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R 241325 JUN 20
UNCLAS //N01080//
ALCOAST 250/20
A. Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), COMDTINST 1330.1 (series)
B. Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM), COMDTINST M7100.3 (series)
C. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. This ALCOAST announces the FY21 long-term Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS)
caps as well as designated Cap Managers.
2. In accordance with REF (A), ADOS is defined as full-time duty of a temporary
nature under 10 U.S.C. § 12301 (d) for purposes other than training. Long-term ADOS is
defined as any period of ADOS that exceeds 180 consecutive days in duration. Short-term
ADOS is defined as any period of ADOS that is 180 consecutive days or less in duration.
REF (A) further defines the purpose of ADOS as providing the necessary skilled manpower
to temporarily support existing or emerging requirements of the Coast Guard Active
Component (AC).
3. For internal control purposes, a ceiling is maintained on long-term ADOS-AC to manage
the funding and full-time equivalent (FTE) associated with reserve personnel voluntarily
ordered to active duty. One FTE is equivalent to one reservist on active duty for one
year. In FY21, the total ceiling for long-term ADOS-AC will be capped at 100 FTE.
Sponsoring units are required to reimburse the HQ centrally managed account for the
associated salary and benefits for each reservist in accordance with paragraph 9 of
this ALCOAST. Additionally, travel and Permanent Change of Station (PCS) entitlements
associated with the ADOS-AC period are the responsibility of the sponsoring unit.
4. The ability to resource long-term ADOS may vary from year to year based on the
criteria of paragraph 3 of this ALCOAST. Units with long-term personnel resource needs
should consider other resources from within their base, or developing an on-budget
resource proposal to meet their requirement.
5. Exemptions: The following types of ADOS-AC are exempt from the FY21 ceiling and
allocations described in this message.
    a. Short-term ADOS-AC: Short-term orders shall not exceed 180 days total whether
as a single set of orders or consecutive sets of orders. Consecutive short-term orders
must have a break of 31 days or more between each set of orders, unless a waiver has
been authorized, in accordance with REF (A).
    b. Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO): Reservists recalled to long-term ADOS-AC
for these operations are supported by specific OCO funding. Contact your appropriate
Area Title 10 manager or CG-ODO with questions pertaining to OCO allocations.
    c. Extended Active Duty (EAD): Reservists recalled to active duty to fill an active
duty position on the Personnel Allowance List (PAL) enter into an EAD contract with the
Coast Guard. This process is managed by Office of Strategic Workforce Planning and HR
Analytics, COMDT (CG-126) and CG Personnel Service Center (CG PSC-OPM and CG PSC-EPM).
    d. Reimbursable positions: Programs that recall reservists for long-term ADOS to
fill a reimbursable position must follow established reimbursable billet procedures.
Procedures are located at:
POC: Ms. Rochita Jackson, COMDT (CG-833).
    e. Other Coast Guard appropriations: Any ADOS-AC funded from an appropriation other
than the Operations and Support (O&S) appropriation must be approved by COMDT (CG-831)
prior to issuance of orders.
6. FY21 ADOS-AC ceiling: Resource Management Offices (RMOs) Atlantic Area, Pacific Area,
COMDTs (CG-DCMS), (CG-DCO), and (CG-8) are directed to stay within their allocated
ADOS-AC ceiling, which is listed in paragraph 8 of this ALCOAST. RMOs are authorized to
further distribute all or a portion of their allocation to subordinate units.
7. Upon ADOS-AC ceiling approval, Cap Managers shall provide required data to COMDT
(CG-832) for long-term ADOS position creation. Cap Managers shall also provide ADOS
position requirements to CG PSC-RPM for solicitation. Once a candidate has been
identified and approved for assignment, CG PSC-RPM will process the PCS assignment of
the reservist to the long-term, temporary ADOS position and provide relevant information
to the member’s command/Servicing Personnel Office for completion of ADOS orders IAW
long-term, non-contingency ADOS assignment processes. Per REF (A), there are limitations
and requirements for members that have accrued, or will accumulate due to the length of
ADOS assigned, more than 14 years of total active duty service. Please see paragraph
10d(1)(e)(1-3) of REF (A) for these restrictions and the associated waiver process.
Commands are advised that funding reservists who complete over 18 years total active
duty service and reach retirement sanctuary under 10 U.S.C. § 12686 become the financial
responsibility of the unit that recalled them on orders when they passed through the
sanctuary gate until the reservist reaches regular retirement (i.e., 20 years active duty).
Once a reservist reaches sanctuary, they obtain regular retirement.
8. Cap Managers:
    a. Atlantic Area: 20 long-term ADOS positions. POC: LCDR Andrew Brennecke
    b. Pacific Area: 20 long-term ADOS positions. POC: LCDR Barron Lacy/Mr. Pete Steel
    c. DCO: 20 long-term ADOS positions. POC: Mr. Ron Kochan
    d. DCMS: 20 long-term ADOS positions. POC: LCDR Omar Barajas
    e. COMDT (CG-8): 20 long-term ADOS positions. POC: Mr. John Wcislo/LCDR Kurt Walker
9. Funding: Sponsoring units must provide the AFC 30/34 accounting line that will fund
the standard personnel cost (SPC) to the POCs listed above. After orders have been
executed, COMDT (CG-832) will transfer funds from the identified accounts. To determine
those costs, a unique ADOS SPC worksheet has been developed on the COMDT (CG-833) Portal,
located at:
Total personnel costs include pay, medical, and the undistributed portions of support.
POC: Mr. Monty Holcombe, COMDT (CG-832).
10. PCS cost: PCS entitlement for non-contingency, long-term ADOS is required per
§ 030302-B2a of the Joint Travel Regulations. All questions concerning PCS TONOS and
reimbursement should be directed to LT George Kolumbic, or CDR Jesse Millard,
11. Guidance regarding how to create ADOS-AC orders can be found in the Reserve orders
job aid, which is located on the CG PPC website:
12. RDML T. C. Wiemers, Assistant Commandant for Reserve, and Mr. C. A. Bennett, Acting
Assistant Commandant for Resources and Chief Financial Officer, send.
13. Internet release is authorized.