united states coast guard

03 FEB 2021

ALCGPSC 023/21
A. Temporary Separations, COMDTINST M1040.6
B. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series)
1. A Regular to Reserve Commission Appointment Panel is scheduled to convene on
19 APRIL 2021 to consider current and former regular Coast Guard officers for a
commission in the Coast Guard Reserve.
2. Eligible officers: Former Coast Guard or Navy officers within one year of the
effective date of their resignation, Coast Guard Regular officers at the time of their unqualified resignation, and Regular officers twice non-selected who are not retirement eligible and are scheduled for discharge, are eligible to apply.
3. Reserve officers serving on Extended Active Duty (EAD) are ineligible for this
process and should refer to the RPM-1 web page for more information:
4. Application Process: All eligible officers should submit complete application packages to: no later than 12 April 2021.
Application packages must include: a written request in CG standard memo format, an approved separation authorization, and an approved DD-2697 (Report of Medical Assessment). Incomplete packages will be returned without action. Additional information and templates are available on the RPM-1 web page at:
5. Communications to the Panel: Applicants electing to submit communications to the panel must follow the guidelines provided in REF B, section 3.A.4.f. Send communications via email no later than 15 April 2021 to:
6. Retention Physical: A physical examination that meets retention standards is required to apply for a Reserve commission. Officers currently on active duty may obtain this exam at their servicing clinic. The exam must be recorded on a DD-2697 and must contain the words: “Member meets retention standards IAW COMDTINST M6000.1(series)” in block 20. Officers who were previously separated and do not have a copy of their DD-2697 should contact RPM-1 immediately for guidance.
7. All applicants are encouraged to review their Employee Summary Sheet (ESS). The ESS provides a consolidated view of a member’s information as it appears in the Coast Guard’s enterprise-wide human resources management system, Direct Access (DA). All officers requesting candidacy are also encouraged to review their official Electronically Imaged Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR). To find out more about obtaining a copy of your EI-PDR, please visit the PSC-BOPS-mr website at:
8. PSC-RPM point of contact: Ms. Rose Lord, email:
9. Released: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for our most important resource - Our People.
10. Internet release authorized.