united states coast guard

25 JUN 2020

ALCGPSC 072/20
A. ALCOAST 224/20
1. On 22 June 2020 the Alaska Department of Transportation issued a service announcement cancelling all sailings onboard the
M/V Tustumena from June 27, 2020 through July 1, 2020 due to ongoing COVID-19 mitigation. 
2. The Alaska Department of Transportation has also released new operational protocols to protect against the transmission of
COVID-19 on vessels: 
   a. All passengers (over the age of 2) are required to wear face coverings while onboard mainline ferries Kennicott, Matanuska,
and Tustumena, except when in a stateroom, in a designated smoking area or while eating. To the extent possible, AMHS will make
reasonable accommodation for a passenger who is unable to wear a face covering due to a disability.
   b. Passengers and crew will not be allowed to go ashore during port calls. Passengers will be allowed ashore only upon arrival
at their destination port.
   c. All passengers and crew will practice social distancing.
   d. All passengers (over the age of 2) departing from Bellingham, Washington are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test
result within 72 hours before boarding and  must complete the mandatory State of Alaska Travel Declaration Form and provide these
to AMHS crew at boarding.
   e. Passengers already in Alaska that choose to travel on longer duration routes within Alaska and/or terminating in Bellingham,
Washington must select one of the following two options:
	i. A COVID-19 test administered within 5 days of departure.
    	ii. A signed sworn statement that affirms the traveler has followed quarantine standards for at least 14 days preceding the
date of travel. Forms are available on the AMHS website and at check-in. 
   f. Longer duration travel is defined as:
	i. Itinerary originating in Alaska that concludes in Bellingham, Washington
	ii. Itinerary that includes a voyage across the Gulf of Alaska.
	iii. Itinerary to or from the Aleutian Chain that includes the port of Kodiak.
3. Service Notices and Press Releases regarding the AMHS can be found at:
4. Coast Guard members are reminded to be prepared to execute PCS orders to and from Alaska through alternate means so as not to 
elay reporting.
5. Active Duty members and families in need of COVID-19 testing traveling to the Alaskan Ferries through Washington State are
approved for testing at Madigan Army Medical Center located at 9040A Jackson Ave, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98431. This is a
drive through facility located near the Medical Center Emergency room, open 7 days a week 0600 – 1700.
6. The Base Seattle COVID test results team, (206) 217-6432, will transmit results to traveling members. Active duty members or
their families that experience a positive test result should refer to REF (A), make notification to the PCS Assist team and
coordinate with their reporting command on quarantine or isolation requirements.
7. PCS Assist teams are actively reaching out to members affected by the cancellation of AMHS sailings. Members with additional
questions or concerns on executing orders are directed to reach out to the Base Kodiak Satellite PCS Assist Team at
(907) 419-6318, (907) 419-209-8790, via email at, or their local Personnel and Administrative support
taff for guidance.
8. Information regarding CGMA assistance can be found or by contacting a local CGMA representative.
9. Released by: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for our Most Important Resources – Our People.
10. Internet release authorized.