united states coast guard

R 091838Z MAR 21

ALCOAST 095/21
SSIC 5510
A. DoD CIO 000637-20 Global Directory Services (GDS) Memo
dated 25SEP2020
B. USCYBERCOM TASKORD 14-0025 (R 311230Z JAN 14)
1. Background. This message provides direction for all Coast Guard
employees to verify and update their unit, location, and personal
identity information in the milConnect system within the next 30
days. The reason for this direction is to provide accurate data
for military members and employment data for civilian employees in
preparation for the migration off Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR)
work environment in accordance with REF (A).
2. Context. milConnect is a web application provided by the
Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) that allows sponsors (and
beneficiaries) the ability to review and update personal and work
contact information, health care eligibility, personnel records,
and other information from one reliable, centralized source, the
Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). All
information initially populated in milConnect originates from DEERS.
milConnect requires the use of a CAC, LAC, or DoD Self-Service
logon account (DS Logon) for access.
3. Required Action. All Coast Guard employees including, but not
limited to military (Active and Reserve), civilian personnel,
members of the US Public Health Service (USPHS) detailed to the
Coast Guard, affiliated volunteers (including Auxiliarists) who
are issued a Logical Access Card (LAC), and all contractors who are
issued a Common Access Card (CAC) while supporting the Coast Guard
must log in to milConnect and update their Global Address List (GAL)
“MIL,” “CIV,” "VOL," or “CTR” information within 30 days, with
exceptions outlined below in paragraph 4.
    a. Members and employees are highly encouraged to review and
update any additional personal information to aid in the management
of other DOD benefits.
    b. The initial steps to update your information are:
        (1) Navigate to the milConnect portal:
        (2) Sign in with CAC credentials.
        (3) Click the “Update Work Contact Info (GAL)” button.
        (4) Click to the tab to the right of “Personal”. It will
displayed MIL, CIV, CTR, VOL etc., depending on your affiliation.
        (5) Update and/or validate all of the information per the
User Guide:
        (6) Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page
    c. Further instructions for utilizing the milConnect portal
(including steps to update mandatory fields) can be found in the
User Guide link in 3.b.(5) above.
4. Timeline. The deadline for commands and members to comply is 30
days after the release of this message with exceptions noted below.
    a. Members currently deployed must update their information
within 30 days upon return to homeport or their permanent duty
    b. Select Reserve (SELRES), Individual Ready Reserve (IRR),
Active Status List (ASL), and Inactive Status List (ISL) members
with a (.mil) account must update their information within 6 months
of release of this message.
    c. Any other employees who do not possess a (.mil) account are
not required to update information in milConnect.
5. Systems Impact. To meet the immediate requirements identified in
REF (A), all Coast Guard member information within milConnect will
be used to populate CGOne internal directories and the Global
Address List (GAL) also known as “Global” in Microsoft Outlook. DMDC
data is currently extracted to update user profile information
contained in DoD Enterprise Email (DEE) GAL on the Secure Internet
Protocol Routing Network (SIPRNet) and CVR Teams.
6. Data Impact. All members should be aware that after they have
updated their information via milConnect, that information will be
used to populate both the CGONe and SIPRNet DEE GALs. The “Display
Name” field in the CGOne GAL will reflect the value(s) contained in
the “Display Name in GAL” (in milConnect) which includes the “Rank”
value listed in milConnect. As a result, rate and specialty
information will no longer be contained in the display name (e.g.
YN2, MK3, ISM4, etc.). Members are required to input their rate/
specialty information in the “Job Title” field as instructed in the
user guide. Civilians GS-12 and above will use their GS Grade value
(e.g. GS12). Civilians GS-11 and below, may use their GS Grade
value (e.g. GS9), but it is not required (e.g. GS). Auxiliarists
may use the abbreviated designator “AUX”. Unit address is now a
free type field. All users are required to validate unit address
information and update (if required) using the Coast Guard Standard
Distribution List (SDL), COMDTNOTE 5605. If the address listed in
the SDL is not correct, consult with your chain of command for the
most appropriate address.
7. Account requirements. C5ISC’s existing self-service portal that
is used for managing user profiles, the Enterprise Directory
Management System (EDMS), will be retired for end user attribute
edits and no longer available for general use after 31 MAR 2021.
All users will continue to be prompted at logon each month to
validate and update their account profiles on CGOne. When selecting
the option to update profile information, users will be directed to
the milConnect portal to accomplish this task. New users will be
prompted to update their profile at first logon. All users have
the option to update profile information via milConnect at any
time using the link provided in paragraph 3.
8. Questions regarding general information, access, and account
management for milConnect may be directed to the Defense Manpower
Data Center milConnect homepage at:
9. Policy related questions may be addressed to CAPT Lawrence D.
Gaillard, COMDT (CG-1B1) at
10. Technical questions related to compliance with REF (A) may be
addressed to LT Stephen Macomber (C5ISC),
11. RADM J. M. Nunan, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources,
(CG-1), sends.
12. Internet release is authorized.