united states coast guard

R 081143 OCT 20
ALCOAST 381/20
1. This ALCOAST solicits GS-12 through GS-15 civilian and O-3 through O-5 officer
applicants interested in being considered for selection to attend a new Master of
Business Administration (MBA) degree program sponsored by DHS Science and Technology
(S&T) Office of University Programs. Graduates will earn an MBA with a concentration
in Security Technology Transition (MBA STT) from George Washington University (GWU).
2. Background. DHS S&T and GWU have partnered to establish this new program. The MBA
STT program will educate professionals on how to navigate established federal acquisition
regulations, experience the research and development process from a private sector
vantage point, navigate the challenges of technology development and adoption, and
advance technologies efficiently from concept to operational use. This program is
part-time with instruction in the evenings, online, and on weekends. Classes will
be held in the Washington, DC area, with the first cohort beginning in January 2021.
3. Eligibility. GS-12 through GS-15 civilian employees and O-3 through O-5 active
duty officers are eligible to apply. Applicants must have earned at least a bachelor's
degree from an accredited institution. Any members that have completed a Coast Guard
or DHS sponsored degree program in the last five years are ineligible to apply.
4. Expectations and requirements. The MBA STT program is best suited for DHS employees
in roles that involve research and development, procurement and acquisition, testing
and evaluation, scientific program management, contracting, government cost assessment,
and program analysis that includes interaction with other federal agencies and private
sector. The MBA STT program is unique among advanced education opportunities in that
it is a part time program where students will remain in their full-time billets/positions.
In order to fulfill the objectives of the course, the following restrictions are added:
    a. Applicants must already reside in the Washington, DC metro area (within the
reasonable commuting distance of 50 miles) and military personnel must have sufficient
time in their current NCR assignment to complete the program. A majority of courses will
be conducted online, but students should expect at least 25% of instruction to be held
in class. On campus courses are planned to take place one day per week (Monday through
Thursday), after 6pm, for approximately 2.5 hours. Online courses are completed
independently by students, meeting one hour per week, either in the evenings (Monday
through Thursday) or on Saturdays.
    b. As a rule of thumb, students should plan to spend approximately 20-25 hours per
week preparing for and attending class.
    c. The Program is expected to take 2.5 years to complete. Students must complete
all coursework within three years.
    d. DHS will fully fund tuition for students. Selectees will be required to pay for
books and all other costs associated with attendance. Time spent outside of students'
normal work schedule is not compensated.
    e. COMDT (CG-9) is the sponsoring office. However, a payback tour in an Acquisition
billet will not be a requirement.
    f. Selectees must sign a 2-year continuing service agreement with the Coast Guard.
5. The required DHS application package is available at the following link:
6. Interested personnel must submit a Resume/CV, an essay (500 words max), a Letter
of Recommendation, and the DHS application form. Details for each of these items can
be found at the link in para 5. Application materials must be submitted, as one package,
to LCDR Vincent Escobedo at: NLT 30 October 2020.
7. Selection for this opportunity is a two-step process. The applicant packages will
be reviewed by a CG executive-level panel in mid-November and selectees will be
forwarded to DHS NLT 01 Dec 2020. Applicants should be notified of selection status
OOA 15 December. Selected students must then submit an application to GWU, including
an online application form, current resume, Letter of Recommendation, essay, and
8. POC. For questions regarding general program administration and the application
process, contact LCDR Vincent Escobedo at (202) 475-3197.
9. RADM Michael Johnston, Assistant Commandant for Acquisition, sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.