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R 191450 MAR 20
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 093/20
1. Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Society of American Military
Engineers (SAME) Awards for making outstanding contributions to the Coast Guard
(CG) Civil Engineering (CE) Program and advancing the 2017-2021 Shore Infrastructure
Program goals and objectives:
    a. The Cowart Plaque for CE Organizations is awarded to Civil Engineering
Unit (CEU) Providence. CEU Providence completed the first 2-year prioritization of
First District AFC-43 projects at the Regional Planned Obligation Prioritization
Board, meeting GAO Audit identified best practices. CEUP provided training for over
40 EOs, EPOs, and engineering specialists. The Mission Support Product Line, a part
of CEU Providence, launched another phase of its successful Utility Inventory Condition
Assessment and Mapping project, bringing the total number of surveyed sites to 35,
mapping 60% of the CG’s total subsurface utility systems. CEUP designed, contracted,
and managed the installation of 130 residential generators in the Borinquen housing
area. CEU Providence was the first CEU to award all assigned FY17 Hurricane
Supplemental repair projects, totaling over $13M.
    b. The Cowart Plaque for Facility Engineering Organizations is awarded to Base
Portsmouth Facilities Engineering Division (FED). Base Portsmouth provides facility
support to more than 26 tenant commands and detachments. Base Portsmouth is directly
responsible for 364 real property assets with a plant replacement value of $235.3M.
In 2019, Base Portsmouth FED performed 4,652 preventative maintenance tasks,
increasing completion rate by 28%. Base Portsmouth responded to 99% of corrective
maintenance work orders on time. Base Portsmouth FED teamed with SFLC to perform
in-water propeller replacement for CGC HARRIET LANE after HARRIET LANE sustained
significant mission limiting damage at sea. With a forward leaning environmental
posture to quickly address an expected oil spill into the waterway, FED managed the
maintenance procedure and helped the Coast Guard save $400K while expediting HARRIET
LANE’s return to service.
    c. The Oren Medal is awarded to LCDR Tracey Torba at the Shore Infrastructure
Logistics Center. As the enterprise Depot Level Maintenance (DLM)/AFC43 Program
Manager, LCDR Torba provided clear policy and execution guidance in the direct
management of a $210M AFC43 program. She improved processes to reduce cycle time
for CE projects in FY19 by streamlining fiscal controls, standardizing design job
aids, and updating process guides. LCDR Torba led the SILC 2019 Hurricane response
efforts for Hurricane Dorian, Tropical Storm Barry, and Western Rivers flooding,
directly coordinating the efforts of over 500 civil engineering personnel from
across the country.
    d. The Sargent Medal is awarded to CWO Phillip C. Reaves at Base Elizabeth City
and CWO Brandon Scott at CEU Providence. As the Engineering and Management Branch
Team Lead, CWO Reaves astutely managed a $2M Organization Level Maintenance budget.
As a direct result, in CY 2019, the unit increased its average preventative
maintenance completion rate by 26 percent, despite a workload of 10,832 recurring
and non-recurring work orders. CWO Reaves was instrumental in updating/establishing
17 service contracts throughout the BASE with total value of over $900,000. After
reporting to CEU Providence on ADOS orders, CWO Scott was immediately assigned the
$1.74M emergency generator installation project at AIRSTA Borinquen Housing in
response to the devastating 2017 hurricane season. As a CEU Providence
construction project manager, CWO Scott was responsible for 11 projects worth
$13.6M spread across five different project sites.
2. Award presentations will be held at the 2020 SAME Joint Engineer Training
Conference (JETC) in Washington, DC from 27 through 29 May 2020.
3. The Panel received many well deserved nominations for these awards. The Panel
would like to thank the commands who took the time to recognize their personnel
and to especially highlight the following nominees for their hard work and
accomplishments throughout the year.
Oren Medal:
CDR Linnea Dorn COMDT (CG-93)
LCDR Marty Berg (Base LALB)
LCDR Timothy Dolan (Base Portsmouth)
LT John Houk (CEU Miami)
Ms. Pamela Argilan (FDCC)
Mr. David Aydlett (Base Elizabeth City)
Ms. Jennifer Nutt (Base Kodiak)
Sargent Medal:
CWO Jason Kotz (CEU Miami)
CWO Thomas Logan (CEU Juneau)
Mr. Alan Jardine (CEU Oakland)
4. RDML N. A. Moore, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics, sends.
5. Internet release is authorized.