united states coast guard

20 MAY 2020

ALCGENL 085/20
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. This SITREP kicks off AY21 for the EM rating.  Please read this message
in its entirety.
2. All members, in a pay-grade to billet mismatch, double encumbered, above
the Service Wide Exam (SWE) advancement cut, and tour complete in AY21 are
all eligible to be transferred.
3. Members are highly encouraged to contact the EM Assignment Officer (AO)
for career counseling to discuss AY21 guidance, career aspirations, career
progression, professional development and how to submit a realistic resume
per the career counseling timeline below.
4. Assignment information updates, webinar and road show information and a
listing of unexpected vacancies when appropriate can be found on the EM AO
portal page at reference (B).
5. General assignment guidance:
   A. Slating: The AO will always use reference (A) when selecting members
   for transfer during the assignment slating process. Sea duty candidates
   will be identified and sent correspondence prior the posting of the AY21
   official shopping list.  These individuals will be expected, and are
   highly encouraged, to submit realistic e-resumes that align with the
   afloat candidate correspondence.
   B. Command Endorsements: It is imperative that each member works with
   their command to ensure they meet the specific requirements for positions
   that require an endorsement and that an appropriate endorsement is
   included with each e-Resume submission. Failure to include an
   appropriate endorsement where required will prohibit a member from
   earning positions. Refer to reference (A) for additional guidance on
   C. Fleet-Ups and Extensions: Commands should communicate fleet-up
   opportunities and extension endorsements through their command concerns.
   The AO will maximize fleet-up opportunities and approved extensions where
   available on a case by case bases in accordance with reference (A) for
   members in non-command cadre positions. Once a position has been shopped
   on the official shopping list, members will be required to compete for an
   extension and shall submit a command endorsed e-Resume according to the
   timeline below.
   D. The Unofficial Shopping List is a snap shot of expected vacancies
   posted in DA and its intended purpose is for commands to view and
   validate position vacancies. Members eligible for rotation should in no
   way assume it as official or submit e-Resumes during its release. Members
   are encouraged to use it for research purposes only.
   E. AO’s are prohibited from assigning members in anticipation of billet
   reprogramming. Direct Access (DA) is the primary tool for AO’s to
   advertise open or newly established positions. Vacant positions may also
   be found at reference (B) where appropriate.
6. Engineering Petty Officer submission guidance and screening process will
be advertised in a separate correspondence message.
7. PATFORSWA AY21 solicitation will be advertised in a separate
correspondence message however, general information and assignment criteria
can be found at reference (C).
8. Advancement: Members and commands are reminded that as outlined in
reference (A), members will submit an e-Resume within 30 days of their name
appearing above the SWE initial or revised advancement cuts. Commands must
be prepared for members to be reassigned to fill any authorized position at
the next higher paygrade.
9. EM AY21 Timeline:
   01 May - 01 Aug 2020: Members contact AO for career counseling.
   17 Jul 2020: Panel submission due for EPO screening
   30 Aug 2020: EPO screening results released
   01 Sep 2020: Command Concerns due
   09 Sep – 25 Sep 2020: Unofficial shopping list published
   27 Sep 2020: Official shopping list published.
   01 Oct 2020: e-Resume due for EPO Afloat positions.
   06 Oct 2020: Predicted PATFORSWA e-Resume deadline (PATFORSWA solicitation
   will update this deadline).
   26 Oct 2020: EPO orders issued
   03 Nov 2020: e-Resumes due for all general duty Afloat and Ashore positions
   31 Mar 2021: All AY21 orders issued.
10. EM AO: CWO4 Travis Lovvorn, or (202) 795-6592.
    After 14 Jul 2020, CWO2 Samuel Reid,
11. Released by: LT R. Kent.
12. Internet release authorized.