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R 111042 MAY 20
ALCOAST 168/20
A. Schedule of Cut-Off Dates by the Chiefs of Contracting Offices
B. Procurement Request Package Cut-Off Date Waiver Memorandum Template
1. This ALCOAST notifies all Coast Guard personnel of the PR package submission
cut-off dates for ALL FY 2020 requirements (enterprise-wide). REF (A) lists
cut-off dates by COCO and procurement type. Individual COCOs may provide
clarifying information.
2. All PR packages requiring FY-20 award must be submitted to the designated
procurement professional through the appropriate electronic inbox (CIMS, FPD,
AMMIS, NESSS or FLS) or other COCO specific procedures as soon as possible, but
no later than the deadlines in REF (A). These deadlines balance mission
execution with responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Additional
constraints on year-end execution brought on by the COVID-19 national emergency
will be encountered. In coordination with COMDT (CG-8), submission and
execution of FY-20 requirements will be closely monitored, and reprioritization
of funds may be required for execution against predesignated vehicles if spend
down rates continue to lag. Requirements owners and procurement professionals
are advised that procurement actions should not be delayed! Successful
procurements require a whole of CG approach now more than ever to ensure success.
3. Requirements owners are reminded that all PR package submissions must be
“actionable” without significant rework. Requirements owners are encouraged to
contact their cognizant storekeeper, contract specialist, contracting officer,
Deputy COCO, or COCO if there are any questions about what constitutes an
actionable PR package.
4. For planning purposes, a list of standardized Coast Guard-wide Procurement
Administrative Lead Times (PALT) were derived in May 2015, and may be used for
guidance. These PALT times are averages based on specific procurement types and
are considered to begin once a completed PR package is accepted by the Contracting
Officer. Please note that standardized times are currently being revised due to
changes in statutory thresholds. Actual PALTs for specific procurements will be
developed in collaboration with the procurement professional and the requirements
owner/program partner.
5. The six Coast Guard COCOs and Deputy COCOs and their respective areas of
responsibility are listed in the table on the final document on the ARM.
It is expected that most requirements owners know who the COCO and deputy COCO
are for their respective area. If this is not the case, please email
6. The procurement and contracting offices will make every effort to process all
complete PR packages submitted on or before the deadlines in REF (A) unless there
is insufficient time to do so. For example, a negotiated competitive, non-commercial
procurement greater than $500K could take four months from receipt of a complete
PR package to award, and the dates in the REF (A) do not provide sufficient time
for high value and complex actions. Therefore, actionable PR packages must be
submitted as soon as possible to drive award before the end of the FY or the
deadline set by the CFO or Command for obligating funds, whichever comes first.
Interagency Acquisition (IA) PR Packages are also subject to cut-off dates from
the servicing agency, which may differ from those in REF (A). For example, Defense
Logistics Agency (DLA) cut-off dates for the Multifunction Device (MFD) Program
are earlier.
7. PR packages submitted after REF (A) deadlines will be rejected unless they
a) receive waiver approval using the REF (B) waiver request template or b) they
are for a MILSTRIP, food, or fuel. For waivers, the Requiring Office Chief or
equivalent must endorse them and submit to the COCO or Deputy COCO for approval
prior to PR package submission. After the cut-off dates established in REF (A),
procurement offices will continue to process requests with approved waivers as
workload management allows, but there is no service guarantee. In addition, for
COMDT (CG-912) and COMDT (CG-914) customers, requirements that were not included
in the Procurement Planning Conferences (PPC) process (see HCA-GM 91.8-0
Procurement Planning Conferences) will be prioritized second to requirements
included in the PPC process and currently being worked.
8. REFs (A) and (B) and additional guidance can be found on COMDT (CG-91)'s
CGPortal page for the Acquisition Road Map (ARM) at:
9. POC for this ALCOAST is Mr. Gustavo Martir, COMDT (CG-9132) at (202) 475-3787
10. Mr. Michael Derrios, Senior Procurement Executive & Head of Contracting
Activity (HCA), sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.