united states coast guard

R  20 MAY 20

ALCGPSC 061/20
M1500.10 (SERIES)
M1000.3 (SERIES)
1. This message announces postgraduate and advanced education 
(PG/Adv Ed) opportunities offered by the Coast Guard to qualified 
officers and select enlisted members. It clarifies the PG/Adv Ed 
application procedures outlined in Ref A. Where the application 
process guidance in this message conflicts with Ref A, guidance 
herein and in Ref B takes precedence. These procedures also 
govern enlisted members applying to the Physician Assistant and 
Juris Doctorate programs. PG/Adv Ed Student Managers will release 
their solicitation messages no later than 27 May 2020. 
Solicitation messages for specific programs will be posted on the 
PSC (opm-1) portal page (see link in paragraph 20) as they are 
released. Separate guidance will be released via message 
regarding Senior Education and Fellowship Panels.
2. In order to maintain fairness to all applicants in this highly 
competitive process, the published requirements and deadlines are 
enforced. Applicants bear the responsibility for ensuring their 
application is submitted on time, complete, and in compliance 
with applicable instructions and requirements. Applicants are 
responsible for working with their command, SPO, Education and 
Training Quota Management Command, and PSC Records Branch 
(BOPS-MR) to correct any record errors or omissions. Applicants 
who fail to meet the established requirements will not be 
considered by the selection panels.
3. Eligibility requirements:
a. Must be an ADPL officer. Drilling Reservists and 
officers/enlisted members recalled to active duty under Title 10 
or ADOS are not eligible to apply.
b. Tour complete in AY21. Officers who are not tour complete, 
including those who are in zone for promotion and may transfer 
due to promotion, are required to submit a tour completion waiver 
if their rotation date is not in AY21. Waiver submission 
guidelines are in Ref B.
c. Unless otherwise stated, must have a minimum of two years 
commissioned Coast Guard service at the time of enrollment in 
the AY21 academic program.
d. Must receive a positive command endorsement.
e. Not currently enrolled in a PG/Adv Ed program or currently 
serving in a utilization tour following completion of a PG/Adv Ed 
f. Those members who have attended full-time Coast Guard funded 
PG/Adv Ed programs will not normally be selected for additional 
programs. However, there are exceptions that will be evaluated on 
a case by case basis.
g. Must have a conferred baccalaureate degree at the time of their 
My Panel Submission. The only exceptions to this requirement are 
those members applying to: Advanced Computer, Engineering and 
Technology (ACET), Aviation Engineering Officer Training (AEO), 
Naval Engineering Technology (NET), and Physician Assistant (IPAP) 
programs. Applicants to these programs should consult the 
respective program solicitation message for specific academic 
h. Officers who are not selected for promotion during the PG/Adv 
Ed panel season will be disqualified.
i. Officers who submit retirement or resignation requests will be 
withdrawn from further consideration and removed from any PG/Adv 
Ed programs for which they were selected.
j. Any member recalled from retirement is not eligible to apply 
for PG/Adv Ed opportunities.
k. Permanent and Provisional Reserve Program Administrators (RPAs) 
are only eligible to apply for the Reserve Resources Management 
l. Chief Warrant Officers are only eligible to apply for the 
Advanced Computer, Engineering and Technology (ACET), and Naval 
Engineering Technology (NET) programs. 
4. Ref B is the primary source for information in properly 
completing the application process in Direct Access. Do not use 
"PSC E-Resumes" link when applying to PG/Adv Ed programs, instead 
use "My Panel Submission" link. The Process Guide (Ref B) 
contains several checklists and amplifying guidance to complete 
the application and command endorsement portion correctly. 
Applicants, units, and SPOs should use this guide and its 
checklists to ensure eligibility requirements are met.
5. Selection panels are guided by the panel precept and base their 
decisions on information in official records and applications. 
