united states coast guard

R 01 AUG 20

ALCGOFF 125/20
1. The shopping list of O-5 and below assignments is now available 
as a sortable spreadsheet on the OPM-2 Portal Site at The positions listed are open for
AY21 and reflect the current state of the PAL. 2. The initial AY21 shopping list includes: A. Positions occupied by an incumbent officer who is tour complete
(TC) or has an approved retirement or separation in 2021. B. O-5 positions occupied by an O-6 or O-6(sel) regardless of TC
date, and O-5 positions occupied by an O-5 in-zone for O-6 regardless
of TC date. C. O-4 positions occupied by an O-5 or O-5(sel) who will be TC in
AY22 and O-4 positions occupied by an O-4 in-zone for O-5 TC in AY22. D. O-3 positions occupied by an O-4 or O-4(sel) who will be TC in
AY22 and O-3 positions occupied by an O-3 in-zone for O-4 TC in AY22. E. Any approved new or reprogrammed positions. F. Any vacant positions. Note 1: Non-TC incumbents of positions meeting the criteria above are
not guaranteed to transfer in AY21. These positions will be shopped
to build candidate pools in case the incumbent is needed to meet a
Service need elsewhere. The incumbents of these positions should
submit an e-resume before the 01 Sep 2020 deadline. Note 2: Some positions listed may be impacted by position
reprogramming; these impacted positions will be noted and advertised
once the changes are approved. Programs are requested to have any
new positions approved NLT 1 November 2020 per the AY21 Kickoff
message. 3. Shopping List Notes: A. Many billets shopped due to potential rank mismatches, short
tour requests, and other miscellaneous reasons may not be filled in
AY21 dependent on service needs as the assignment and promotion years
progress. These billets are noted as "Conditional" in column K of the
spreadsheet. Officers should include these billets on their e-resume
but understand in crafting a realistic e-resume that they may not be filled in AY21. B. The database is populated with as much information as possible
to aid the workforce in career planning and building a realistic
e-resume. 4. E-resume procedures: All candidates must apply in DA using the
PCS eResume link, found by following Main Menu – Employee - Tasks -
PCS eResumes. Once there,enter your desired search criteria to obtain
a list of open billets. Search criteria can include State, Job Code,
Position Number, etc. If unsure of the specific criteria, click on
the magnifying glass to the right of the search box to determine
eligible values. Fields such as Job Code and Job Family will narrow the search results based on rank and component (officer, enlisted,
etc). All AY21 assignments will be opened and shopped using the PCS
eResumes link. A PCS eResume user guide with step-by-step guidance
can be found at 5. Due to Direct Access limitations, any eResumes submitted prior to
the release of this message with the exception of those for special
assignments will not be visible to assignment officers. Any eResume
prior to 01 Aug 2020, including those for AY21 special assignments,
need to be resubmitted. Previously requested special assignments also
need to be included in priority order in this eResume. 6. Updates to this listing will be posted to the OPM-2 Portal Site
at; notification of updates will be promulgated via ALCGOFF messages. Unlike previous years, any added
or updated positions will be reflected within the entire shopping
list allowing the workforce to view all positions in one document.
The version and date will be noted at the top of the spreadsheet. 7. Members also are encouraged to visit OPM-4's series of
Professional Development Podcasts at 8. Any members who are unable to access the shopping list via CG
Portal should submit a help ticket to CGFIXIT. Units experiencing
connectivity issues should request one copy for further dissemination
by command cadre by contacting YN3 Adolfo Jimenez at 9. Assignment Officers: A. AFLOAT (O4 to O5): LCDR Nicholas Hartmann, (202) 795-6430 B. AFLOAT (O1 to O3): LT Adam Derby, (202) 795-6450 C. RESPONSE (O4 to O5): LCDR TraciAnn Alvarez, (202) 795-6460 D. RESPONSE (O1 to O3): LCDR Edward Kunigonis, (202) 795-6447 E. PREVENTION (O4 to O5): LCDR Eunice James, (202) 795-6446 F. PREVENTION (O1 to O3): LCDR Michael Novak, (202) 795-6458 G. DCMS AND INTEL (O4 to O5): LCDR Elizabeth Ledbetter,
(202) 795-6454 H. DCMS AND INTEL (O1 to O3): LCDR Jayme Dubinsky,
(202) 795-6452 I. AVIATION (O4 to O5): CDR Jessica Davila, (202) 795-6461 J. AVIATION (O1 to O3): LCDR Daniel Cloonan, (202) 795-6457 K. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS (O4 to O5): LCDR Jared Silverman,
(202) 795-6455 L. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS (O1 to O3): LCDR Sarah Brennan,
CWO Bryan Kaseman, (202) 795-6462 10. CAPT M. T. Brown, PSC-OPM, sends. 11. Internet release is authorized.