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R 101604 JUL 20
UNCLAS //N01754//
ALCOAST 269/20
1. Given the uniquely challenging issues of calendar year 2019, in particular the 35
day government shutdown, two outstanding recipients have been selected for the 2019
Wanda Allen-Yearout Ombudsman of the Year.
2. I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Wanda Allen-Yearout Ombudsman
of the Year Award are Mrs. Jenna Hall, the Ombudsman for Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-
Long Beach, Base LA – LB, USCGC GEORGE COBB, and 11 sub-units; and Mrs. Dahna Simmons,
the Ombudsman for CG Station Grand Isle and USCGC SAILFISH.
3. Mrs. Hall is deeply committed to supporting CG members and their families. She single-
handily supports 13 different Coast Guard commands and units each with their own unique
mission objectives and personnel challenges, with enthusiasm and sincerity.
4. During the 2019 lapse in appropriation, Mrs. Hall was the primary touchpoint for all
affected families. She was pivotal in messaging official guidance from Coast Guard and
Sector leadership and provided quick answers to difficult questions. Additionally, she
disseminated local information regarding support and organized a spouse outreach program
that provided spouse-to-spouse networking.
5. Mrs. Simmons’ exceptional leadership supporting one of the most remote boat stations
in the Coast Guard and profound commitment to the families has helped to produce
operational success and established one of the best Ombudsman Programs in the Eight
Coast Guard District. 
6. Mrs. Simmons was appointed as the ombudsman during the longest government shutdown
in history. She was immediately placed in a critical position of communicating shutdown
updates and identifying resources for families in need. She was instrumental in the
establishment of a robust food pantry which provided essential supplies such as baby
formula, diapers, non-perishable foods, and vitamins.
7. Both Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Simmons have an in-depth knowledge of available programs and
services and aggressively seek out new resources to assist families. They advocate on
behalf of families on CGSUPRT and Work-Life issues, ensuring services are provided in
a timely and accurate manner. Their commitment and dedication to the Coast Guard and
innovative ability to inspire exemplifies the tradition of our Service and are both
essential elements to the success of all their units.
8. The following District level recipients and nominees also deserve special recognition
for their particularly noteworthy accomplishments:
   a.  District One, Mrs. Stacie Hollandsworth, CG First District,
   b.  District Five, Mrs. Rachel Conley, CG Base National Capital Region (Base NCR),
CG Headquarters (CGHQ), CG Yard, CG Surface Forces Logistic Center (SFLC), CG Air Station
Washington, CG Maritime Infrastructure Protection Force, Fifth District, and the CG Asset
Project Office (APO) in Baltimore, Maryland,
   c.  District Seven, Mrs. Tiffany Hunt, CG Sector Key West,
   d.  District Nine, Mrs. Kara Noto, CG Sector Detroit,
   e.  District Thirteen, Mrs. Kendra Frazier, USCGC ELM,
   f.  District Fourteen, Mrs. Rachel Blaisdell, CG STA Honolulu and Sector Honolulu,
ANT Honolulu, and MSD American Samoa, and
   g.  District Seventeen, Mrs. Elycia Steenbergen, Air Station Kodiak and Ant Kodiak.
9. The selection panel members were:
   a.  Master Chief Charles Bushey, COMDT (CG-00B),
   b.  Master Chief James Bach, LANTAREA,
   c.  Master Chief Heath Jones, PACAREA,
   d.  Master Chief George Williamson, COMDT (CG-13), and
   e.  Ms. Rose Neel, COMDT (CG-1112).
10. I applaud all the nominees for their accomplishments and their commanding officers
for taking the time to submit well-deserved nominations. I encourage all leaders to
recognize their ombudsman by submitting nominations next year for the 2020 Wanda Allen-
Yearout Ombudsman of the Year Award. The 2020 awardees demonstrated outstanding
professionalism in carrying out their duties. Bravo Zulu for a job well done.
11. COMDT (CG-1112) POC for the Coast Guard Ombudsman Program is Ms. Christine Degraw
12. RADM Dana L. Thomas, Director Health, Safety and Work-Life, sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.