united states coast guard

09 JUN 2020

ALCGRSV 027/20
A. PY21 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCNOTE 1401
B. ALCGRSV 025/20
C. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Officer Personnel Boards and Panels,
D. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series)
E. ALCGPSC 043/20, 2020 OER Submission and Promotion Year (PY) 2021 Officer
Selection Boards
F. ALCGPSC 060/20, Update to the PY21 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards
and Panels - PSCNOTE 1401
1. In accordance with REFs A, B and F the IDPL Captain Retention Board
convenes on 06 July 2020. Officers promoted to CAPT by 1 July 2020
will be placed in front of the board. The following officers, listed
alphabetically by last name, will be considered:
No.  Name                     Unit Name
1.   Barton, Michael G.       COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-I)
2.   Bernstein, Eric S.       OL-PAC CORIVGRU 2-NORFOLK
3.   Clark, Daniel W.         CGD SEVEN
4.   Danko, Tiffany G.        OL-PAC CORIVGRU 1-SAN DIEGO
5.   Deas, Geoffrey S.        DDE-CGRU JOINT STAFF SOUTH
6.   Devereaux, Marc C.       DOL-4
7.   Ferullo, Michael J.      LANTAREA (LANT-39)
8.   Fitzgerald, Daniel J.    COMMANDANT (CG-LPD)
9.   Galbo, Evan J.           D11 COMMAND CADRE (D)
10.  Grassley, Laila M.       D13 COMMAND CADRE (D)
11.  Green, Ronzelle L.       COMMANDANT (CG-21)
12.  Hiigel, Joanna K.        CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
13.  Hill, Steven J.          CGRU USSOUTHCOM
14.  Jones, Gretchen A.       D5 COMMAND CADRE (D)
15.  Lehto, Jason A.          CGRU US INDO PACIFIC COMMAND
16.  Lumpkin, Jill I.         COMMANDANT (CG-OEM-2)
17.  Morris, Paul G.          D8 COMMAND CADRE (D)
18.  Murakami, Mark M.        OL-LSC ACQ & CLM BR ALAMEDA
19.  Roberts, Richard A.      PACAREA (PAC-3SF)
20.  Ruwe, Michael E.         PACAREA (PAC-3MF)
21.  Schaefer, Franklin H.    PACAREA (PAC-00)
22.  Schiro, Tabitha A.       D17 COMMAND CADRE (D)
23.  Settle III, John R.      LANTAREA (LANT-39)
24.  Stjeanos, Michael N.     COMMANDANT (CG-5PC)
25.  Travers, Jennifer A.     COMMANDANT (CG-R8)
26.  Vaughn, Michael R.       CGRU USNORTHCOM
27.  Wadleigh, Matthew D.     D11 COMMAND CADRE (D)
28.  Wennet, Craig L.         OL-CG-9336 WASH DC
2. The Board shall select 12 Captains who will not be retained.
3. Officers with an approved retirement letter on file, but who
have not been retired prior to the Board convening, will appear
before the Board. Approved retirements are provided to and viewed by
the Board.
4. In accordance with Section 3752 of Title 14 U.S.C., the Reserve Captain
Retention Board will consider all Captains in an active status,
who have 18 years or more of total qualifying service for retirement,
except Captains who meet one of the following conditions:
   a. are on a list of selectees for promotion,
   b. will complete 30 years total commissioned service by 30 June 2021,
   c. will have reached age 59 by 06 July 2020, or
   d. are on Extended Active Duty (EAD).
5. Officers desiring to submit communications to the Board must
follow the guidelines provided in paragraph 10.d of Ref C and
Article 3.A.4.F of Ref D. Communications should be sent via email as a
command-endorsed, electronically signed memo to: to arrive no later than one day before
the date the Board convenes. Early submission of communications to the
Board is encouraged to allow adequate time for correction should a
submission contain unauthorized content.
6. Rating chains and administrative reviewers should expedite
OER submissions to ensure eligible officers have up-to-date
records on file before the board convenes.
7. All officers being considered are highly encouraged to take
steps to review their official record. Directions on how to
obtain a copy of the Electronically Imaged Personnel Data
Record (EI-PDR) are listed on the PSC BOPS-MR website at
8. All officers should review REF E regarding OER guidance.
9. Any officer who believes that they are eligible to be
considered for selection by this board and whose name does not appear
on the above list should contact LT Marvi Rivera at
(202)795-6507 or by email at
10. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
11. Internet release authorized.