podcast "Flight Suit Friday"
      (1) LCDR Nathan Shakespeare, ATC Mobile
      (2) LCDR Sam Hafensteiner, ATC Mobile
      (3) LT Ryan Vandehei, ATC Mobile
      (4) Mr. Charles Seay, ATC Mobile
   e. Coast Guard Auxiliary Achievement:
Research and Development Center Auxiliary Team Skills Bank
      (1) Commodore Bill Bowen, USCG Research and Development
Center (RDC)
      (2) Dr. Joe DiRenzo III, USCG Research and Development
Center (RDC)
      (3) AUX Bruce Buckley, USCG Research and Development
Center (RDC)
   f. CDR Joel Magnussen Innovation Award for Management:
Rapid and Efficient Program Renovation: CG Emergency Management
      (1) COMDT (CG-OEM)
Saving Arctic Communities: Maritime Safety Task Force (MSTF)
and Bulk Fuel Facility Workgroup
      (1) CDR Jereme M. Altendorf, Sector Anchorage
6. The Innovation Awards ceremony will be held on 30 April 2021
during the spring Senior Leadership Conference. Additional
information regarding this and other Innovation Council activities
can be found at the Innovation Portal at:
7. POC: Please direct any questions to COMDT (CG-926) Research,
Development, Test and Evaluation, and Innovation Program at:
8. RADM Michael J. Johnston, Assistant Commandant for Acquisition
(CG-9), sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.