united states coast guard

05 MAR 2021

UNCLAS //N01321//
ALCGPSC 026/21
A. COMCOGARD PSC Washington DC / ALCGRSV 048/20
1. The AY21 Reserve Commander Assignment Panel convened 3 March 2021 per REF A.
The following assignment slate for Reserve Commanders has been approved.
Assignment orders will be issued after the 2 week Retirement-In-Lieu-of-Orders
(RILO) period concludes 18 March 2021 and all final changes are made to the below
slate. Final Panel decisions will be announced via ALCGPSC after the RILO period
ends, with orders taking effect by 1 October 2021.
Unit                                 Posn No. Rank   Selectee
PSU 308 COMMAND STAFF                00053118 CDR    Paul Green
PSU 309 COMMAND STAFF                00045711 CDR    Todd Remusat
CGRU USNORTHCOM (XO)                 00053006 CDR(s) Frederick Merritt (FR)
OL-CGRU JNT STAFF S-SUFFOLK VA (XO)  00046940 CDR    Allison Dussault (FLT/1YR)
CGRU US INDO PACIFIC COMMAND (XO)    00072034 CDR    Ian Brosnan (FLT/3YR)
CGRU USSOUTHCOM (XO)                 00052271 CDR    Krystal Kenshalo (FLT/2YR)
CGRU USNORTHCOM                      00053231 CDR(s) Michael Starnes (FR)
CGRU USSOUTHCOM                      00070918 CDR    Edward See
CGRU USSOUTHCOM                      00070918 CDR    Sonja Downs
OL-CGRU JNT STAFF S-SUFFOLK VA       00052270 CDR    Danny Welch
OL-CGRU JNT STAFF S-SUFFOLK VA       00052270 CDR    Christy Curry
OL-CGRU JNT STAFF S-SUFFOLK VA       00043606 CDR    Kathryn Campagnini
OL-NMCC PENTAGON-WASH DC             00070953 CDR    Jarrett Bleacher
OL-NMCC PENTAGON-WASH DC             00070954 CDR(s) Karl Garman (FR)
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM                00049792 CDR(s) David Twomey (FR)
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM                00049793 CDR    William Cotter
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM                00049165 CDR    Patrick Grace
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM                00049179 CDR(s) Raquel Salter (FR)
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM                00050229 CDR    Shawn Nesser
CGRU US INDO PACIFIC COMMAND         00045323 CDR(s) Jose Maldonado (FR)
OL-PAC CORIVRON 8-NEWPORT            00051340 CDR    Ronald Seely
OL-PAC CORIVRON 10-JAX               00049620 CDR(s) Daniel Donovan (FR)
SEC LIS CMD CADRE                    00050727 CDR    Lineka Quijano
SEC JCKSNVILLE CMD CADRE             00042884 CDR    Christopher Anderson
SEC LOWER MISS CMD CADRE             00044556 CDR    Brian Dudley
SEC MOBILE CMD CADRE                 00048920 CDR(s) Ronald Epperson (FR)
SEC COL RIVER CMD CADRE              00045553 CDR    Karl Hellberg
SEC OHIO VAL CMD CADRE               00043386 CDR    Patrick Hanley
SEC DETROIT CMD CADRE                00045767 CDR    Michael Bowman
SEC BUFFALO CMD CADRE                00050276 CDR    Jonathan Bernhardt
SEC SAN DIEGO CMD CADRE              00050839 CDR(s) Brian Simonson (FR)
SEC SAN FRAN CMD CADRE               00045684 CDR    Jennifer Loth
SEC PUGET SND CMD CADRE              00052088 CDR    Steven Neal
BASE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION         00045552 CDR    Lori Archer
BASE MIAMI BEACH                     00050696 CDR    Arthur Hudman
BASE NEW ORLEANS                     00049542 CDR    Elaine Blacharski
BASE ALAMEDA                         00050249 LCDR   Margaret Ward
MIFC LANT                            00050330 CDR    Kevin Deustachio
MIFC PAC                             00050906 CDR(s) Carter Fenstemacher (FR)
INTEL COORD CENTER                   00046617 CDR    Jennifer Olk
COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-X)                00047225 CDR    Rebecca Albert
LANTAREA (LANT-537)                  00049918 CDR    Michelle Noonan
LANTAREA (LANT-537)                  00049919 CDR    James Cullen
LANTAREA (LANT-35)                   00050376 CDR(s) Eric Driggs (FR)(FLT/2YR)
DOL-4                                00044634 CDR    Ryan Dilkey
D9 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)            00043634 CDR    John Parsons (EXT/1YR)
D11 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)           00050796 LCDR   Douglas Dresnek (FLT/2YR)
SILC-ESD                             00047119 CDR(s) William Millward (FR)
SEC N NEW ENG CP/RDNS STF            00052963 CDR    Douglas Voss
SEC SE NEW ENG CP/RDNS STF           00046262 CDR    Janisse Quinones
SEC DEL BAY RESPONSE DEPT            00043009 CDR(s) Clay Cromer (FR)
COMMANDANT (CG-LPD)                  00042496 CDR(s) Ellinor Coder (FR)
CG LSC COMMAND STAFF                 00044316 CDR    Steven Mannion
D1 LEGAL STAFF (DL)                  00045080 LCDR   Kate Grossman
D8 LEGAL STAFF (DL)                  00042735 LCDR   Leon Turner (FLT/2YR)
D1 RESPONSE DIV (DR)                 00045030 CDR    Daniel Orchard
D1 RESPONSE DIV (DR)                 00045551 LCDR   Matthew Gilbert
D8 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)        00070932 CDR(s) Aaron Heniger (FR)
D11 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)           00070933 LCDR   Joshua Daubenspeck (FLT/2YR)
D13 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)       00070935 LCDR   Jeffrey Lamont
D14 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)       00046854 LCDR   Grant Pagarigan (FLT/2YR)
2. Officers marked with (FR) will be frocked to the grade of Commander upon 
departure from their current duty station, if not already promoted.
3. All tour lengths will be 3 years per REF B, unless otherwise indicated.
4. The panel has recessed for the duration of the RILO period. Serious objections
to proposed assignments should be sent by e-mail to RADM Kelly at
James.M.Kelly(at) Please copy your chain of command and CG PSC-RPM,
on the email.
5. This message constitutes notification for requests for voluntary RILO. Officers listed in paragraph (1) must execute orders to the slated position, request retirement, or decline orders and be transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or the Inactive Status List (ISL) in accordance with REF B. Retirement requests must be received by CG PSC-RPM prior to 18 March 2021. Members who intend to decline the assignment listed in paragraph (1), shall notify CDR Andrew R. Younkle by e-mail at: or via phone at: (202)795-6501 by 18 March 2021. Effective date of requests for retirement or transfers to the IRR or ISL will be 1 October 2021.
6. The target date to release commander PCS orders will be no later than 31 March
7. Assignment Panel members:
Name                                 Unit
RADM James M. Kelly, USCGR           COMDT (CG-13)
CAPT Franklin M. Schaefer, USCGR     PACAREA (PAC-01SR)
CAPT Tiffany G. Danko, USCGR         CORIVGRU ONE
CAPT Kirsten R. Trego, USCGR         COMDT (CG-5RI)
8. RADM James M. Kelly, Panel President, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.