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R 19 MAR 20

ALCGENL 042/20
A. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 28 JUN 2019 (May19 SWE Adv Eligibility List)
B. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 3 JUL 2019 (Musician Adv Eligibility List for E-7
through E-9)
C. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)
1. Advancement cuts are based on forecasted losses and position reductions
during a specific period of eligibility and are designed primarily for
assignment officer planning purposes. As new data impacting the enlisted
workforce becomes available, the need to revise these cut numbers will be
examined and published quarterly.
2. The information below provides the cutoff number (ADV sequence) and the
name of the member at the cutoff position for the respective rate from Refs A
and B with exception of BM2 which uses the Supplemental List.
Exam   ADV  Name                     Exam   ADV  Name
Rate   Seq.                          Rate   Seq.
AETCM   1   Veronica Fields          AMTCM   2   Eric Monti
AETCS  13   Earl Mcclelland          AMTCS   8   Gustavo Albaladejo
AETC   23   Spencer Stevenson        AMTC   33   Jason Merry
AET1   23   Robert Barnette          AMT1   35   Matthew Showman
AET2   69   Kalin Colon              AMT2   98   Chadwick Pfortmiller
ASTCM   0                            BMCM   11   Michael Winiarski
ASTCS   1   George Lockamy           BMCS   54   Malia Chasteen
ASTC    8   Micah Franklin           BMC   165   Justin Reidy
AST1    9   Christopher Fisher       BM1   158   Kyle Vaders 
AST2   21   Colton Campbell          BM2    SL   Joseph Guajardo
CSCM    0                            DCCM    2   Curtis Hoyt
CSCS   11   Christopher Thornton     DCCS    6   Adam Versluis
CSC    26   Russell Regney           DCC    20   John Miller
CS1    23   Bryan Alejandro          DC1    11   Joseph Perkins
CS2    78   Emmanuel Valle           DC2    31   Nicholas Bryant
DVCM    0                            EMCM    0  
DVCS    0                            EMCS    6   Jason Sardinas
DVC     2   Kyle Mellon              EMC    33   Christopher Bennett
DV1     3   Daniel Darder            EM1    27   Daniel Cotter
                                     EM2    64   Ivan Calvente Galindez
ETCM    5   David Fantley            GMCM    1   Laurie Kennedy
ETCS   14   Mitchell Miller          GMCS    3   Chad Bowie
ETC    32   Jerry Engelman           GMC     7   Christopher Garrison
ET1    35   Markus Good              GM1     9   Dustin Hall
ET2    51   Wesley Chance            GM2    27   Nana Kusi
HSCM    3   Deborah West             ISCM    1   David Mccalister
HSCS    7   Cassandra Brockett       ISCS    1   Michael Vargas
HSC    19   Radoslaw Florczak        ISC    17   Sean Mcmahon
HS1    23   Shelby Zaborowski        IS1    37   Tyler Holtz
HS2    41   John Aikens              IS2         Exhausted 
ITCM    4   Jon Weppler              MECM    0  
ITCS    6   Richard Paauwe           MECS    9   Tony Leingang
ITC    24   Elisa Mercado            MEC    33   Matthew Nolty
IT1    38   Bryson Hawes             ME1    29   Matthew Gandero
IT2    73   Isaiah Hernandez         ME2    37   Jose Barreto
MKCM   12   John Wright              MSTCM   0  
MKCS   57   Brian Dale               MSTCS   4   Isaac Chavalia
MKC   107   James Brady              MSTC   24   Colin Hopkins
MK1    82   Carleton Kleinschrodt    MST1   25   Shannon Young
MK2   160   Dylan Sierpinski         MST2   44   Jamie Sciuva
MUCM    0                            OSCM    2   Lucas Vazquezcruz
MUCS    0                            OSCS   24   Shermar Watkins
MUC     0                            OSC    42   Michael Badami
                                     OS1    37   Eric Guarino
                                     OS2    86   Lancaster Clark
PACM    0                            SKCM    1   David McQuade
PACS    1   Sara Muir                SKCS    5   Pascal Joseph
PAC     0                            SKC    38   April Cannon
PA1     4  David Micallef            SK1    34   Jonathan Hedges
PA2     8  Lauren Dean               SK2    53   Jacob Catlett
YNCM    4   Travis Gray
YNCS   18   Gregory Overall
YNC    36   Ashley Verhagen
YN1    40   Ezekiel Dejesus
YN2    72   Carnisha Toomer
3. All ratings identified in Refs A and B are listed. Original rank order
number may be found at the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site
ns%20Branch.aspx and is subject to change.
4. Advancements to BM2 will be made using the BM2 Supplemental List found at
ns%20Branch.aspx and is subject to change. The name published in this message
is the BM2 cut and all names above it will be advanced.
5. Members who appear at or above the cutoff on a SWE eligibility list are
assured of advancement if they remain eligible. However, these members are
considered not eligible for further SWE competition until they advance off
this SWE eligibility list.  Personnel placing below the cutoffs are highly
encouraged to participate in the upcoming SWE competition provided they
remain eligible to compete.
6. Per Ref C, the Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement is
valid only for a specific competition and must be renewed for each succeeding
competition. The CO's recommendation for advancement must be maintained for
the period from recommendation to advancement. Members failing to maintain
the CO's recommendation for this period shall be invalidated from the SWE(s)
in which they participated. Members who have been invalidated must be
recommended and qualify again through a new SWE competition.
7. Commanding Officers shall ensure basic eligibility and rating specific
advancement requirements are still met per Ref B. When removing members from
the SWE advancement eligibility list(s) due to not meeting these
requirements, the CO shall advise PPC (ADV) by e-mail via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-
PPC with CG PSC as information addressee at CMD-SMB-CG-PSC. Additional
guidance is available at
8. Per Ref C, members newly above the cutoff for E-7 or E-8 must complete the
Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) to be eligible to advance to the next
higher paygrade.  Members will be automatically slated for FY-20 convenings
based on the member’s position on the advancement eligibility list. Members
above the cutoff for E-9 must complete the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course
(SELC) to be eligible to advance to E-9 and must submit an Electronic
Training Request for the course.  COMDT (CG-128) is the Program Manager for
the enlisted leadership continuum and the single point of contact for all
CPOACAD and SELC requests for waivers from advancement policy and deferral of
course attendance.
9. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.