October PPC Travel eNewsletter/Frequently Asked Questions

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The October 2020 edition of the Pay and Personnel Center Travel eNewsletter/Frequently Asked Questions – Update is now available at https://www.dcms.uscg.mil//portals/10/cg-1/ppc/travel/ppctravelenewsletteroctober2020.pdf.


  • Manual Claim Submissions
  • Required Documentation, who’s responsible to maintain it?
  • Traveler Roles and Responsibilities
  • AO Roles and Responsibilities
  • External Audits
  • PPC Customer Care
  • Why haven’t I been paid?
  • Why didn’t the Advance pay out
  • Notes are now printed on canned e-mails
  • Automatic Profile Builds in T-Pax
  • Processing Changes
  • How do I say “That is not authorized?”

Visit the PPC Travel news page at https://www.dcms.uscg.mil//ppc/news/Tag/84810/travel/ for more news and updates.

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