united states coast guard

06 JUL 20

ALCGENL 120/20
1. PSC-EPM is soliciting interested members for selection as the
next Rating Force Master Chiefs for the following ratings:
 (AST) Aviation Survival Technician
 (AMT) Aviation Maintenance Technician
 (OS)  Operations Specialist
 (ET)  Electronic Technician
 (HS)  Health Services Technician
 (DV)  Diver
 (PA)  Public Affairs 
2. Eligibility:  Members must be tour complete in AY21 or AY22, or
those who will have completed two years in their current assignment in
AY21 and in pay grade E9 or above the cut on a published (SWE)
advancement eligibility list at the time of the panel convening 04 AUG 2021.
3. Estimated report date is 01 JUL 2021.
4. RFMCs are the senior subject matter expert in their respective rating
and serve as an advocate and advisor for all matters that could impact the
health and professional development of their rating.
5. Application Process: All members who are interested in this
prestigious position and meet the requirements set forth in REF (a) will
follow a two-step process. Members shall add the RFMC position on their
PCS e-resume, and submit for RFMC screening in Direct Access NLT 20 JUL
2020. Members will be screened for the position and selected based on
desire, background, and performance.
a. Member's e-resume comments must include a narrative stating the
member's top concerns and priorities for their rating.
b. Command endorsements will attest to the member's eligibility and
ability to fulfill the duties of this position, as well as address
backfill concerns if the applicant is not tour complete in AY21 or AY22.
6. Submission: Directions on how to submit for RFMC screening are:
a.  Log in to Direct Access
b.  In the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks"
c.  Select "My Panel Submissions" 
d.  When the My Panel Submissions screen appears, enter the following:
       Panel Source: Drop down menu to "Command Screening"
       Click “Go”
e.  When the search screen appears, enter the following:
       AD/Res Ind: Active Duty
       Bus unit: Enlisted
       Job Code: LEAVE BLANK
       Click "Search"
f.  A list of Screening Panels will appear.  Find the RFMC Panel
(click view all), then check the "Apply" box next to that panel. Click
g.  A command endorsement is required. The next step is to include the
    correct endorser’s EMPLID for a command endorsement, then click “Save”.
h.  Once the endorser has completed the entry, the endorser will
    click "Marked Final".
i.  Click "Save" 
7. While CG PSC-EPM is soliciting volunteers, EPM will screen all members
meeting eligibility requirements identified in paragraph 2. Rating AOs
will reach out to those members identified as candidates prior to the
screening submission deadline in order to allow time for panel submission
and command endorsement.
8. POCs:
a. AST AMTCS Erik Schuttpelz, (202) 795-6591
b. AMT CWO Melissa Magaro, (202) 795-6574
c. OS CWO Andrew Reyes, (202) 795-6610
d. ET CWO Peter Deacon, (202) 795-6604
e. HS CWO Walter Lipski, (202) 795-6572
f. DV CWO Jaime Baldueza, (202) 795-6587
g. PA CWO Walter Lipski, (202) 795-6572
9. CDR R. F. Deisher, Branch Chief, EPM-2, Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.