CG Military Members with Retirement Orders

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CG Military Members with Retirement Orders: This is a regular update from CG Military Retiree Services (CG-1335) with information, tools, and resources that will assist in your transition to retirement and life after active duty. 

  • CG Transition Assistance Program (TAP): Please check out TAP website at: The TAP Seminar (TAPS) is mandatory and provides important information/resources that will assist in your transition. See the FY20 TAPS schedule at:
  • PPC Retiree & Annuitant Services: PPC-RAS administers retiree pay & benefits and other important retiree services.  See RAS Home Page at: with other important links.  CG-4700s MUST be sent directly to PPC, NOT to CG Retiree Services (CG-13).  
  • CG Retiree Services Program: Director of Military of Personnel (CG-13) is program director and the Executive Agent for CG National Retiree Council (CGNRC).  The Program Manager (CG-1335), CGNRC, and Regional Retiree Councils (RRCs) have responsibility to help ensure the retiree community is kept informed on changing pay & benefits, policy, and programs; apprise the Commandant on issues of importance to retirees; and promote an active, mutually beneficial relationship between the Active Duty & Retiree communities.    
    • CGNRC Co-Chair Letter to Prospective Retirees:
    • CG Retiree Service Program Website:
    • Long Blue Line (Retiree Newsletter & More): The Long Blue Line is published quarterly by the National CG Museum Association (NCGMA) in partnership with CG-13.  The LBL is a cornerstone of CG retiree services communications.  Check out the Winter 2020 Inaugural Issue at: To ensure you receive the LBL and other important retiree communications, please update your mailing & personal e-mail addresses in DA prior to last day in uniform.  
    • RRCs: You're encouraged to connect with a RRC before retiring.  RRCs can be of help to you and your family in transitioning to your new location and offer a great way to stay connected with the CG and area retirees. A list of RRCs and POCs is accessible in the CG Retiree Services Program Guide at:
    • 2020 CGNRC Meeting: The CGNRC will conduct its annual meeting at CG Headquarters during 28-29 April 2020.  If you'd like to provide any input to the Council, you may e-mail to RADM Hathaway, MCPO Isherwood, the CGNRC Co-Chairs, and Bob Hinds (CG-1335) at:;;

Bob Hinds, MS

Retiree Services Program Manager

USCG Commandant (CG-1335)

Office: 202-475-5451


USCG AVI4 (Ret), Honorary CG MCPO