united states coast guard

R 161023 SEP 20
ALCOAST 343/20
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
B. Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series)
C. Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM), COMDTINST M7100.3 (series)
1. This message announces key dates, responsibilities and policies for commands
and SELRES members when scheduling Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills, Readiness
Management Periods (RMP), and Additional Training Periods (ATP) in FY21. Pay for
duty performed not in compliance with this policy and REFs (A) and (B) may be
subject to recoupment.
2. SELRES members may schedule and complete IDT during all months of FY21, with
particular attention to critical dates and scheduling deadlines in Paragraph 8
below. Reserve training for contingency and mobilization response should be
planned well in advance, yet local operations occasionally offer short-notice
training opportunities. The first three quarters of the FY (October through June)
represent the broadest opportunity for scheduling flexibility. Fiscal demands
at the end of the FY reduce flexibility in the fourth quarter, and planning duty
should reflect the same.
3. IDT Drills for pay in FY21:
    a. SELRES members are limited to 48 IDT drills for pay. No waivers will be
authorized. SELRES members who perform more paid IDT than authorized will be
in an overpaid status, drills will be corrected from paid to without pay
(points only) and pay recouped.
    b. SELRES members should follow local unit/District (dxr)/PAC-13 guidance
with regard to IDT lodging.
    c. With command approval, SELRES members may batch drills and perform in
excess of the quarterly allocation of 12 paid IDT drills during Q1, Q2, and
Q3 of FY21 (from 01 OCT 2020 to 30 JUN 2021). In addition to command approval,
SELRES members who request IDT lodging must have approval from their servicing
District (dxr)/PAC-13 prior to scheduling and batching IDT drills.
    d. During Q4 (01 JUL 2021 to 30 SEP 2021), except for SELRES members
assigned to Port Security Units (PSU) and Coastal Riverine Forces (CORIVRONs
and CORIVGRUs), SELRES members are not authorized to complete more than 12 paid
IDT drills. Waiver requests must be submitted to COMDT (CG-R82) IAW
Paragraph 10 below.
    e. Members serving on active duty for a period of 30 consecutive days or
more are not eligible to make up drills for that period of active duty, per
Chapter 2.B.1.a.(3) of REF (A).
Example: BM2 Smith performs active duty from 17 NOV 2020 to 25 JAN 2021, a
total of two months, 8 days. BM2 Smith cannot make up eight (8) IDT drills
for the active duty period and authorized paid IDT drill cap will be adjusted
to 40 drills.
    f. SELRES members leaving the service voluntarily (retirement/discharge)
or involuntarily (non-selected for promotion, non-continued, etc.) may only
complete the number of drills corresponding to their separation date.
Example: CDR Smith is not selected for retention and required to leave active
status NLT 30 JUN. CDR Smith may complete a maximum of 36 paid IDT drills for
the period 01 OCT 2020 to-30 JUN 2021 and is subject to the limitations of
Paragraph 4.E above.
4. ATPs. The following policy applies to paid ATPs for FY21:
    a. Specific ATP guidance will be provided SEPCOR.
    b. To support unit-level planning, SELRES members assigned to PSUs,
CORIVRONs, and CORIVGRUs are authorized to schedule up to 12 ATPs starting
on 01 OCT 2020 in advance of specific ATP guidance. No ATPs will be completed
or paid prior to the release of FY21 ATP guidance. SELRES members will utilize
all authorized paid IDT drills before utilizing ATPs.
    c. SELRES members not assigned to PSUs, CORIVGRUs and CORIVRONs are not
authorized to schedule or complete ATPs (paid or unpaid). Waiver processes will
be issued SEPCOR.
    d. SELRES members serving on active duty for a period of 30 consecutive
days or more will not be eligible to make up ATPs for that period of active
duty, similar to Paragraph 4.e listed above.
5. RMPs. The following policy applies to paid RMPs for FY21:
    a. Each SELRES member is authorized a single RMP for pay, unless otherwise
noted below, for the entirety of FY21, IAW Chapter 2.B.3.e.(1) of REF (A).
