ALCOAST 049/21 - FEB 2021 USCGA ECLIPSE 8-10 APR 2021

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R 112105Z FEB 21

ALCOAST 049/21
SSIC 1000
A. USCG Strategic Plan 2018-2022
B. The Coast Guard's Strategic Vision for the Coast Guard
Academy 2019-2023
C. ALCGFINANCE 042/16 2017 Travel and Community Outreach
D. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST
M1000.8 (series)
1. Per REF (A), the Coast Guard's strength resides in its
people and the different perspectives, talents and abilities
they bring to the service. Equity-minded and culturally
literate leaders are needed to address the globally complex
operational and mission support challenges of the 21st century.
Per REF (B), the Coast Guard Academy prioritizes the development
of service ready officers, critical to building and maintaining
a diverse organization that fosters an inclusive workforce and
enables everyone to thrive in a dynamic global environment. In
support of REFs (A) and (B), Eclipse 2021 will be held at the
Coast Guard Academy 8-10 April 2021.
2. Eclipse is part of a cadet-run tradition established by the
Coast Guard Academy Genesis Council in the 1970s with a strong
focus on diversity, inclusion, and mentorship. The Coast Guard
Academy invites the greater Coast Guard community, local community
members, and experts in diversity from across the nation to
participate in mentoring and inspiring cadets to excel and
prepare for lasting careers as inclusive Coast Guard officers.
This year's event will be in a hybrid format to allow some
in-person participation as well as an extended opportunity
to participate virtually for greater participation and adherence
to COVID-19 travel restrictions.
3. This year's theme is "Stronger together: Building Bridges
through a Culture of Respect." Featured keynote speakers include
Ms. Jane Hyun, author of “Flex: The Playbook for Managing Across
Differences” and Mr. Dondre Whitfield, actor and author of,
"Male vs. Man; How to Honor Women, Teach Children, and Elevate Men
to Change the World." Other events include sessions on the best
practices for “Living a Culture of Respect,” Affinity Council
sponsored diversity events, Regimental Review, cadet talent show,
mentoring, and more. Coast Guard and community members are
invited to participate in all Eclipse events.
4. The greater Coast Guard community is encouraged to submit
nominations for the Eclipse Awards. Nominations should be
written as a narrative no longer than one page and clearly
state the award for which the person is being nominated.
The following criteria should be used to evaluate potential
nominees. Please submit nominations to: by
Friday 26 February. A list of past awardees can be found
   a. The Manson K. Brown Genesis Award is given to a Coast Guard
Academy cadet or Alumnus whose forethought and commitment has
fostered a community of inclusion by establishing traditions and
practices which promote comprehension of and appreciation for
diversity. Steadfast in the pursuit to create an inclusive space
for underrepresented minority cadets while also enlightening
their peers, this motivated leader has made sustainable
contributions to the Corps of Cadets in an effort to promote
an environment free from bias and discrimination.
   b. The Merle Smith Pioneer Award is given to a member of
the Coast Guard Academy community who has accomplished
groundbreaking firsts at the Academy. This person has served
as a beacon of inspiration among their peers to strive for
the unimaginable and forge new paths of greatness through an
exceptional determination to succeed. This award is a marker
of the honor and courage required to lead, chart unfamiliar
territory and reach heightened levels of achievement in the
face of adversity and uncertainty.
   c. The JoAnn Miller Community Award is given to a member
of the Academy or greater New London community who has worked
as an active liaison between the Academy and the City of New
London, building a bridge between the two entities. The efforts
of this recipient have made significant, lasting contributions
to the Academy, the cadets, and the New London community.
   d. The Frances Neal Humanitarian Award is bestowed upon a
cadet, alumni, staff, or faculty member who goes above and
beyond to provide support for cadets and the entire Academy
through facilitation of an environment rich in community and
comfort. This pivotal figure demonstrates an incessant passion
for the well-being of cadets and instinctively strives to
empower cadets mentally, emotionally, and/or academically.
The actions of this award recipient transform the Academy
into an inclusive community where all cadets can grow, be
nurtured, supported, mentored and challenged to be dynamic
leaders of character.
   e. The Joseph M. Vojvodich Award is given to a Coast Guard
member who has fostered a community of inclusion by providing
mentorship from the Coast Guard field to historically
underrepresented cadets at USCGA. This inspirational leader
shows evidence of sustained commitment to mentoring that
resulted in career development of three or more mentees and
has supported the growth of each mentee's academic career as
well as providing opportunities to experience operational
Coast Guard events that move mentees toward establishing
independence in their Coast Guard career. This recipient
helps mentees to develop and sustain a network of professional
colleagues who can offer advice, training, and help. The
mentoring efforts of this individual led directly to attracting
and retaining a diverse Coast Guard workforce, dedication of
service to the Academy, and have helped foster an inclusive
environment for all to appreciate.
   f. The Dr. Hallie Gregory Award is given to any member of
the greater Coast Guard community who has excelled in actively
demonstrating and promoting the unifying Core Value of Respect.
They are identified as a distinguished, unifying catalyst who
best exemplifies the Coast Guard tenets of teambuilding, teamwork,
honesty, fairness, dignity, civility, and respect. Exceeding what
is expected, she or he creates a thriving environment of compassion,
value, and opportunity for all that is clearly based on mutual
5. In accordance with REFs (C) and (D), the Coast Guard Academy
Office of Inclusion & Diversity (OID) is the Coast Guard's
coordinator for the event and has responsibility to account
for all attendance and overall costs to DHS. Coast Guard funded
in person attendance is limited and restricted due to Covid-19.
All approved requested travel related costs will be covered by
CGA. Virtual participation will be the primary modality. For users events will be recorded and available after the
the livestream event has occurred. To allow real time participation
users can use an alternative device that does not access from
the domain.
6. Commanding Officers/OICs are strongly encouraged to support
the professional development of civilian and military personnel.
    a. Military members outside the CGA Community will be required
to register and participate using the hybrid platform.
    b. Civilian employees outside the CGA Community will be required
to register and participate using the hybrid platform. Civilian
employee attendance at events outside of the employee's scheduled
tour of duty is not required and is at the employee's discretion;
therefore, overtime and compensatory time for work cannot be
7. DHS requires a post-conference report to be submitted 30 days
after the event. To comply, if travel is granted, travelers on
orders must submit a copy of their travel settlement to OID via
email to: no later than 16 APR 2021.
8. Conference attendance and registration information can be
found at:
   a. Pre-registration at:
HdUDAL5a3wL_auC6uI8tz0&e= is required for virtual or in person
attendance. Registration will open 01 March 2021 and close on
15 March 2021. Virtual participation information will be available
9. Commanding Officers are highly encouraged to promote award
submissions and virtual attendance at Eclipse 2021.
10. Questions regarding Eclipse 2021 should be referred to the
Office of Inclusion and Diversity via email: or
11. RADM P.F. Thomas, Deputy for Personnel Readiness (DCMS-DPR),
12. Internet release is authorized.