united states coast guard

09 JUN 20

UNCLAS //N01300//
ALCGRSV 028/20
A.  Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B.  Command Senior Enlisted Leader Program, COMDTINST 1306.1H
1.  This message solicits those Reserve MCPOs, SCPOs, and CPOs desiring assignment as a Reserve Gold Badge Command Master Chief or Silver Badge Command Senior Enlisted Leader in AY21. Reserve Command Senior Enlisted Leaders uphold the highest standards and traditions of the United States Coast Guard, and these assignments are reserved for outstanding individuals whose careers have
displayed excellence in mission execution, adherence to core values, and a keen understanding of Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve policies.
2.  The CSEL is the direct representative to their principal on all matters pertaining to efficient and effective management of day-to-day activities in their area of responsibility (AOR). CSELs assist and advise in enhancing policy, strategy, and outreach to the workforce, serve as a liaison to the Command
Master Chief (CMC) and Chief Petty Officer (CPO) network and manage communications between their principal and Senior Enlisted Leaders (SELs) throughout their AOR. They must possess the communication skills necessary to push ground truth feedback up and down the chain of command. These skills are critical in building and maintaining a strong and effective Command Cadre as well as enhancing a positive command climate.
3.  Eligibility:
a. Open to Reserve MCPOs, SCPOs, and CPOs who meet qualifications set forth in Refs (A) and (B). Reserve MCPOs, SCPOs, and CPOs who believe they possess the qualities required of a Gold/Silver Badge, but do not meet eligibility requirements, may still apply for AY21 Reserve Gold/Silver Badge assignment opportunities but must submit a waiver request as part of the application package.
b. Incumbent CSELs (Gold and Silver) who are tour complete in AY21 and desire a follow-on CSEL assignment are required to submit a complete application.
4.  Process/timeline:
a. NLT 8 SEP 2020: Standard applications are emailed to RPM-1 at and copy to YNCM Andray James at The subject line of the e-mail must read “AY21 Reserve Gold/Silver Badge Screening Application”. 
b. OOA 5-9 OCT 2020: Selection panel convenes.
c. OOA 9 NOV 2020: Panel results released.
d. E-Resume deadlines will be announced following the release of the Reserve Gold/Silver Badge Panel results.
e. The expected report date is 01 October 2021.
5. Standard Applications: Members and Commands should pay close attention to the requirements listed in the standard application found at Ref (C). Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will be returned. Deadline extensions will not be granted to correct errors.
6. The AY21 Reserve Gold/Silver Badge shopping list and waiver templates are available on the PSC-RPM website at:  
7.  Points of Contact:
a. CMC Program Manager: CMC C. R. Bushey, COMDT (CG-00B-D) (202) 372-4431 or
b. Reserve Gold/Silver Badge Assignment Officer, YNCM Andray James, (202) 795-6531 or
8.  CAPT Michael Batchelder, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
9.  Internet release authorized.