united states coast guard

R 061550Z APR 21
ALCOAST 137/21
SSIC 1650
1. I am pleased to announce that the winner of the seventh annual
Excellence in Marine Inspections Award is MSSE4 Carl L. Worley
of Sector New York. Every day, our well-trained and skilled
Marine Inspectors make difficult decisions with enormous impacts
on the safety and security of the shipping industry and marine
transportation system. This award recognizes the duty Marine
Inspector who best demonstrated the characteristics of a valuable
mentor, had especially noteworthy impacts on increasing marine
safety, displayed exceptional technical expertise, and exhibited
the highest levels of professionalism. A panel of five Marine
Inspectors was convened to assess the 28 submitted nominations
and select a winner.
2. MSSE4 Worley is an exemplary marine safety professional,
and most significantly, a superior mentor for junior inspectors.
MSSE4 Worley played a pivotal role implementing the towing
vessel inspection program throughout Sector New York’s area
of responsibility. He strategically developed a week long
Inspected Towing Vessel (ITV) College to further qualification
potential for marine inspectors. His positive energy and passion
for the marine inspections mission transformed the ITV College
from a unit training into an annual, multi-district training event,
which has facilitated the qualification of 200 inspectors. As
lead inspector during the annual inspection of an Offshore Supply
Vessel, he noticed the fixed fire extinguishing system was newly
installed without completion of plan approval. After expanding
the inspection, he observed that the pressure switch for the
shutdowns was not connected. His expertise and sound judgment
uncovered multiple regulatory violations and prevented a possible
catastrophic event. MSSE4 Worley showcased his unwavering commitment
to safety of life at sea during a barge inspection. He identified
an electrical panel located in a hazardous zone. After further
investigation, he discovered this arrangement spanned across
the company’s fleet of barges, impacting multiple Captain of
the Port zones. MSSE4 Worley oversaw the rectification of these
issues while taking the opportunity to conduct training for
industry and apprentice marine inspectors. His expertise and
professionalism were unsurpassed and praised by the affected
company and the command.
3. I would like to recognize the following personnel as Honorable
Mention finalists:
   a. Mr. Lionel R. Campbell, Sector Jacksonville, Florida.
Mr. Campbell’s prowess was critical to the response and salvage
of a fire-stricken foreign-flagged vessel. His knowledge of the
vessel’s construction and design greatly assisted in extinguishing
the fire. He skillfully assessed critical structure and fire
damage to ensure stability was maintained for the offloading
of 1,265 metric tons of fuel oil, 315 metric tons of marine
gas oil, 30,355 liters of lube oil, and 2,400 vehicles, preventing
the pollution of a highly sensitive marine environment. Furthermore,
he bolstered his colleagues’ breadth of knowledge and understanding
of ship construction and fire safety arrangements by providing
hands-on training. As a recognized subject matter expert, he was
involved in creating the first Alternate Inspection Program task
list for the Marine Inspector Performance Support Architecture.
His participation throughout the initiative was vital in
identifying, verifying, and classifying more than 3,000 inspection
tasks, forming the foundation for a new comprehensive training
program that will promote consistent nationwide execution of
inspection activities for many years to come.  
   b. MSSE3 Dennis W. Myers, Marine Safety Unit Lake Charles,
Louisiana. MSSE3 Myers’ technical expertise was instrumental
following an explosion on a dredge. He collaborated with
investigating officers and local fire department personnel
to identify and eliminate the gas source that caused the
explosion. MSSE3 Myers skillfully traced the grey water piping
line to the forward overboard discharge where he discovered
improper deck modifications. He quickly determined that the
dredge pipe de-gassing line discharged in the same location
as the gray water line. From that location, the gray water
line served as the avenue allowing the gases to vent into the
accommodation space. MSSE3 Myers’ engineering systems expertise
was also invaluable throughout the extensive review of repair
proposals. His efforts facilitated effective changes to control
build-up of bottom gases, eliminating potential of subsequent
marine casualties. Following an anonymous call describing dangerous
conditions aboard a towing vessel, MSSE3 Myers led his team to
the discovery of improper electrical installations, pollution
prevention violations, severe hull wastage, out-of-service life-
saving equipment, and fire hazards. His sound judgment and attention
to detail resulted in a successful Flag State Detention, spurring
immediate expansion of oversight to the operator’s remaining fleet.
The expanded oversight uncovered a myriad of safety issues,
resulting in two additional substandard vessels being placed under
Flag State Detention. 
4. I heartily congratulate MSSE4 Worley, Mr. Campbell, MSSE3 Myers,
and all the nominees that competed for this prestigious award. Your
efforts exemplify the outstanding skills, hard work,
professionalism, and traditions of the Marine Inspection community
and core values of our service. Bravo Zulu!
5. Questions regarding the Excellence in Marine Inspections Award
may be directed to LT Sarah Reid of COMDT (CVC-1) at (202) 372-1387
6. RDML Richard Timme, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy
(CG-5P), sends.
7. Internet release is authorized.