united states coast guard

01 JUL 20

ALCGENL 116/20
A. Military Assignment and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A (series)
B. Canine Explosive Detection Team (CEDT) Program Manual, COMDTINST M16601.15A (series)  
1. This message solicits candidates and outlines the application
process for members interested in an assignment as a Deployable Specialized
Forces (DSF) Canine Explosive Detection Team (CEDT) handler at Maritime
Safety and Security Teams (MSST) San Francisco, Los Angeles/Long Beach, and Houston.
2. CEDTs ensure the safety and security of key resources and critical
infrastructure in and around major U.S. ports and during National Special
Security Events. Their uses in both detection and as a deterrent make them
integral components to the Department of Homeland Security’s counter-terrorism
efforts. Serving as a USCG CEDT handler is a rewarding and demanding position
that frequently requires long, irregular hours and adherence to high personal
and physical standards. At the same time, it offers unique opportunities for
personal and professional development.  
   a. CEDTs routinely work independently and receive a take home government
   b. Members assigned as CEDT handlers receive specialized training and
      are required to meet strict qualification and recertification standards. 
   c. This position requires the ability to effectively communicate
      across a broad spectrum of military ranks, government employees,
      and the civilian population the Coast Guard serves. 
   d. Maintaining firearms qualification on CG courses of fire
      is required.
   e. CEDTs are required to be capable of deploying via Coast Guard rotary
      wing assets, boats, or from other government agency assets.
   f. Satisfactory completion of a six year tour as a CEDT handler
      will result in an assignment priority 4.
3. Eligibility requirements: All Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) active duty
members who are tour complete in AY21 in pay grade E-4 and E-5 who meet the
minimum qualifications for assignment to DSF Positions specified in Ref A,
Chapter 1, Art 1.C.12.b.a. (Canine Explosive Detection Team Handler), and
1.C.12.c (Qualification) are highly encouraged to apply.
   a. Applicants must be in excellent mental and physical condition
      and demonstrate superb personal character, reliability and appearance.
   b. Applicants must exemplify the finest traditions of military customs and
      protocol, including meticulous uniform appearance, grooming, and
      compliance with the Commandant's weight standards.  
   c. Applicants must have received "satisfactory" conduct ratings on the
      last two enlisted performance evaluations with no mark lower
      than a four in any performance category.
   d. Applicants must be an outstanding performer who can work
      independently, and possess exceptional maturity and sound
   e. Applicants must have a current Secret clearance on file
      in Direct Access and be eligible for a Top Secret clearance. 
   f. Additionally they must possess a current driver’s license,
      good driving record, and no domestic violence convictions that
      would preclude them from carrying firearms. 
   g. At a minimum, applicants are required to have graduated the Basic Boarding
      Officer course and must have previously served as a qualified Boarding Officer.
      DSF-Tactical Operator (TO) is the preferred competency for assignment as
      a CEDT handler. Although it is not a requirement to apply for the CEDT
      handler position, those who possess the DSF-TO competency are highly
      encouraged to apply.
4. Member Guidance and Command Endorsement:
   a. An E-Resume with command endorsement shall be submitted with the
      applicant listing all the available positions in the order they desire:
      MSST Los Angeles/Long Beach (00067620), MSST San Francisco (00070582),
      and MSST Houston (00067521).
   b. Hardcopy memo endorsements and email endorsements will not be accepted.
   c. The deadline for command endorsed e-resume submission is Monday, 14
      September 2020.
   d. Commands shall verify the member meets all eligibility criteria set forth in
      paragraph 3 of this message.
5. PSC-EPM-2 POC: MLES4 W.R. Walper (202) 795-6617 or
6. Released by: LT Charlie Collins, (202) 372-6578.
7. Internet release authorized.