united states coast guard

101506Z FEB 21

ALCGENL 018/21
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. Diver Assignment Officer Portal:
C. ALCOAST 408/20
1. This message solicits E4s (w/ E5 EPQs completed) and E5s (not
above a cut for E6) interested in entering the Diver (DV) rating.
Prior diving experience is not needed and members need not be tour
complete. Those applicants who successfully screen and graduate
from DV A-School at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center
(NDSTC) will change in rate to DV.
2. Application: To apply for the DV rating, applicants must submit
a Change in Rating (CIR) request package to the DV A-School Chief
via email (encrypted) to, no later than
01 June 2021. The Diver Application Guide and a CIR template are
available at reference (B). The application package consist of the
a. Change in Rate Request with Command Endorsement
b. Physical Screening Test (PST) Results (CG-3150B)
c. Report of Medical History (DD FORM 2807-1 OCT 2018)
3. Command Endorsement should only contain confirmation of member
eligibility, recommendation for CIR, verification PST requirements
were met and list any backfill concerns. No additional narrative
4. Physical Fitness Requirements: All applicants must successfully
pass the PST. PST requirements as well as an instructional video
conducting and administering the PST are available on the Diver Info
Page located at reference (B).
5. Medical Screening: Candidates must complete DD FORM 2807-1, Report
of Medical History, for inclusion in the CIR package. Candidates shall
use the form located in reference (B). A completed Dive Physical is
not required for application; further guidance for the diving medical
exam will be performed after the Diver Candidate Screener and prior
to attending DV A-School.
6. Selected applicants are required to attend the Diver Candidate
Screener (DCS),which will be conducted at Recruit Training Center Cape
May. The screening will include classroom and physical fitness
activities that simulate diver training at A-School. The screening is
physically challenging and candidates should ensure they are well
prepared and in superior physical fitness condition. Due to the current
COVID-19 situation and unless otherwise rescinded by FC-C, all Dive
Candidates shall be expected to adhere to a 14-day Training under
Restriction of Movement (T-ROM) per reference (C). T-ROM is an isolation
period where students will remain isolated while receiving training via
e-learning modules, as well as, participate in physical fitness
activities. All TDY expenses will be funded by FORCECOM (FC-T).
7. Timeline:
a. 01 Jun 2021: Application Packages are due to
b. 02 Aug 2021: Member and command notification for CIR approval
and DCS selection.
c. 06 Aug 2021: TDY orders issued for Diver Candidate Screener.
d. 28 Aug 2021: Report to Cape May, NJ
e. 29 Aug  11 Sep 2021: T-ROM
f. 12 Sep  17 Sep 2021: Dive Candidate Screener
g. 18 Sep 2021: Members return travel day
h. NLT 01 Oct 2021: Members and command notified of selection.
i. TBD: Selected members receive orders to DV A School Class convening
spring/summer 2022.
8. Results of this solicitation and candidate selection will be
delivered via e-mail.
9. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, dates are subject to change.
10. Points of contact:
a. For assignment questions, contact Diver Assignment Officer,
CWO3 Jaime Baldueza at:
or (202)795-6587.
b. For eligibility questions, contact the DV A-School Chief,
DVC Benjamin Phipps at: or (850)630-5629.
c. CGLO NDSTC: CWO Joseph Toth, or
(850) 235-5269.
11. Released by: LT William Stewart, (202) 795-6584.
12. Internet release authorized.