Panels will see the following for each applicant:
a. EI-PDR (note: all service entries, whether enlisted or officer, 
will be viewed).
b. Applicant's My Panel Submission: PG/Adv Ed choices in 
preference order and member Comments.
c. Command endorsement comments.
d. Education and test data from Direct Access.
e. Tour completion date and assignment history.
f. Employee Summary Sheet (ESS) - Panel View.
g. Letters of recommendation are required for the Physician 
Assistant, Olmsted and Dental residency programs only. Letters of 
recommendation will not be considered for applicants to any other 
h. Some programs require standardized test scores. Program 
solicitation messages will explicitly state whether standardized 
test scores are required for selection. Standardized test scores 
should be submitted in accordance with Ref B. NOTE: Standardized 
test scores are not authorized to be entered into the EI-PDR. All 
AY21 applicants must submit a pdf copy of standardized test 
scores, if required by the program, to the submission inbox listed 
in paragraph 19, regardless if the scores were previously entered 
into the member’s EI-PDR.
i. OPM-1 recognizes this year poses unique challenges for members 
interested in competing for post-graduate education opportunities. 
In order to maximize applicant pools, members will not be 
disqualified from selection if standardized test scores are 
required but not present in a member’s record. If you have not 
had an opportunity to complete a standardized test due to the 
virus pandemic, you are still eligible for competition. Applicants 
are expected to schedule and complete a test as soon as possible. 
If selected, attendance to a school’s program will be contingent 
upon you demonstrating minimum test score requirements when you 
are able to test. This will be managed with your individual 
student manager on a case by case basis. 
j. Separate communications to the panel, other than your My-Panel 
submission comments, are not permitted.
6. Prospective applicants should act now to ensure their EI-PDR 
is complete (e.g., OERs, CG-4082, and academic transcripts). 
Officers applying for PG/Adv Ed programs should not delay their 
regular annual/semiannual OER submissions. 
7. Officers are encouraged to review their Employee Summary Sheet. 
The ESS provides a consolidated view of their information as it 
appears in Direct Access. This serves as a means for every Coast 
Guard member to review his/her personal data and to ensure the 
information in Direct Access is updated and accurate.
8. In recent years, the Service has implemented workforce 
management tools to improve pilot availability and retention 
including Aviation Career Continuation Pay (ACCP) and limiting 
Aviator participation in advanced education. These initiatives 
have helped increase retention of aviators in operational 
assignments. In order to ensure the Service can meet its aviation 
mission requirements, in AY21 there will again be restrictions on 
aviator eligibility for postgraduate and advanced education 
participation. These restrictions will be the same as AY20’s. This 
decision will help balance the professional growth opportunities 
for aviators and the need for qualified aviators in our cockpits. 
Aviators may apply to the following programs: 
a. Academy Company Officer Leadership Studies
b. Academy Instructor
c. Acquisition Systems
d. Advanced JPME
e. Aeronautical Engineering – STEM MBA 
f. Aeronautical Engineering – Structures
g. Aeronautical Engineering – Avionics/Project Management
h. Aviation Safety Systems
i. Aviation Engineering Officer Training
j. Flight Safety Officer 
k. Financial Management
l. International Affairs 
m. Olmsted Scholarship Program
n. Operations Research
o. Organizational Leadership
p. Performance Technology
q. Public Administration
r. Public Affairs
s. Air War College (Command & Staff)
t. Army War College (Command & General Staff)
u. Marine Corps War College (Command & Staff)
v. Naval War College (Command & Staff)
w. Systems Engineering
x. Human Systems Integration
The AY21 Postgraduate and Advanced Education general precept will 
provide direction to limit non-aviation postgraduate panels to 
select no more than 3 total Aviators as either primary or 
alternate candidates if found best-qualified for selection. 
The limits and restrictions to aviator eligibility for 
postgraduate and advanced education participation will be 
evaluated on an annual basis and will be adjusted as the needs of 
the Service dictate. 
Aviators should carefully examine Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) 
gates and upcoming assignment windows when considering application 
for any of the aforementioned programs. Follow-on tours within 
each field of educational study will not be deferred. Aviators 
completing their first operational tour should expect to remain 
in an operational assignment for a second consecutive tour. 
Questions regarding aviation career decisions should be referred 
to the Aviation Assignment Officers.
