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R 15 MAY 20

ALCGENL 080/20
B. Performance, Training, and Education Manual M1500.10 (series)
C. Active Duty Enlisted Postgraduate and Advanced Education Process
Guide for Assignment Year 2021
1. This message announces the application process for Postgraduate and Advanced
Education (PG/Adv Ed) programs offered by the Coast Guard to qualified enlisted
members IAW Ref A. 
2. In order to maintain fairness to all applicants in this highly competitive process,
the published requirements and deadlines will be rigorously enforced. Applicants bear
the responsibility for ensuring their application is submitted on time, complete, and
in compliance with applicable instructions and requirements. Applicants are responsible
for working with their command, unit Personnel and Administration (P&A) Yeoman, servicing
SPO, and CG PSC-BOPS-MR to correct any record errors or omissions. Applicants who fail to
meet the established requirements will not be considered by the selection Panels.
3. Minimum Eligibility Requirements.
   a. Members who are tour complete in 2021 or 2022 are eligible to apply. Members who believe
they may be transferring early due to advancement should contact their respective
assignment officer. Only members who have a 2021 or 2022 rotation date in Direct Access
prior to the Panel convening will be eligible.
   b. Members who are currently enrolled in or who have already attended a CG sponsored
PG/Adv Ed program are not eligible to apply.
   c. Targeted pay grade ranges for specific PG/Adv Ed will be identified in the
respective program solicitation message.
   d. Additional requirements may be set forth in the respective program solicitation
   e. Members recalled to active duty under Title 10, ADOS, or drilling reservists
are not eligible to apply.
4. Selection Panels are guided by the Panel precept and base decisions on information in
official personnel records. Panels will see the following information for each applicant:
   a. CG PSC EI-PDR;
   b. Applicant's My Panel Submission and comments;
   c. Command endorsement/comments;
   d. Official education and standardized test data from Direct Access;
   e. Employee Summary Sheet (ESS);
   f. Tour completion date and assignment history data.
Separate communications to the Panel other than E-Panel submission are not permitted,
including letters of recommendation.
5. PSC EI-PDR review. Applicants should ensure their EI-PDR is complete and accurate
(e.g. CG-4082, CG-3307s, awards, and academic transcripts). Members can request a copy of
their official record by submitting a digitally signed e-mail to
6. Waivers. Applicants who do not meet all of the eligibility requirements must submit
a waiver request in the form of a Coast Guard memorandum using template provided on
the PSC-EPM-1 portal page.  See Ref C for further information.
7. ESS review. Members are also encouraged to review their ESS in CGBI. The ESS provides
a consolidated view of their information as it appears in Direct Access. This serves as a means
for every Coast Guard member to review their personal data and to ensure the information
in Direct Access is updated and accurate.
8. Obligated Service. IAW with Ref B, PG/Adv Ed school graduates incur obligated service and
should expect to go immediately to program related assignments. See Refs B and C for
further information on obligated service and delayed enrollment.
9. Assignment. Members selected during the AY21 PG/Adv Ed season will be assigned to
Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) in 2021.
10. Results. Primary and alternate selections will be announced via ALCGENL message
after the PG/Adv Ed Panel is concluded.
11. Applications. Ref C outlines the application process and is available on the
CG PSC-EPM-1 Panel website:  Do not use the
“PCS e-Resumes” link when applying to PG/Adv Ed programs, instead use the “My Panel”
submission link in Direct Access.
12. Deadline. E-Panel submission for all PG/Adv Ed programs is 10 July 2020. The
following must be received by this deadline:
   a. E-Panel submission. Comments should discuss why applicants are interested in the
program. Program solicitation messages may detail specific topics to discuss.
   b. Command endorsement marked final. Program solicitation messages may detail
specific topics to discuss.
   c. Waiver submission, if applicable
   d. Test scores: Most programs require recent standardized test scores to compete
for selection. Applicants must proactively schedule testing to ensure that final results
are submitted prior to panel convening dates. Standardized test are valid up to 5 years.
Contact your unit ESO for details.
   e. Completed degree, if applicable. (Note: the guidelines are set forth by ETQC for
updating education in your record IAW with Ref C).
   f. The Record of Professional Development (CG-4082) may be added to a member’s EI-PDR
and is an extremely helpful tool for communicating accomplishments and an incomplete
degree to a Panel. This form should not be used to capture routine Military Training
that is included on a member’s ESS.
13. Application Receipt. PSC-EPM-1 will post a spreadsheet on the PSC-EPM-1 CG Portal
at after the deadline listing members that successfully
applied by the application deadline of 10 July 2020. All applicants are encouraged to
verify their name appears on the correct roster. The roster is not an indication of
waiver status determination, nor does it reflect the member has satisfied the minimum
eligibility requirements as outlined in Ref B or specific program requirements.
If members believe they submitted an application, but do not appear on the
spreadsheet they should contact PSC-EPM-1 immediately.
14. POCs.
a. PG/Adv Ed Coordinator: LT Michelle Rice, 202-795-6594.
b. PG/Adv Ed Manager: Ms. Ada Harris, 202-795-6563.
15. Questions.  Email PSC-EPM-1 via
Ensure the PG/Adv Ed program is in the subject line.
16. Useful Websites.
  a. CG PSC-BOPS EI-PDR information:
  b. CG PPC guide to Direct Access:
  c. Active Duty Enlisted Postgraduate and Advanced Education Process Guide
for Assignment Year 2021:
17. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division,
CG Personnel Service Center, sends.
18. Internet release authorized.