The single RMP for pay may be for any listed within Chapter 2.B.3.a of REF (A).
Per Chapter 2.B.3.e.(2) of REF (A), RMPs completed that are not in compliance
with policy are subject to cancellation and pay recouped.
    b. Each SELRES member who takes the OCT 2020 Reserve Service-wide
Exam (RSWE) is authorized one additional RMP for pay unless the SELRES
member is already scheduled to perform IDT with the assigned unit.
    c. Waiver requests for RMPs for CDAR-directed screenings, OMSEP medical
appointments, weight compliance medical appointments, and command-directed
medical screenings, as outlined in Chapter 2.B.3.a. (5) - (7) of REF (A), must be
submitted to COMDT (CG-R82) IAW Paragraph 10 below.
    d. Only PSC-RPM will authorize paid RMPs for medical appointments in connection
with a Notice of Eligibility (NOE).
6. IDT, ATP, RMP Management Responsibilities.
    a. Scheduling.
        (1) IDT drills, ATPs, and RMPs for pay should be scheduled in Direct Access
as early as possible, and NLT 01 May 2021 unless otherwise exempted by this ALCOAST.
Drills should remain in a scheduled status for the member to reschedule drills
without having to request a waiver. All IDT drills, ATPs and RMPs must be scheduled
and approved in DA in advance of SELRES members reporting for duty. Upon a SELRES
member request, commands will issue written orders as soon as possible before the
scheduled duty period(s), if the drill period has not been scheduled and approved
in DA, to allow the SELRES member time to provide notification to a civilian
employer. Members will not report to duty without an approved drill in DA or
official documentation from the command. All applicable berthing requirements
must also be met prior to member reporting for duty.
    b. Approving and processing.
        (1) SELRES members should notify their supervisors of IDT completion
before leaving their units. IDT that remains in a "scheduled" status past the duty
date is subject to cancellation.
        (2) Supervisors of SELRES members must ensure IDT drills are validated,
placed in a "completed" status in Direct Access, and forwarded to the SPO within
two (2) working days of IDT drill completion.
        (3) SPOs should process payment within three (3) working days of
receiving notification that IDT drills have been placed in a “completed” status
in Direct Access.
    c. Monitoring and validating.
        (1) Accurate and timely management of IDT is a command responsibility.
To strengthen internal controls and oversight of Reserve Training funds,
District (dxr)/PAC-13/DOL-1 and RFRS staff must complete regular (at least
monthly) reviews of IDT, RPM, and ATP drills to ensure drill periods are
being requested and executed in a timely manner and IAW this ALCOAST.
        (2) District (dxr)/PAC-13 AFC-90 funds managers will continuously
monitor their IDT lodging accounts, especially when authorizing batching of
IDT, and provide funding concerns to the appropriate Area POCs identified
in Paragraph 11 below.
        (3) Quarterly Inactive Duty Status reports are available at the following
20Validation/Forms/AllItems.aspx. District (dxr)/PAC-13/DOL-1 and RFRS staff
should filter for their tenant Commands and take appropriate action to ensure
timely validation. In addition, IDT Pay Validation and Closing Entry Procedures,
including the Quarterly Inactive Duty Status Report (QIS) validation process,
will be directed by COMDT (CG-R82) during FY21.
7. FY21 IDT Scheduling Deadlines.
    a. 01 OCT 2020: Scheduling commences for FY21 IDT drills and RMPs. SELRES
members assigned to PSUs, CORIVRONs and CORIVGRUs may schedule up to 12 ATPs
IAW Paragraph 5.B above.
    b. 01 MAY 2021: The deadline for scheduling all paid IDT drills, RMPs,
and ATPs in Direct Access is on or before 01 May 2021 unless otherwise
exempted by this message. When required, waivers must be submitted IAW
Paragraph 10 below.
