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23 MAR 21

ALCGPSC 032/21
A. Officer Evaluation System Procedures Manual, PSCINST M1611.1D
B. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions Manual, COMDTINST M1000.3A
C. ALCGPSC 031/21, 2021 Register of Officers
D. ALCGOFF 004/19, Officer Evaluation System (OES) Administration and Updates
E. Coast Guard Officer Specialty Management System Manual, COMDTINST M5300.3A
F. ALCGPSC 129/16, Specialty Considered Selections (SCS)
G. Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10c
1. Per Ref A, most Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) arrive at CG PSC between
May and September; specific submission schedules are outlined in Article 8.C.1.
Officers indicated in this message and officers above zone for selection shall
not delay submission of their biennial/annual/semiannual OER past the scheduled
due date, unless the Reported-on Officer has an approved retirement letter or
separation on file for this year and plans to submit a continuity OER IAW
Article 5.E.9. of Ref B.
2. In preparation for the PY22 Selection Board season, the following information
is provided for planning purposes only. Many personnel management decisions are
still being finalized including PY22 zone sizes, numbers to select,
opportunities of selection, controlled grade authorizations, etc. Please note
all zone projections provided below include a protective buffer to ensure all
potential candidates proceed with a timely OER submission. Actual zone sizes
will be published by ALCGOFF once all personnel decisions have been made.
Signal Numbers (SIGNO) noted below are from the recently published 2021
Register of Officers, Ref C, available at
3. For planning purposes, the following Active Duty Promotion List (ADPL)
officers may be considered by a Selection Board and shall not delay their
regularly scheduled OER (except those submitting a continuity OER per para 1):
a. RDML Sel: Captains with a date of rank (DOR) of 01JUL19 or earlier.
b. CAPT Continuation: Captains with a DOR of 01JAN18 or earlier, not
previously considered.
c. CAPT Sel: Commanders with SIGNO less than/equal to 760.
d. CDR Sel: Lieutenant Commanders with SIGNO less than/equal to 1994.
e. LCDR Sel: Lieutenants with SIGNO less than/equal to 3655.
f. LT Sel: Lieutenants (junior grade) with a DOR of 01JUL20 or earlier.
g. LTJG Sel: Jun 2020 Board: Ensigns with a DOR of 31JUL20 or earlier. (See Note 1)
h. LTJG Sel: Nov 2021 Board: Ensigns with a DOR of 31JAN21 or earlier.
i. CWO4 Sel: CWO3 with a DOR of 15DEC18 or earlier. (See Note 2)
j: CWO3 Sel: CWO2 with a DOR of 15DEC18 or earlier. (See Note 2)
4. Per Ref B, the following Inactive Duty Promotion List (IDPL) officers/PCTS
are also considered for selection if their ADPL running mate is considered for
selection. For planning purposes, the following IDPL officers shall not delay
their regularly scheduled OER:
a. CAPT Retention: Captains with 18 or more years of service towards retirement.
b. CAPT Sel: Commanders with SIGNO less than/equal to 760A.
c. CDR Retention: Commanders with 18 or more years of service towards retirement.
d. CDR Sel: Lieutenant Commanders with SIGNO less than/equal to 1994A.
e. LCDR Retention: Lieutenant Commanders with 18 or more years of service towards retirement.
f. LCDR Sel: Lieutenants with SIGNO less than/equal to 3655A.
g. LT Sel: Lieutenants (junior grade) with a DOR of 01JUL20 or earlier.
h. LTJG Sel: Jun 2021 Board: Ensigns with a DOR of 31JUL20 or earlier. (See Note 1)
i. LTJG Sel: Nov 2021 Board: Ensigns with a DOR of 31JAN21 or earlier.
j. CWO4 Sel: CWO3 with a DOR of 15DEC18 or earlier.
k. CWO3 Sel: CWO2 with a DOR of 15DEC18 or earlier.
Note 1: The Jun 2021 Lieutenant (junior grade) Selection Board is a PY21 Board.
Note 2: Temporary lieutenants in zone for promotion to CWO3 and CWO4 cannot
delay their annual 31MAY21 OER (applies to CWO to LT only).
5. OERs for all officers should arrive at CG PSC NLT 45 days after the end of
period (EOP) date to provide ample opportunity for review, corrections (when
required), validation, and entry into an officers official record. Rating chain
members are reminded to ensure that the correct forms
(CG-Form 5310 A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H Revision 02/19; CG-Form 5315, Revision 02/19) are
used. Current forms and revisions are found via CG Portal at
Use of the OER forms from the forms library is imperative as certain features inherent to the
form background are critical for proper processing. Overtyping previous forms may
cause delay in validation due to technical errors.  Send ADPL OER submissions to OPM-3
at and IDPL OER submissions to RPM-1 at
OERs for board or panel candidates should be marked URGENT: BOARD/PANEL
CANDIDATE, should include the ROOs last name and be specific as to which Board
/Panel in the subject line to ensure priority review (e.g. URGENT: BOARD
CANDIDATE-SMITH AB-O2 PROMOTION). See Ref D for all OER best practices.
