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USCG/PHS/NOAA Retirees & Annuitants, et al: Your FALL 2020 issue of The Long Blue Line is accessible at:  You can download this and past issues of the LBL to PDF (printable newsletter) at this link.  Please also see the important items below requiring action from the CG Pay & Personnel Center (PPC):

ITEM 1: END OF THE CURRENT TAX SEASON IS FAST APPROACHING! All retirees and annuitants are reminded that the Mailing Address listed in Direct Access (DA) is the address all your year-end tax documents will be sent to. Please note that your Home Address will NOT be used for these mailings.

Option 1: Verify your Retiree or Annuitant Home and Mailing Address and update as needed, as soon as possible, using DA Self-Service, accessible at: The DA User Guide provides step by step instructions at:


Option 2: If you are unable to validate/update your address listed in DA via Self-Service, you can contact PPC Customer Care at 1-866-772-8724 or (785) 339-2200. You can also send an e-mail to and please remember to include your Employee ID Number (EMPLID) and a detailed description of your inquiry. If you don’t know your EMPLID, it can be found on your pay slip or last year’s 1099R.  It is the first seven digits of the Account #.


SPECIAL NOTE FOR current year Retirees: If you changed your Mailing Address following your retirement, you will only be able to update your Retiree Mailing Address, via Option 1 or 2, however your Mailing Address on your Active/Reserve DA account will not be updated and you will have limited access to that account. Option 1 and 2 are available for the first 18 months following separation or retirement after which you must use Option 2, and specifically ask for an update to your Active/Reserve account. This is critical to ensure your final IRS Form W2 will reach your current address.


ITEM 2: TRICARE SELECT GROUP A: Beginning on Jan. 1, 2021, TRICARE Select Group A retired beneficiaries must pay monthly enrollment fees in order to maintain their TRICARE health coverage. This is a change, and the first time this beneficiary group will pay enrollment fees.


“In 2021, some TRICARE beneficiaries will pay enrollment fees for the first time, a change mandated by Congress,” said Dr. Danita Hunter, director of the TRICARE Health Plan at the Defense Health Agency. “We’re communicating this well before the change is implemented so beneficiaries can be informed about the change, as well as their TRICARE plan and cost options.”


Here are the key points you need to know:


What’s happening?  Retired TRICARE Select beneficiaries will have to pay enrollment fees. This change was mandated by Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year October 1 - September 30 2017. Congress granted the Defense Health Agency a delay in implementation to calendar year 2021.


Who’s impacted? This change only affects Group A If you or your sponsor’s initial enlistment or appointment occurred before January 1, 2018, you are in Group A. retirees and their family members enrolled in TRICARE Select. You’re in Group A if your initial enlistment or appointment or that of your uniformed services sponsor began before Jan. 1, 2018. Active duty family members enrolled in TRICARE Select will experience no change, and won’t pay enrollment fees.


When do I need to take action?  You can establish payments via electronic funds transfer, credit card, or debit card directly with TRICARE.  It is not currently possible to pay Tricare enrollment fees through USCG/PHS/NOAA retiree pay allotments.  You don't need to wait until Open Season starts on 9 Nov 2020 to set up EFT/Credit Card payment for enrollment fees.


What are the 2021 enrollment fees for TRICARE Select Group A retirees?

  • Individual plan: $12.50 per month
  • Family plan: $25 per month Visit the TRICARE Select Enrollment Fees page on the TRICARE website for updates and sign up for email alerts. TRICARE will inform you of specific actions you need to take in the coming months. Take command of your health and your health care benefits in 2020.
  • Please contact TRICARE with any questions, they are your best resource for timely, accurate information. 

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