united states coast guard

R 241305Z FEB 21

ACN 020/21
SSIC 6300
A. Telemedicine, COMDTINST 6300.3 (series)
B. Use of Imaging and Recording Devices in USCG Healthcare
Facilities, COMDTINST 6010.6 (series)
1. This ACN announces an update to REFs (A) & (B) to equip
patients with a means for obtaining readily accessible, high
quality care using the Coast Guard’s first telehealth platform.
The telehealth program facilitates medical care with a CG medical
provider using a tool that provides patients with medical advice
for routine visits. The Telehealth program is a means for engaging
in effective and educational communication using a HIPPA secured
tool. Due to the immediate need for a remote healthcare delivery
tool, this Telehealth capability is being fielded to bridge the
healthcare needs of the service while Electronic Health Records
program components, e.g. MHS Genesis, are being implemented.
2. The Coast Guard provides primary medical, operational medicine,
preventive health, and behavioral health support to the more than
42,000 active duty and 8,000 reserve members across 42 clinics and
160 sickbays. Access to health care is a continuing challenge for
the Coast Guard due to the many remote locations CG members serve,
and the ongoing and projected decrease in medical providers
nationally that has worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic.
3. The CG system is further stressed by an increased need for
medical readiness services and implementation of new measures
to safeguard the health of patients during the ongoing COVID-19
pandemic. To address these long-standing and novel challenges,
the Health Services program is moving forward with rapid
deployment of the Telehealth solution called Coast Guard Care
4. Activation of the Coast Guard Care Anywhere account does
not change a member’s primary care enrollment. This tool allows
Coast Guard providers to support eligible patients throughout
their AOR while minimizing the need for travel. Other benefits
of Telehealth include:
    a. Broader outreach of specialized services by providers
including mental health.
    b. Maximizes use of provider staff to support more remote areas.
    c. Aids providers in doing more with limited resources.
    d. Reduces the overall cost of care by providing greater
access to CG resources.
    e. Improves patient accessibility to care.
    f. Provides less exposure to illness for patients and providers.
    g. Increases patient options in seeking care.
    h. Enhances provider flexibility to facilitate a healthy work
life balance.
    i. Improves member readiness, especially in remote locations.
    j. Enables patients to manage non-emergent health conditions at
home, reducing unnecessary clinic and urgent care visits. Earlier
access to medical advice through telehealth can reduce the need
hospital admissions.
    k. Allows patients to stay where they are, leveraging their
personal support network.
5. The primary goals of the Telehealth system are to provide:
    a. A HIPAA compliant video conferencing system that meets
Department of Defense (DOD) and federal cybersecurity standards
to supplement face-to-face patient meetings.
    b. A virtual space where patients securely await and engage
in their health care appointments.
    c. Reports to assess system efficiencies by analyzing system
usage, appointment durations, patient’s wait times and call drop
    d. An ability for patients and providers to use mobile devices,
such as tablets and mobile phones.
    e. The scheduling of patient appointments based on health care
provider availability.
6. USCG Enrollment Process for Patients:
    a. Patients will receive “Welcome” invitation emails and text
messages to activate their Coast Guard Care Anywhere account.
    b. The email invitation will originate from USCG at:, Subject- Activation of Coast Guard Care
Anywhere (Telehealth) Account. The following text is the body of
the email: "This email is not spam, this invitation is to activate
your CG Telehealth Account in Coast Guard Care Anywhere. If you
have any questions please contact your servicing Coast Guard
Clinic within your District. Welcome [Patient First Name], To
finish creating your account with Coast Guard Care Anywhere,
click the link button below. For technical support call
877-70-GUARD or 877-704-8273. Activate Account Link / Button."
    c. Patient will also receive a text message from (202) 417-3338
welcoming members to finish creating their Coast Guard Care
Anywhere (Telehealth) account. Within the body of text members
will find the following link using Google Chrome:
7. Coast Guard Care Anywhere is a remote delivery tool that allows
health care professionals to provide a wide range of services
without actual in-person visits between the health care provider
and the patient. Patients and providers can see each other and
determine if an in-person visit or referral is necessary. Coast
Guard Care Anywhere expands access to care and improves the patient
experience by reducing travel burdens on the members.
8. The Telehealth program is working under an accelerated program
schedule to reach full operational capability by the end of 2nd
QTR FY 2021.
9. Patients will have access to training modules within Coast Guard
Care Anywhere to help guide them in requesting appointments,
participation of video visits and the ability to review scheduled
10. These changes will be incorporated into the next revision
of REFs (A) and (B), which will be released within the next year.
11. This message will be cancelled on 24 FEB 2022.
12. POC: LCDR Leslie Clark, Chief, Health Systems Administration
Division, COMDT (CG-1122), 202-475-5188,
13. Released by RADM Dana L. Thomas, Direct of Health, Safety,
and Work-Life (CG-11).
14. Internet release is authorized.