8. Rescheduling requirements. Notification to reschedule must be provided to the
applicable Area/DOL (LANT-1/PAC-1/DOL-1) and District (dxr)/PAC-13. This is very
important if IDT lodging has been authorized or is requested. Units do not need to
request a waiver (IAW paragraph 10, below) to reschedule paid IDT drills, RMPs, and
ATPs that are not approved in DA prior to the 01 MAY 2021 deadline if all of the
requirements below are met:
    a. The rescheduled duty is for the same duty type. Paid IDT drills, RMP, or ATPs
are not exchangeable duty types.
    b. The total number of paid drills would not exceed 12 in Q4 IAW Paragraph 4.D
above. If the number exceeds 12, the unit must request a waiver from COMDT (CG-R82).
9. SELRES members who fail to follow rescheduling requirements risk cancellation
of duty or performance of duty without pay (for points only).
10. Waivers. Paid IDT scheduling or re-scheduling of approved drill
requests require COMDT (CG-R82) authorization after 01 May 2021. Waivers are encouraged
to be submitted as early as possible and not delayed for the purposes of batching.
Waivers will be approved in the following circumstances:
      a. SELRES member accessions from recruit training (boot camp or DEPOT) or
members released from active duty (RELAD) who report to their assigned units after
01 MAY 2021 may schedule and complete IDT drills (not to exceed 4 drills per month
for the remainder of FY21) and ATPs (if authorized by Paragraph 5.B) without a waiver.
      b. SELRES members who cannot schedule IDT before 01 MAY 2021 due to a pending
expiration of enlistment (EOE) may schedule and complete IDT drills for the
remainder of FY21. Commands of these members must send notification to COMDT (CG-R82)
requesting drill dates be opened in DA.
      c. SELRES members who cannot schedule IDT before 01 MAY 2021 due to Training Pay
Category (TRAPAY CAT) issue may schedule and complete IDT drills for the remainder
of FY21. Commands of these members must send notification to COMDT (CG-R82) requesting
drill dates be opened in DA.
      d. RMPs for PHAs can be scheduled after 01 MAY 2021. Commands of these members
must send notification to COMDT (CG-R82) requesting drill dates be opened in DA.
      e. When required, waiver requests must be submitted using COMDT (CG-R82)
IDT/RMP/ADT waiver form, to COMDT (CG-R82), thru the unit Commanding Officer (or
CO, MILPERS) or first O6 in the chain of command, the cognizant
District (dxr)/PAC-13 (even if assigned to a DOL unit), and Area/DOL
(LANT-1, PAC-1, DOL-1) staff. Waivers must be submitted at a minimum of 14
days prior to requested drill convening date. Properly endorsed waivers
must be submitted via email to: HQS-SMB-CG-R82-WAIVER. All waivers must be
received by COMDT (CG-R82) NLT 15 AUG 2021.
11. Area/DOL/District (dxr)/PAC-13 POCs responsible for managing the administration
of this ALCOAST across their areas of responsibility:
      a. LANT-1: CAPT Dirk Krause, (757) 398-3910.
      b. PAC-1: CAPT Sarah Reed, (510) 437-2738.
      c. DOL-1: CAPT Randy Meador, (757) 628-4849.
      d. PAC-13: CDR Monica Hernandez, (510) 437-3564.
      e. D1 (dxr): CDR Melissa Ransom, (617) 223-3475.
      f. D5 (dxr): CDR Andrew Brennecke, (757) 483-8579.
      g. D7 (dxr): CDR Tuan Luong, (305) 415-7070.
      h. D8 (dxr): LCDR Peter Webber, (504) 671-2333.
      i. D9 (dxr): CDR Scott Toves, (216) 902-6096.
      j. D11 (dxr): CDR Steve Donley, (510) 437-5352.
      k. D13 (dxr): CDR Katy Coombs, (206) 220-7164.
      l. D14 (dxr): LT Luke Maleski, (808) 535-3354.
      m. D17 (dxr): LCDR Terry-Ann Francis, (907) 463-2102.
12. COMDT (CG-R82) Point of Contact: CDR Brandi E. Bruno, (202) 475-5439.
13. RDML T.C. Wiemers, Assistant Commandant of Reserve, sends.
14. Internet release is authorized.