united states coast guard

20 MAY 20

ALCGENL 083/20
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. All members are highly encouraged to pursue at least one Special Assignment
during their career. These career broadening assignments provide members
valuable opportunities to represent their ratings, network, and learn about
other operational and mission support activities, making them ideal candidates
for future assignments to highly visible leadership and management positions
(e.g. Silver Badge, OIC, School Chief).
2. This message solicits candidates and outlines the application process for
members interested in EOA duty for AY20.
3. The EOA is the field-level expert for military and civilian personnel for
civil rights services. The EOA provides guidance to Commanding Officers,
Officers in Charge, and all CG members on civil rights policies. The EOA main
functions are: to counsel CG members, conduct limited inquiries into complaints
of discrimination, and provide training to the CG workforce. The EOA receives
extensive training to provide CG members with statutory and CG policy required
services. EOA's also assist with special observances, Partnership in Education
Programs, and other special emphasis programs.
4. Eligibility:
a. Tour complete in AY21 or AY22.
b. All active duty E7 members (not above the cut for E8).
c. Meets the requirements listed in reference (A), CH 1.E.2 and 1.E.16.
5. Process/timeline:
a. NLT 15 JUL 2020: Standard applications are emailed to EPM-2 at
b. OOA 16 - 24 JUL 2020: EOA Program interviews applicants.
c. OOA 31 JUL 2020: Selection results are released via email.
d. The expected report date is 01 JUL 2021.
6. Standard Applications: Members and Commands should pay close attention to the
requirements listed in the standard application found at reference (B).
Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will be returned. Deadline
extensions will not be granted to correct errors.
7. The Special Assignments Officer will coordinate the release from rating process.
Applicants should not contact their detailer asking if they can be released
from rate.
8. Points of contact:
a. Program: Mr. James Ellison (202) 372-4595 or 
b. Special Assignments: CWO3 Jamie Baldueza, (202) 795-6587 or
9. Released by: LT William Stewart, (202) 795-6584.
10. Internet release authorized.