united states coast guard

02 JUL 20

ALCGENL 119/20
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Competency Qualification
Instruction, COMDTINST 16247.3 (series)
1. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center will convene the Assignment
Year 2021 (AY21) Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) screening
panel for assignment to Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) positions
from 26-29 October 2021. All MEs tour complete in AY21, in pay
grade to billet mismatches, and members above the cut for
advancement will be screened. DSF billets make up a considerable
number of available ME assignments and offer MEs opportunities for
advanced training, earn DSF-TO core competency, world-wide travel,
and interaction with federal and international partners. MEs should
aggressively seek assignment to DSF positions to fully develop their
professional expertise.
2. The ME DSF screening panel will be charged with selecting MEs
qualified for assignment to Maritime Security Response Teams (MSRT),
Tactical Law Enforcement Teams (TACLET), Special Mission Training
Center (SMTC), and Special Mission Training Detachment Instructors
(SMTD). This panel will objectively review each member's record to
determine suitability for DSF service.
3. This six member screening panel will be comprised of experts at
both the program and operational level representing each of these
special mission areas and will utilize electronic records including
Direct Access (DA), the Employee Summary Sheet (ESS), and command
endorsements to evaluate each members suitability for each of these
unit types. The field will be notified when the final panel results
are posted via ALCGENL.
4. Procedures.
      a.  Screening is required for ALL MEs E-4 to E-9 that are tour
complete in AY21,  MEs in pay grade to billet mismatches regardless
of tour completion dates, and MEs who anticipate shortened tours
due to advancement. Members currently serving in DSF positions
who desire an extension or follow on assignment to a DSF position
in AY21 must also screen.
      b.  Members must submit a screening request in Direct Access
with a command endorsement NLT 01 SEP 2020. Complete instructions
to guide members through this process are found on the PSC-EPM-2 ME
portal page attached to ME DSF SCREENING PANEL AY21 folder, link
provided below.
      c.  Members must complete a physical fitness assessment
administered no earlier than 01 APR 2020 that complies with the
standards found in Ref B.
      d. In addition to the Direct Access screening request,
previously qualified Advanced Tactical Operators (ATO) that desire
assignment to MSRT shall complete a DD FORM-2807-1 and submit
to the ME Assignment Officer via email, address provided in section
7.a below.
      e. Members are highly encouraged to ensure their ESS is
accurate. Specifically, the Training and Competencies sections
should be as complete as possible as this document will be heavily
utilized by the panel. Members should work with their SPO to have
any missing items entered in DA. Accurate Law Enforcement
competencies and training included in this record will improve a
candidate's opportunity for selection.
      f.  All members are highly encouraged to read the DSF
Screening FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) located on the portal
5. Suitability Criteria.
      a. Members should review paragraphs 1.C.12 of Ref A for
assignment criteria for DSF operational positions and paragraphs
1.E.2.a. and 1.E.6.b. for SMTC/SMTD instructor position requirements
to determine which DSF assignments they are currently qualified to
hold. Additionally, SMTC and SMTD instructors must at a minimum be
graduates of the Tactical Training Course (TTC) or the Basic Tactical
Operations Course (BTOC).  Graduation from the Coast Guard
Advanced Tactical Operator Course (ATOC), Instructor Development Course,
Qualification as an Advanced Marksmanship Instructor, Water Survival
Training Program Master, and/or Hook and Climb/Fast Rope qualifications
are preferred but not required.
      b. If after reviewing these criteria, a member determines they
are not currently suitable for DSF assignment, they should strive to
improve that element because early identification of a disqualifying
factor does not negate the requirement to participate in the DSF
screening process. Additionally, swift corrective action may be all
that is required to be competitive for AY 2022 DSF screening and
assignment. Ultimately, MEs should seek to be suitable for every
unit type to maximize opportunity to enter the DSF community.
6. Command Evaluation of Suitability.
      a. Command Evaluation is an extremely important part of this
package.  Evaluations shall include a specific recommendation on the
candidate's ability to serve in the DSF Community as an Operator, an
Instructor, and/or as an Advanced Instructor. To accomplish this,
commands must use the DSF ME Command Evaluation Checklist on
the PSC-EPM-2 ME Portal page attached to the ME DSF SCREENING PANEL
AY21 Folder via the link below. This checklist will guide commands through
the command endorsement entry of the DA screening request.
      b. Commands are reminded that all members meeting the criteria
in paragraph 4. a. are required to participate in this screening
process. This includes members with previous fault/no-fault
transfers and those who have been determined to not meet
qualification criteria established in paragraphs 1.C.12 of Ref A.
Negative endorsements are required in DA and must address any/all
disqualifying factors identified on the DSF ME Command Evaluation
      c. The command evaluation (DA Endorsement) shall be completed
by Commanding Officers, Commanding Officers of Military Personnel,
Chiefs of Response, Officers in Charge, or those Acting in these
      d. The DSF Screening Guide AY21 for completing command
evaluations in Direct Access is provided in the PSC-EPM-2 ME Portal
page below.
7. Points of Contact:
      a. CWO William Walper, ME Assignment Officer, 202-795-6617, or William.R.Walper(at)
      b. LT C. Collins, Central Assignment Coordinator, 202-795-6578, or
      c. PSC-EPM-2 Portal ME link:  
8. CDR R. Deisher, PSC-EPM-2, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.