united states coast guard

05 MAY 20

ALCGENL 073/20
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST 1000.8A
B. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST
1. EPM-2 is commencing the Engineer Petty Officer (EPO) screening process
for Assignment Year 2021 (AY21). The goal of the EPO screening process is
to develop a robust pool of candidates that have the qualifications and
command endorsement requisite for afloat and/or ashore EPO assignment, as
per section 1.C.7 of reference A prior to the assignment season.
2. Potential Applicants:
   a. All AY21 tour complete MKs who are interested in assignment to MK2
   through MKCM EPO positions in AY21. Even if you have successfully
   screened in the past or are a sitting EPO, you must rescreen for AY21.
   b. Personnel who are advanced off of any currently active
   service wide advancement list (SWE)
   may also apply. Please keep in mind, in accordance with section 1.C.3 of
   reference A, personnel should not compete for advancement unless they
   are prepared to be transferred. Members who become above a SWE cut in
   AY21 or are in a paygrade billet mismatch or double encumbered position
   shall consider themselves tour complete AY21.
   c. MK2 applicants may only screen for EPO ashore as there are no afloat
   EPO positions for E-5s.
3. Application procedures:
   a. In AY21, EPO screening requests must be entered using the "My Panel
   Submissions" link under Task in Direct Access (DA).
   b. A detailed guide for the EPO Screening application process can be
   found at reference C under the EPO library.
   c. Guides for submitting and checking Command endorsements can be
   found at reference C under the EPO library. 
   d. The EPO screening panel will open on 15 May 2020 and all members
   desiring to screen must submit a request no later than 17 July 2020
   that includes a command endorsement. No late submissions or waivers will be
   accepted after the closing of the panel submission date.
   Commands and members are encouraged to reach out to their perspective AO
   prior to the due date if there are complications (i.e. operational
   commitments), submitting the e-Resume and or command endorsement into DA.
   Waiver request will not be granted after the due date.
4. Interested members are reminded that eligibility for an EPO position
is conducted by a screening panel and not a board. To better align
expectations and allow members to compete successfully, interested
applicants need to follow all instructions in this message and ensure
that they meet the selection criteria outlined in paragraph 5 below.
5. Criteria: The following information will be screened in accordance
with section 1.C.7.b of reference A.
   a. Candidates with an unsatisfactory in conduct after 17 July 2016
   will be disqualified.
   b. Candidates with a record of civil arrest, court-martial, non-
   judicial punishment (NJP), alcoholism, drug misuse, indebtedness, etc.,
   after 17 July 2016 will be disqualified.
   c. Candidates may have no physical impairments that preclude world-
   wide assignment.
   d. Candidates must comply with the weight standards contained in
   reference B.
6. Command Endorsement:
EPM-2 consistently receives applications lacking complete command
endorsements or their endorsements did not meet the specific requirements
of section 1.C.7.c paragraph 2 of reference A. AO’s will not reach out to
Commands to get appropriate endorsements as this is the overall
responsibility of the member and command. To promote a fair and balanced
competition for applicants, Commands must ensure that their endorsement
addresses all the categories listed below, bullet form is preferred.
The DA panel submission must be used for endorsements, any
other submission media (i.e. email) may be considered on a case by
case basis prior to the deadline submission.
There is an EPO endorsement template at reference C under the EPO
library that commands are strongly recommended to utilize in drafting
appropriate endorsements. The requirements from reference A are listed below
and must be specifically addressed in the command endorsement:
   a. Leadership required for independent duty
   b. Technical competence required for job
   c. Maturity
   d. Dedication
   e. Professionalism
   f. Military bearing and appearance
   g. Adherence to the Commandant's weight standards
7. Screening Panel Results: Screening panel results will be announced no
later than 31 August 2020. A message will direct members to reference C for
a complete listing of members who successfully screened for EPO afloat and/
or ashore.
8. E-Resume Guidance: All members who successfully screen for and desire an
EPO position shall submit an EPO only e-Resume, listing all desired EPO
positions no later than 01 October 2020. EPO e-Resumes do not need command
endorsements as the member should only be submitting if successfully
screened. All EPO orders will be issued by 26 October 2020. Members that
screened successfully but did not earn an EPO position must re-submit a new
general duty e-Resume in accordance with reference D.
9. EPO Assignment Process: EPO assignments will be slated ahead of all other
general duty assignments in AY21 in order to optimize pipeline training
opportunities for future EPOs. AOs will slate all open MK2 through MKCM EPO
positions using the criteria set forth in section 1.C.7.d of reference A:
   a. Demonstrated leadership and performance
   b. Command endorsement
   c. Previous qualifications
   d. Career experience
   e. Personal preference
The above standard is used to select the best qualified candidates for EPO
positions. Successful screening does NOT guarantee assignment, extension, or
fleet-up to an EPO position. If a screened EPO candidate does not receive an
EPO position from their e-Resume, they will have the opportunity to apply for
additional EPO positions at a later time. AOs will critical fill or release
additional solicitations for any EPO positions that become vacant.
After all EPO assignments are completed, AO's will begin slating general
duty positions in accordance with reference D.
10. For additional information, FAQ’s and guidance, refer to EPO library
under reference C, or contact your AO.
   a. CWO Grant A. Boyette: D5, PATFORSWA and MKA School (202) 795-6602.
   b. CWO Larry Clements: D8 and D9(202) 795-6597. (MKCS Michael Gill after Aug 15)
   c. CWO Matthew Thornton: D1, D7 (202) 795-6598. (CWO Larry Clements after June 15)
   d. CWO Kurtis Yoder: D11, D13, D14 and D17 (202) 795-6589
11. Released by: CAPT S. Matadobra.
12. Internet release authorized.