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R 061318Z JAN 21

ALCOAST 005/21
SSIC 1650
A. Recognitions Programs Manual, COMDTINST M1650.26 (series)
1. The incumbent Silver Ancient Trident, MCPO R. Shane Hooker,
is scheduled to retire in 2021. The selection process to
identify his successor is underway.
2. The Silver Ancient Trident Award was established in 2016
to honor the member with the longest time in the Marine
Safety program and recognize an enlisted member whose personal
character and performance standards honor the most venerable
practitioners of Marine Safety and reflect our core values.
The Ancient Trident Award honors the heritage and progression
of Marine Safety from the Steamboat Inspection Service, to
the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, and finally
to the Coast Guard.
3. Eligibility Requirements: The Silver Ancient Trident
Award is given to an enlisted member who:
    a. Has served continuously on active duty. Members with
broken active component service, but who maintained continuous
selected reserve status are considered to have continuous active
duty for the purposes of eligibility; however, active duty Coast
Guard service must represent at least 80 percent of cumulative
military service. Candidates with periods of nonmilitary status
for more than four years during their entire military service
period are ineligible.
    b. Has earned the Permanent Marine Safety Insignia.
    c. Has maintained Good Conduct eligibility, and has not
received a mark of “3” or less in the professional dimensions
of Integrity, Loyalty, and Respecting Others on their enlisted
    d. Has 10 or more years of accumulated service time in the
Marine Safety Field while on active duty in the Coast Guard.
Qualifying Marine Safety service is listed on the CG Portal
at: In addition, legacy
Marine Safety Office (MSO) experience qualifies.
    e. Has a distinguished record of knowledge, performance,
and leadership in the Marine Safety Field.
    f. Is eligible to hold the distinction for at least one
calendar year from the official award date.
4. Selection: The Silver Ancient Trident will be chosen
from the group of enlisted candidates meeting the above
eligibility requirements, which have the earliest dates
of assignment to a qualifying Marine Safety billet. COMDT
(CG-741) will request that PSC EPM convene a panel to review
the military records of the Silver Ancient Trident candidates
to ensure that their qualification and performance of duty
reflects the program criteria. The award may only be earned
once and is retained until the award holder retires, is
released from active duty, or is documented to have
unsatisfactory conduct.
5. Action: Any active duty enlisted member 1996 or earlier,
may contact COMDT (CG-741) and provide copies of their
Employee Summary Sheet (ESS) and other relevant documentation
showing their eligibility and date of assignment. All information
must be sent by email to the program point of contact listed
below NLT February 12, 2021.
6. No paper distribution will be made of REF (A). REF (A) is
available on the CG Portal and at the following site:
7. Point of contact: LCDR A.M. Styles, COMDT (CG-7412),
8. RDML John W. Mauger, Assistant Commandant for Capability
(CG-7), sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.