9. Specific guidance for Reserve officers: Reserve officers on 
Extended Active Duty (EAD), as defined in Ch. 1.B of Ref C, may 
apply for PG/Adv Ed opportunities. Selected members must sign a 
new EAD contract prior to enrollment. The new contract will 
include existing obligated service as well as obligated service 
incurred upon completion of the PG/Adv Ed program. These periods 
of obligated service do not run concurrently. Enlisted members on 
EAD may apply for the IPAP program and, if selected, must sign an 
active duty agreement extending through the required obligated 
service. Only officers on the ADPL are eligible to apply for 
PG/Adv Ed opportunities. Officers and enlisted members recalled 
to active duty under Title 10, ADOS, or drilling reservists are 
not authorized to apply. Permanent and provisional Reserve Program 
Administrators (RPAs) are only eligible to apply for the Reserve 
Resources Management program. Specific guidance for RPAs will be 
published in that program's solicitation message.
10. Specific guidance for PHS officers: PHS officers may only apply 
for the Dental residency and Public Health programs when offered. 
PHS officers may apply to other health-related programs (e.g., 
Health Care Administration) on a case-by-case basis using PHS-only 
tabs. PHS officers will incur the same obligated service 
commitment for PG/Adv Ed attendance as regular officers. Questions 
regarding these issues should be referred to the respective 
Headquarters program manager.
11. In accordance with Ref A, PG/Adv Ed school graduates incur 
obligated service and should expect to go immediately to program 
related staff assignments. See Refs A and B for further information 
on obligated service and delayed enrollment.
12. Applicants are encouraged to consider their application and 
selection to PG/Adv Ed in the context of their overall career 
strategy. Timing of PG/Adv Ed attendance can be critical as the 
education and follow-on assignment period together may total up to 
seven years. 
13. Members selected during the AY21 PG/Adv Ed season will be 
assigned to Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) in 2021.
14. Primary and alternate selections will be announced via msg 
after the PG/Adv Ed panel adjourns and the results are approved.
15. Commandant’s Guidance to PY21 Officer Selection Boards and 
Panels will be made available on the PSC (opm-1) PG/Adv Ed Portal 
page listed in paragraph 20 below. All members are encouraged to 
review this Guidance.
16. The PG/Adv Ed panel schedule and generic precept will be 
available prior to selection panel convening dates on the PSC 
(opm-1) PG/Adv Ed Portal page listed in paragraph 20 below.
17. Deadlines: 
a. Application/My Panel Submission for all PG/Adv Ed programs on 
12 June 2020. The following must be received by this deadline:
1) My Panel Submission including a Command written endorsement 
marked final.
2) Waiver requests for eligibility requirements.
b. The following must be completed 10 days prior to the convening 
date of the panel for which programs you applied:
1) Test scores correctly entered in Direct Access.
2) Test scores sent to CG PSC (opm-1). If unable to send due to 
issues mentioned in 5.i., please ensure you schedule and complete 
a test as soon as possible.
3) Completed degree information and corresponding GPA correctly 
entered in Direct Access. See the Process Guide for detailed 
18. For field validation purposes, CG PSC (opm-1) will post the 
list of applicants for each program on their portal page the week 
following the application deadline of 12 June 2020. This roster 
signifies that your Direct Access application was successfully 
received but does not confirm an accurate and correct submission 
or application package. It remains the member’s responsibility to 
ensure accurate application packages are received by opm-1. Please 
refer to the guidance in Ref B for verification purposes prior to 
this deadline.
19. POCs:
a. PG/Adv Ed Questions/Submission inbox:
b. PG/Adv Ed Coordinator: LT Justin Nease 
(LT Anna Ruth as of 17 July 20), 202-795-6441.
c. PG/Adv Ed Admin Support: YN3 Nel Bruno Felix, 202-795-6439.
d. OER Questions: Email PSC (opm-3) via
20. Web Sites:
a. CG PSC (opm-1) Portal Postgraduate/Advanced Education (PG/Adv Ed)
b. CG PSC (BOPS-MR) EI-PDR information 
(formerly PSD-MR, records branch):
c. CG PSC (opm-3) OER information:
d. CG PSC (opm-4) Career Management:
e. CG PPC guide to Direct Access:
f. Employee Summary Sheet:
21. CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center, 
22. Internet release is authorized.