ALCGRSV 014/20 - CG PSC-RPM Capability and Processing

united states coast guard

24 MAR 20

UNCLAS //N01430//
ALCGRSV 014/20
SUBJ:  CG PSC-RPM Capability and Processing
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. CG PSC-RPM is operating normally during the COVID-19 constraints.
2. In order to sustain the CG Selected Reserve (SELRES), RPM will be Reserve Component Change (RCC) submission approvals. 
a. Voluntary RCC submissions requesting a component change from the SELRES
will be held in abeyance (examples are IRR, ASL, ISL and RET2 requests). 
b. Voluntary RCC requests transitioning back into the SELRES will be 
expedited provided requirements are met IAW Ref A. 
c. RCC submissions due to an involuntary action from a selection or retention board will be processed as normal; examples are involuntary retirements or separations, or mandatory retirements due to max age or time in service.
3. Promotion Year 2020 schedule is subject to change, additional guidance will follow if a board or panel schedule is impacted.
4. Assignment Year 2020 schedule remains unchanged at this time.
5. CG PSC-RPM staff is monitoring Shared Mail Boxes (SMBs) and responding to inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.   
6. For urgent matters, please contact the appropriate section or branch chief listed on the CG PSC-RPM Portal or Internet:
CG PSC-RPM Portal: CG PSC-RPM Internet:
7. CAPT M. W. Batchelder, CG-PSC-RPM, sends.
8. Internet release authorized.