6. Two important items to remember:
a. Ensigns going before the NOV21 ADPL LTJG Board have a 30SEP21 end of
period and rating chains shall ensure OER submissions reach PSC no later than
31OCT21. This is less than the normal 45-day timeframe the rating chain has
for other OERs.
b. Lieutenants (junior grade) above and in zone (ADPL and IDPL) must have a
current OER ending on or before 30JUN21 vice 31JUL21 to ensure enough time to
complete the validation process and enter the OER into officer records.
7. As outlined in Article 5.E.6 of Ref B, regular OERs may be submitted for
officers being considered by Selection Panels or Selection Boards for
promotion, extension, retention, or continuation. The period of report must be
at least 92 days for a semiannual submission, 184 days for an annual
submission, and 184 days for biennial submission. The OER must arrive at
CG PSC no later than 45 days before the Board or Panel convening date. Other OER
occasions of report shall not be delayed past the normal submission months to
complete a Non-regular OER. Extensions will not be granted.
8. Reserve Officers on Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) or Involuntary
Active Duty must follow procedures outlined in Ref A.
9. Officers assigned to Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) who are in or above zone
for promotion shall follow the regular DUINS submission schedule. Ensigns
assigned to flight school for their first tour shall receive a DUINS OER with
an end of period date of 30 April. This OER is optional if a regular OER was
completed within the previous 184 days. All other DUINS OER submissions,
regardless of pay grade, are annual and end on 30 June (exception: detachment
of officer). The period of report shall not exceed 18 months, this includes
ensign and lieutenant (junior grade) submissions.
10. An OER period of report cannot exceed 18 months for annual reports, 12
months for semiannual reports (except ensign and lieutenant (junior grade)
DUINS OERs), or 30 months for IDPL biennial reports. Waivers from this
requirement will not be granted.
11. Officers eligible for consideration by Boards and Panels should review their
Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) for accuracy:
a. Employee Summary Sheet (ESS): The ESS is routinely used by Boards and
Panels and draws information from Direct Access. Officers should ensure
correctness and completeness by updating Direct Access well before the
convening date of the applicable Board or Panel.
b. Officer Specialty Management System (OSMS): Officer Specialty Codes (OSC)
appear on an officer's ESS and in Direct Access.  Ref E details the application
process for assigning/deleting specialty codes. Local Servicing Personnel
Offices are NOT authorized to assign OSCs to an officer's record.  NEW from
last year: in OCT 2020 the OSMS 2.0 business rules were updated.  All of the
rank specific rules have been rescinded.  See the OSMS Portal for the updated
business rules. NOTE: legacy OSCs are not invalidated with the launch of OSMS
2.0 and still appear on both the members ESS and in Direct Access.  Per Refs
B and F, Specialty Considered Selection may be authorized by individual
selection boards, board candidates should ensure their OSCs are accurate and updated
IAW the OSMS 2.0 Business Rules.  While PSC-OPM-3 processes applications as
quickly as possible, turn-around time is still 60 days per OSMS policy, however
officers going before a board or panel should apply at least 90 days in
advance.  Additionally, mark applications URGENT: BOARD/PANEL CANDIDATE (with
the specific board/panel).  For more information on OSMS visit the PSC-OPM-3
portal page at
c. Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) or EIPDR: Requests for member's
OMPF (copy) may be submitted via a digitally signed e-mail to PSC Military
Records (MR) from a .mil or .gov e-mail address to MR_CustomerService and must contain the member's EMPLID.  OPM-3 and RPM-1 ensure OERs are
validated and sent to MR for imaging into an officer's record, but do not
verify the record is imaged. We highly recommend candidates confirm their
record is complete.  Please visit for further
information on how to request a copy of your OMPF. MR recommends requests for
copies of OMPFs be made at least 3 months in advance of a Selection Board or
Panel convening date. It is the member's responsibility to ensure their
record is complete. Urgent requests for OMPFs should indicate "URGENT: BOARD
CANDIDATE" in the email subject line.
12. The Record of Professional Development (CG-4082): It is recommended that all
officers submit an updated CG-4082 prior to a promotion board.An updated and
robust CG-4082 signals thatan officer is committed to continuous lifelong
learning andhas prepared their record for theboard process. When submitting a
new CG-4082,any previous CG-4082s will be removed from the OMPF. If there is
information from a previous CG-4082 that should be included in the record,
ensure that information is included on the new CG-4082. It is strongly
recommended that officers document all significant education, training and
qualifications on a CG-4082, with an emphasis on items not captured on the
member's ESS. Guidance on what is authorized on a CG-4082can be found in
Chapter 4.c of Ref G.  For additional information regarding the CG-4082, visit
the OPM-4 Portal site
/SitePages/Home.aspx. All documents that require upload to a members OMPF should
be sent via Servicing Personnel Offices to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-BOPS-MR-SPOSupport
13. For additional information regarding OER submission requirements, contact CG
PSC-OPM-3 (ADPL officers) or CG PSC-RPM-1 (IDPL officers) or visit for links to OPM-3 and RPM-1.
14. RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center sends. The
Service Center for Our Most Important Resource  Our People.
15. This message will remain effective for 1 year from date of promulgation.
16. Internet release authorized.