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R 292048Z JAN 21 

UNCLAS ALCGOFF 010/21 SUBJ: OFFICER ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2021 (AY21) SHOPPING LIST UPDATE-23 A. ALCGOFF 074/20, ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2021 (AY21) OFFICER ASSIGNMENTS KICK-OFF - TIMELINES, COMMUNICATIONS, AND OUTREACH B. ALCGOFF 125/20, AY21 SHOPPING LIST 1. Update-23 to the shopping list of O5 and below assignments is now available as a sortable spreadsheet on the OPM-2 Portal Site at: All updates are highlighted in green. 2. The following positions were added, edited, OR removed; see the shopping list at the link above for all details: CDR 00071229 ASSET LINE MANAGEMENT BRANCH SHI TECHNICAL SUPPORT CDR 00036969 C5ISC RADIO FREQUENCY COMMS BR ESD RFCB BR CHIEF CDR 00030551 C5ISC SERVICE MGT-PORT BOD SMB BR CHIEF CDR 00024785 COMMANDANT (CG-5P-TI) TRAVELING MARINE INSP CDR 00032972 D14 EXT AFFAIRS STAFF (DE) EXTERNAL AFFAIRS STAFF CHIEF CDR 00013611 DDE-EMBASSY BOGOTA COLOMBIA DDE-CGLO BOGOTA CDR 00076116 FDCC PROJ EXECUTION-SEA DETACHMENT SUPERVISOR CDR 00106940 OL-SFLC LRE PROJ-ALAMEDA LRE PROJECT BR CHIEF CDR 00012672 SEC GUAM LOGISTICS DEPT LOGISTICS DEPT HEAD LCDR 00015384 PACAREA (PAC-3MF) POLAR OPS PRGM MGR LT 00075779 MSU PORTLAND INV DEPT INV OFFICER LT 00029120 MSU PORTLAND INV DEPT INV DIV CHIEF LTJG 00107017 OL-SFLC LRE SES1-ALAMEDA DD- WMSL PROJECT MGR LTJG 00011812 TRACEN YKTWN INTL LE SECTION DEPLOYABLE TEAM LEADER ELC4 00092968 C5ISC DEPLOYED CONNECTIVITY ISD TSB DCS-DUTY ISM4 00092968 C5ISC DEPLOYED CONNECTIVITY ISD TSB DCS-DUTY MAT4 00007096 ATC MOBILE FAC ENG DEPT MAINT CONTROL OFF / COR 3. All officers are reminded to verify and correct their contact information in Direct Access. This enables assignment officers to quickly contact officers throughout the assignment process. Officers without updated contact information are at risk of missing out on potential assignment opportunities. 4. Questions can be directed to the respective Assignment Officer: A. AFLOAT (O4 to O5): LCDR Nicholas Hartmann, (202) 795-6430 B. AFLOAT (O1 to O3): LT Adam Derby, (202) 795-6450 C. RESPONSE (O4 to O5): LCDR TraciAnn Alvarez, (202) 795-6460 D. RESPONSE (O1 to O3): LCDR Edward Kunigonis, (202) 795-6447 E. PREVENTION (O4 to O5): LCDR Eunice James, (202) 795-6446 F. PREVENTION (O1 to O3): LCDR Michael Novak, (202) 795-6458 G. DCMS AND INTEL (O4 to O5): CDR Michael Courtney, (571) 309-4653 or LCDR Beth Ledbetter, (202) 795-6454 H. DCMS AND INTEL (O1 to O3): LCDR Jayme Dubinsky, (202) 795-6452 I. AVIATION (O4 to O5): CDR Jessica Davila, (202) 795-6461 J. AVIATION (O1 to O3): LCDR Daniel Cloonan, (202) 795-6457 K. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5): LCDR Jared Silverman, (202) 795-6455 L. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS (O1 to O3): LCDR Sarah Brennan, (202) 795-6459 M. CWO ASSIGNMENTS (AVI/BNDM/DIV/ELC/F(AND)S/GENDU/INF/INV/ISS/ MAT/MED/PERS/WEPS): CWO Alberto Peralta, (202) 795-6453 N. CWO ASSIGNMENTS (BOSN/ENG/ISM/MLES/MSSD/MSSE/MSSR/OSS): CWO Bryan Kaseman, (202) 795-6462 5. Any members who are unable to access the shopping list via CG Portal should submit a help ticket to CGFIXIT. Units or Reserve Officers experiencing connectivity issues should request a copy for further dissemination by command cadre by contacting YN3 Adolfo Jimenez at 6. Internet release authorized.