united states coast guard

18 FEB 2021

ALCGRSV 007/21
A. Enlistments, Accessions, Evaluations and Advancements Manual, COMDTINST
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28(series)
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8(series)
1. The following members are eligible for advancement or change in
rating to fill Selected Reserve vacancies 1 March 2021, provided the
requirements of Art. 3.A of REF A and Art. 7.C of REF B are met.
2. Commanding Officers shall immediately notify those members eligible
for advancement and take the appropriate administrative action. 
Commanding Officers may withhold or cancel advancements of ineligible
personnel IAW REF B and Art. 3.A.1 of REF C. When an advancement is withheld or
cancelled, the Commanding Officer shall immediately notify Pay &
Personnel Center (ADV) by email via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-PPC and info CMD-SMB-
CG-PSC. Please note C2OIX does not transfer to AOIX.
3. Members may be advanced to the rating/paygrade indicated.
Rank     Name                      DEPTID               SPOID 
BMCM     Scott Lussier             000360               045431
BMCS     Daniel Stoner             009056               042822
BMC      James Boguslawski         038672               042599
BMC      Joaquin Mercado           000445               041675
BM1      David Hughes              006797               006420
BM1      Carly Moore               000528               042599
BM2      Drake Moorman             008100               042312
BM2      Owen Rivera-Betancourt    000046               002667
BM2      Nickolas Wilkinson        038642               042311
BM2      Joseph Puopolo            000007               045431
BM2      Joshua Fawley             000773               042311
BM2      August Latapie            038642               042311
BM2      Jonathan Harkey           000423               046017
CS1      Rebecca Agzigian          007416               007416
DCCS     Cory Yates                042559               042312
DCC      Michael Leyman            007285               045431
DCC      Peter Hidalgo             007285               045431
DCC      Brian Parks               002180               042822
DC1      Daniel Miller             007857               042191
DC1      Karl Siegmund             038464               042599
DC1      Charles Corcoran          000633               042191
EM2      Kurtis Waterman           042559               042312
ET1      Raymond Evans             004573               042312
HSC      Lucas Cavalier            007648               002667
HS2      Cole Olvera               000631               042632
HS2      Marten Zagunis            038082               038079
IS1      Thea Ritter               008158               045431
ME1      Christopher Segali        000773               042311
ME1      Derek Kramer              000314               006420
ME1      Stanley Andriski          044011               046734
ME2      Jason Valle               007290               045431
ME2      David Kelly               000741               006420
ME2      Robert Sudler             000746               041675
ME2      Nikolas Millioto          000746               041675
ME2      John Revels               006828               046017
MK1      Brandon Korte             044387               042312
MK1      Andrew Frazier            000249               042311
MK1      Thomas Godfrey            000746               041675
MK2      Eric Jarrell              000280               046604
MK2      Dylan Beirold             000435               042599
MK2      Adam Marchand             000466               042311
MK2      Janneh Felix              000678               045431
MK2      Enmanuel Taveras          000741               006420
MK2      Brian Murphy              000678               045431
MST1     Andrew Olsen              007502               041675
MST2     Justin Murray             007289               045431
PA1      Valerie Higdon            008557               038079
SKCS     Bert Cueva                038688               038079
SKC      Noelle Irish              007318               006420
SKC      William Bosch             009498               042822
SK1      Jesse Carpenter           007606               046604
SK1      Corey King                007737               042312
SK2      Christopher Rowlinson     007284               045431
SK2      Blake Thurman             007895               042311
YNCM     Jon Franquez              000450               042312
YN1      Terry Gaston              037717               042311
YN1      Wendy Scott               007190               041675
YN2      Autumn Gonzales           038617               045431
YN2      Edward Rougerio           007496               041675
YN2      Christopher Peterson      036459               038079
4. The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement
in the ERAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may
be found at the Pay and Personnel Center website:, but is subject to change.IAW REF D, EMPLIDs are not listed. This ERAA, to include unit designations will be available on PPC's website.
5. Commanding Officers shall ensure personnel advancing to pay grades
E-7 thru E-9 obligate required service prior to advancement per Article
3.A.21.c of Ref A.
6. The Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement (Ready) must
be maintained for the period from recommendation to advancement.  In
addition, E-7, E-8, and E-9 candidates must not have an unsatisfactory
conduct mark on an enlisted evaluation for 24 months prior to the
terminal eligibility date.  Personnel failing to maintain the CO's
recommendation (Ready) for this period shall be invalidated from the
Servicewide Exam in which they participated. Personnel who have been
invalidated must be recommended and qualify again through a new SWE
7. Upon approved advancement, members are authorized to change their
RANK as it appears in the Global Address List (GAL) from the Self
Service portal at This can be done
as a standard user without requiring admin-privileges, does not require
a call to CGFIXIT, and does not require a CGFIXIT Ticket. See this
self-help tech-tip for more information at
8. POCs for this message are CWO3 Juan C. Deliz, email:, phone: 202-795-6506 or YNC Thomas Maldonado, email:, phone: 202-795-6500
9. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief, Reserve Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.