united states coast guard

R 301857Z MAR 21
ALCOAST 124/21
SSIC 1650
1. We are pleased to announce the selection of SN Theodore Noah S.
Kirkbride of USCG STA MAUI as the 2020 Enlisted Person of the Year
- Active Duty Component, and HS2 Cole P. Olvera of USCG Port
Security Unit 311 as the 2020 Enlisted Person of the Year -
Reserve Component.
   a. SN Kirkbride currently serves at Coast Guard Station Maui,
where his dedication has earned him qualifications as a Coxswain
on the 45’ Response Boat Medium (RB-M) and the 29’ Response Boat
Small (RB-S II) platforms. Exhibiting the highest degree of
professionalism, SN Kirkbride has responded to 22 Search and
Rescue (SAR) cases and saved or assisted 42 lives. Displaying
unparalleled initiative, SN Kirkbride created a 6,000-word
instruction to enhance the station’s training program, directly
contributing to the certifications of three Coxswains and four
Boat Crew Members. In addition, SN Kirkbride serves as a Critical
Incident Stress Management (CISM) Peer, leading grief counseling
with the county of Maui. Most notably, he delivered a speech on
grief and support in times of crisis to more than 300 participants.
A highly respected community leader, SN Kirkbride has taught Coast
Guard Boating Safety classes to the Kahului Airport Fire Department,
and trained local firefighters in small boat safety and response
operations. SN Kirkbride displayed steadfast commitment to others by
volunteering to deliver groceries and provide companionship to the
elderly, as well as by mentoring at-risk youth in the local
community. SN Kirkbride also contributes to Station Maui’s mission
by acting as the Public Affairs Officer, utilizing social media
platforms to enable community outreach and public education.
   b. HS2 Olvera serves at Port Security Unit (PSU) 311, homeported
in Long Beach, CA. HS2 Olvera’s superior performance of duty as the
PSU 311’s direct representative to the Logistics Health
Incorporation (LHI) and Office of Health, Safety, and Work-Life
Service Center’s Operational Medicine Division (USCG HSWL SC OPMED);
enabled PSU 311 to maintain a high level of medical readiness by
ensuring all required medical services were provided, and personally
completing 80% of the unit’s medical reviews. In addition,
HS2 Olvera enabled PSU 311 to maintain the highest levels of
operational readiness by obtaining the National Association of
Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Tactical Combat Casualty
Care (TCCC) Instructor certification, allowing for in-house training
of PSU 311’s personnel. Demonstrating the highest level of
initiative, HS2 Olvera volunteered for a critical fill at the
BASE Los Angeles - Long Beach Clinic, completing 107 days of Active
Duty for Operational Support (ADOS); where he assisted with patient
care, examinations, and documentation of treatment during an
especially challenging transfer season marked by the COVID-19 global
pandemic. He was directly responsible for more than 120
vaccinations, provided guidance on procuring six infrared
thermometers for COVID-19 screening, and spearheaded the procurement
of water testing supplies, enabling a safe water supply to be
delivered to members attending training in remote locations.
In addition to his on-duty contributions, HS2 Olvera has volunteered
more than 100 hours with Disney VoluntEARS, enriching hundreds of
lives within the Los Angeles community supporting education, health,
and the arts.
2. Seaman Kirkbride and Petty Officer Olvera are exceptional Coast
Guardsmen who embody our Core Values both on and off duty.
3. The following individuals are also worthy of special recognition,
having earned nominations from their commands and the respect of
their fellow Coast Guard men and women as 2020 Enlisted Persons of
the Year at the District level:
   a. MK2 Christine D. Hemphill, CG STA Southwest Harbor, ME;
   b. MST1 Melissa L. Robinson, CG SECTOR New York, NY;
   c. AET2 Daniel J. Swerdlow, CG ATTC Elizabeth City, NC;
   d. MST2 Louis R. Spinelli, CG SECTOR Delaware Bay, PA;
   e. BM3 Jacob H. Busch, CG STA Tybee Island, GA;
   f. YN1 Jessica M. Shingleton, CG PSU 307, Clearwater, FL;
   g. GM1 Phuong-Thao T. Barnes, CG SECTOR Houston-Galveston, TX;
   h. MK1 Robert L. Davidson, CG SECTOR Corpus Christi, TX;
   i. BM2 Matthew J. Kirby, CG STA Grand Haven, MI;
   j. GM1 John K. Kelly, CG DRAT Cleveland, OH;
   k. BM1 Richie Pilozo, CG MSST LA/LB, San Pedro, CA;
   l. AMT1 Joshua B. Shaffer, CG SECTOR Columbia River, OR;
   m. ME1 Jason R. Armstrong, CG STA Portland, OR;
   n. MK2 Victor M. Camacho, CG STA Apra Harbor, GU;
   o. ME1 Jamie N. DeBarros, CG NPRFTC Kodiak, AK; and
   p. YN1 Ashleigh W. Seibert, CG SECTOR Anchorage, AK.
4. Thank you to the numerous commands that recognized our many
high-performing enlisted personnel for a job well done.
5. The POC for the Enlisted Person of the Year Program is
MECS William Kelly, COMDT (CG-00B) at 202-372-4432 or
6. Admiral Karl L. Schultz, Commandant (CCG) and
MCPOCG Jason M. Vanderhaden, Master Chief Petty Officer of the
Coast Guard (CG-00B), send.
7. Internet release is authorized.