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R 311346Z MAR 21
ALCOAST 126/21
SSIC 5050
A. ALCGFINANCE 042/16 2016 Travel and Community Outreach Guidance
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8
1. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and member feedback,
AcademyWomen marks its 18th year hosting the Officer Women
Leadership Symposium (OWLS) and the debut of the Mini-OWLS Virtual
Series. The series will be held in three parts, members may choose
to attend one, two, or all three half-day sessions. The theme of
the 2021 series is - Reimagining Meaningful Leadership - and will
focus on leading self, leading others, and leading ethically while
providing inspiration for military women to lead throughout all
stages of their lives, both during and after their time in military
service. These events will bring together female military leaders
for three half-day, virtual sessions that will feature experts,
innovators, and thought leaders with opportunities for facilitated
roundtables. Each session will stand alone but will have
connections to the others. All military officers, veterans,
enlisted members, and federal civil servants are encouraged to
register and attend the series. All events will be held 1130-1530
EST on the following days:
    a. Session One will take place on April 13, 2021 with the theme:
Reimagining Meaningful Leadership: Leading Self. This theme focuses
on one's own thinking, feelings, and actions towards one's goals.
    b. Session Two will take place on August 5, 2021 with the theme:
Reimagining Meaningful Leadership: Leading Others with Humility,
Power, and Influence. This theme focuses on the ability as a leader
to humbly build relationships and gain power to influence others
for positive impact.
    c. Session Three will take place on November 9, 2021 with the
theme: Reimagining Meaningful Leadership: Leading Self Ethically
Into the Future. This theme focuses on the ability to recognize
trends and strategically pursue opportunities that have potential
to create value and impact for the future.
    d. Attendees are also invited to share their stories of
leadership in AcademyWomen's OWLS Talks -Celebrate Her Voice –
Untold Stories of Military Women Campaign. Similar to TED Talks,
members are invited to share their leadership story and lessons
learned in a short, five-minute audio file which will be reviewed
by a committee of military, veteran, and community leaders on
the topic aligning with one of the Mini-OWLS themes listed above.
At each of the Mini-OWLS events, we will announce and feature the
top three selected OWLS Talks stories with a total of nine stories
featured throughout the year. All videos will be archived with the
Military Women’s Memorial and the top stories will be professionally
produced into videos and featured at the Memorial. All members
interested must submit stories in the form of a five-minute audio
clip, a short written summary, and select photos. More information
about the OWLS Talks can be found at:
2. While the focus of the affinity conference is identified in the
theme, all sessions are open for ALL employees to attend,
regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. The Coast Guard supports
and encourages participation in affinity group symposiums in an
effort to increase the retention of a diverse and talented
workforce. These events are valuable professional development
opportunities that provide a forum for mentoring, networking, and
optimizing career success for the total workforce.
3. In accordance with REFs (A) and (B), the Office of Diversity
and Inclusion (CG-127) is the Coast Guard's coordinator for the
event and has responsibility to account for all attendance and
overall costs to DHS. Coast Guard funded attendance is limited.
All virtual registration fees will be covered by the member's unit
funds. Due to this event being virtual, interested members should
request attendance through their chain of command for unit-level
approval; and can register once approval is received.
4. IAW DHS Conference Policy (online or in-person): If the event
is an online/virtual conference and the registration fee is under
$2,500 per person, irrespective of the number of attendees, then a
conference package is not required. COMDT (CG-127) must provide a
final count of all USCG participants for the MINI-OWLS virtual
event. All registered members please email:
Subject: OWLS/MINI-OWLS ATTENDEE(S). Provide the below information
for each participant:
    a. Full Name
    b. Rank/Civilian Pay Grade
    c. Job Title
    d. Unit/Office/Division
    e. Current PDS Location
    f. Previous Attendee (Y/N)
5. Commanding Officers/OICs are strongly encouraged to support the
professional development of civilian and military personnel.
Attendance will be at the unit expense. Admission and registration
fees will be based on attendees registering for Series events
separately or for all three together. AcademyWomen is offering an
Early Bird pricing offer with a deadline for Early Bird
registrations of April 1, 2021. Registration for each event will
close the day prior to the corresponding event at 1200 ETS on
April 12, August 4, and November 8. All participants will
individually be responsible for accessing the OWLS online platform
and establishing internet connectivity to the events.
    a. Mini-OWLS Series Price (Registration for all three events):
Standard-$75, Early Bird $65
    b. Single Mini-OWLS Price (Registration for individual events,
one or two): Standard -$30, Early Bird $25
    c. Units wishing to request group payment codes or viewing
party discounts for registration must contact the POC for further
6. Symposium attendance information and registration link is
available at:
7. This message is valid until November 9, 2021.
8. POC: LTJG Molly Sternberg, COMDT (CG-127), 202-475-5004 or
9. Ms. Michelle R. Godfrey, Director of Civilian Human Resources,
Diversity, and Leadership (CG-12), sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.