united states coast guard

R 121713Z FEB 21

R 12 FEB 21

ALCGENL 023/21
A. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2(series)
B. COMCOGARD FORCECOM Norfolk VA 231450 JAN 20 ACN 012/20
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST
M1020.8 (series)
1. The following personnel may be advanced to the rating/paygrade
indicated effective 01 March 2021 provided the requirements of Refs A
through C are met:
Rank     Name                      DEPTID               SPOID 
AET2     Brian Stoffel             000614               042898    
AET2     Omar Ewert                000248               042311
AET2     Joshua Teeter             005748               046604
AET2     Austin Haskins            000657               041675
AMT2     Angel Lopez               000289               041675
AMT2     Nicholas Blackwell        000614               042898
AMT2     Mark Doerr                000657               041675
AMT2     Matthew Baker             000554               046604
AMT2     Van Page                  000616               042599
BM1      Benjamin Gardner          047734               042632
BM1      Eric Thompson             006796               042822
BM1      Andrew Dowd               000028               038079
BM1      Gerald Dennee             048892               042030
BM1      Garrett Hamilton          000016               042599
BM1      Michael Klopp             000344               002667
BM2      Bobby Schuhmacher         000590               041675
BM2      Joshua Andrews            000284               041675
BM2      Aaron Gade                000109               042898
BM2      Joseph Horning            006250               038079
BM2      Justin Hagen              000492               042191
BM2      Samuel Lee                000321               046017
BM2      Evan Borgman              000005               041675
BM2      Jonathan Hills            046722               042632
BM2      Trevor Knebel             000629               042256
BM2      Ashton Jordan             000240               042311
BM2      Shelby Buckman            006796               042822
BM2      Sonya Alcocer             000590               041675
BM2      George Adams              006884               042191
BM2      Maxwell Keas              000133               038079
BM2      Stephen Grobey            000087               002420
BM2      Gary Varga                000203               042191
CSCS     David Hoover              007569               042599
ETC      Cordell Benner            002358               002667
GM2      Brian Hoglund             008847               046604
GM2      Cody Hutchens             000094               042030
HS2      Michelle Roberts          044030               006420
MK2      Christopher Johnson       048011               042898
MK2      John Fitch                000202               042191
MK2      Gabriel Montoya           000098               045431
MK2      Ari Noah                  000516               042030
MK2      Ismael Ponce              000485               038079
MST2     Shawn Keeman              007641               042191
MST2     Joseph Guenther           007723               042311
OS1      Brandon Cramer            007104               038079
OS1      Nicole Edwards            009302               042822
OS1      Michelle Carrington       007160               002667
OS2      Patrick Bianchi           047619               042256
OS2      Mitchell Bend             007411               007416
OS2      Joseph Gali               046585               042599
OS2      Sandrea Johnson           007095               038079
OS2      Shaquille Andaya          008630               042599
SKCS     Justin Hinkle             036461               038079
SK2      Jonathon Bakowski         042894               042898
SK2      Juan Capo Roure           048217               041675
SK2      Samuel Beck               009530               042822
SK2      Morgan Schoch             007480               045431
2. The Commanding Officer's (CO) recommendation for advancement (Ready) must
be maintained for the period from recommendation to advancement.  In
addition, E-7, E-8, and E-9 candidates must not have an unsatisfactory
conduct mark on an enlisted evaluation for 24 months prior to the
terminal eligibility date.  Personnel failing to maintain the CO's
recommendation (Ready) for this period shall be invalidated from the
Servicewide Exam in which they participated. Personnel who have been
invalidated must be recommended and qualify again through a new SWE
3. COs shall determine if advancement eligibility
requirements for the authorized grade have been met. Per Ref B,
specific changes and instructions for EPQs and RPQs are now captured in
a semi-annual memo approved by FORCECOM Training Division at If appropriate, a CO shall withhold or
cancel the advancement of ineligible personnel per Article 3.A.21,
3.A.27.f or 4.D.3 of Ref A. When advancement is to be withheld or
cancelled, the CO shall advise PPC (ADV) by e-mail via AOIX at CMD-SMB-
CG-PPC with CG PSC as information addressee at CMD-SMB-CG-PSC. Please
note C2OIX does not transfer to AOIX. See CG PSC-EPM Portal site at
for additional guidance.
4. Per Ref D, the requirement for all E-6 members to attend the Chief
Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) prior to advancement to Chief Petty
Officer is temporarily suspended. Members must attend CPOACAD prior to
advancement to Senior Chief Petty Officer. Members must have
successfully completed the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course (SELC)
prior to advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer. COMDT (CG-128) is
the Program Manager for the enlisted leadership continuum and the
single point of contact for all requests for CPOACAD and SELC waivers
from advancement policy.
5. Per Article 3.A.10 of Ref A, personnel in certain ratings must meet
security clearance requirements for advancement.
6. COs shall ensure personnel advancing to pay grades
E-7 thru E-9 obligate required service prior to advancement per Article
3.A.21.c of Ref A.
7. The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement
in the EPAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may
be found at the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site
luations%20Branch.aspx but is subject to change. This EPAA, to include
unit designations, will be available on PPC's CG Portal site.
8. Upon approved advancement, members are authorized to change their
RANK as it appears in the Global Address List (GAL) from the Self
Service portal at This can be done
as a standard user without requiring admin-privileges, does not require
a call to CGFIXIT, and does not require a CGFIXIT Ticket. See this
self-help tech-tip for more information at
9. CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.