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12 FEB 2021

ALCGRSV 006/21
1. This message solicits for the National Intelligence University (NIU) Fall 2022 Reserve Monthly Executive Format Masters of Science in Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) program.
2. The Reserve Monthly Executive Format Strategic Intelligence program is a two
year program that educates students on the components of the Intelligence Community (IC), the environmental functions, and the threats facing the United States. This course of study also evaluates the National Security Strategy and the IC's role in supporting that strategy. Students must conduct original research, display critical and creative thinking, and present their ideas through effective oral and written exercises, including a graduate thesis. They must demonstrate independent learning and skill in research and reasoning, information retrieval, source evaluation, and formulating conclusions despite informational ambiguities.
3. Students attend Saturday and Sunday classes from 0730 to 1600 one weekend per month, with a two week intensive in-residence period each summer. The program is scheduled to begin in August 2022. Applicants should carefully review NIU admission and eligibility requirements at: Competitive applicants should have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, score in the 50th percentile or higher in verbal and quantitative, and 3.5 or higher in the analytical writing portion of the GRE. GRE scores are valid for five years. The GRE requirement is not required for applicants who have a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Coast Guard panel selection does not guarantee NIU admission; all selected students must apply for and receive acceptance to NIU to pursue the program. Students are provided 2 years to complete NIU course requirements and one additional year may be granted to complete thesis requirements on a case-by-case basis with prior written USCG Senior Service Advisor approval. Follow-on intelligence tours are typically
required as a return on investment.
4. The program is limited to reserve officers O-3 to O-4 and reserve Intelligence Specialists E-6 and above. Selectees shall not be considered for long-term ADOS opportunities while enrolled. Selectees are required to give up their current SELRES billet and will be placed in a temporary SELRES billet to attend NIU in a pay status. IDT travel costs are the member's responsibility. Candidates with previous CG intelligence tours are preferred; candidates without a prior intelligence tour should note their past involvement with intelligence and why they are interested in the intelligence specialty in their application comments.  
5. TS/SCI clearance is required. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and remain eligible for a Top Secret Clearance with access to SCI.
6. Application process:
   a. Applications must be completed within the “My Panel Submissions” module in Direct Access (DA). Do not use “PCS E-Resumes” to apply. Applications must address your reasons for applying to the MSSI program. Applicants should refer to the guidance available on CG PSC-RPM webpage at: for detailed instructions on submitting applications via "My Panel Submissions".
   b. Command endorsement: A positive command endorsement is required for this program and shall contain a written opinion of the applicant's interest, ability, and potential service value as related to the curriculum. Only endorsements from the command (CO/XO) or of CO of MILPERS are authorized. Applicants that do not receive a positive endorsement are not eligible to compete.
7. Deadlines:
  a. 2 April 2021: Deadline for required documents and e-Resumes to arrive at CG PSC-RPM. E-Resume submissions after the application deadline will not be accepted.
  b. 26 April 2021: MSSI Selection Panel will convene at CG PSC. 
8. All applicants are encouraged to review their official records prior to the
panel convening date. To find out more about obtaining a copy of your EI-PDR,
please visit the CG PSC-PSD-MR website:
9. Applicants shall ensure their member information is correct in DA.
10. MSSI Selection Panel POC: LT Marvi M. Rivera at (202)795-6507 or by email at
11. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
12. Internet release is authorized.