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R 12 MAY 20

ALCGPSC 055/20 SUBJ: GOVERNMENT TRAVEL CHARGE CARD (GTCC) PROGRAM: COVID-19 ISOLATION PERIOD GUIDANCE A. Government Travel Charge Card Program Policies and Procedures, COMDTINST M4600.18 (SERIES) B. ALCOAST 160/20 COVID-19 IMPACTED ASSIGNMENT YEAR 20 (AY20): PCS AND HHG SHIPMENTS – SITREP 4 1. Effective immediately, the policy in reference (a) restricting GTCC use for PCS travel exceeding 15 days is waived for members directed to an isolation or quarantine period before arriving at their new unit. Recognizing the unique challenges during this PCS season noted in reference (b), this waiver is an effort to help minimize financial burden experienced when directed into an isolation period by allowing hotel room and other reimbursable expenses to be charged to the GTCC when authorized on travel orders or a travel order amendment. 2. Prohibitions that remain in effect and cannot be waived: a. Use of the travel card is not authorized for dependent travel expenses. This includes an additional hotel room and meals for family members. b. Travel card is prohibited for any expense that is not reimbursable as an official travel expense IAW the JTR/FTR. This includes in-room movies and other guest services. c. The travel card shall not be used while in a leave status. 3. This policy waiver only applies to isolation orders. Travel managers shall ensure credit limits are set appropriately to cover expected expenses of the isolation period. 4. Travelers are reminded to promptly complete a travel claim within three business days of travel completion in order to receive reimbursement in time for payment of GTCC bill. Payment in full is required regardless of reimbursement. When the GTCC is used, cardholders are strongly encouraged to utilize split disbursement when completing their travel claim. This will allow the designated amount to automatically apply directly to the GTCC balance. Any balance that is not completely liquidated by using split disbursement remains the responsibility of the member to pay within the prescribed timeline listed in the bank statement. 5. Travelers and Commands are encouraged to review the GTCC website for GTCC policy, job aids, and restrictions regarding the GTCC usage. 6. All other questions should be directed as follows: a. Cardholders shall direct GTCC questions to their unit GTCC Travel Manager. Members can determine who their supporting Travel Managers are under the contacts page at b. GTCC Travel Managers: direct questions to Ms. Carlene Curry at 703-258- 5996,, or Mr. Michael Duchossois at 703-254-7175, 7. Released: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our People. 8. Internet release is authorized.