united states coast guard

04 MAR 20

UNCLAS //N01321//
ALCGPSC 032/20
A. COMCOGARD PSC Washington DC / ALCGRSV 042/19
1. The AY20 Reserve Commander Assignment Panel convened 4 March 2020 per REF A.
The following assignment slate for Reserve Commanders has been approved.
Assignment orders will be issued after the 2 week Retirement-In-Lieu-of-Orders
(RILO) period concludes 18 March 2020 and all final changes are made to the below
slate. Final Panel decisions will be announced via ALCGPSC after the RILO period
ends, with orders taking effect by 1 October 2020.
Unit                              Posn No.    Rank    Selectee
PSU 301 COMMAND STAFF             00045215    CDR     Thomas Adams 
PSU 307 COMMAND STAFF             00047743    CDR     Gregory Rogers
PSU 313 COMMAND STAFF             00050464    CDR     James Fitzgerald
CGRU USNORTHCOM                   00053006    CDR     John Fitzgerald
CGRU USINDOPACOM (XO)             00072034    CDR     Michael Calhoun
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM (XO)        00049122    CDR     Ann Mcspadden
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM             00049795    CDR     Shawn Nesser
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM             00049795    CDR     Patrick Limberg
CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM             00049795    CDR     Benjamin Perman
CGRU USINDOPACOM                  00072035    CDR(s)  James Carmany (FR)
CGRU USINDOPACOM                  00047637    CDR     Todd Boze
CGRU USINDOPACOM                  00043603    CDR(s)  Ian Brosnan (FR)
DDE-LANT-53 CENTCOM TAMPA FL      00070930    CDR(s)  Austin Shutt (FR)
DDE-NMCC PENTAGON WASHINGTON DC   00070953    CDR     John Boller
DDE-NMCC PENTAGON WASHINGTON DC   00070955    CDR(s)  Dana Woodall (FR)
DDE-PENTAGON WASHINGTON DC        00047601    CDR(s)  Brianna Neasham (FR)
DDE-CORIVRON 1                    00052283    CDR(s)  Jason Moritz (FR)
DDE-CORIVGRU 1                    00052160    CDR     Ian Bartonicek
SEC HOU/GAL CMD CADRE             00042790    CDR(s)  James Thach (FR)
SEC LA/LB CMD CADRE               00047501    CDR     Dominik Schmidt 
SEC LAKE MICH CMD CADRE           00048265    CDR(s)  Antonio Valentin (FR)
SEC LOWER MISS CMD CADRE          00044556    CDR(s)  Scott Savela (FR)
SEC MIAMI CMD CADRE               00052458    CDR(s)  Aaron Leatherwood (FR)
SEC N NEW ENG CMD CADRE           00046239    CDR(s)  Mark Stuart (FR)
SEC SE NEW ENG CMD CADRE          00045539    CDR     Michael Mccarthy
SEC NOLA CMD CADRE                00042763    CDR(s)  Elaine Blacharski (FR)
SEC SS MARIE CMD CADRE            00050556    CDR     Thomas Kalisz
SEC ST PETE CMD CADRE             00051172    CDR(s)  Robert Staneszewski (FR)
SEC UPPER MISS CMD CADRE          00046516    CDR     Anne Grabins
SEC VIRGINIA                      00043010    CDR(s)  Adrien Bellin (FR)
BASE HONOLULU                     00052009    CDR(s)  Carlton Yamada (FR)
BASE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION      00045552    CDR     Richard Knight
BASE PORTSMOUTH                   00045966    CDR     Samuel Alvord
MIFC LANT                         00050330    CDR     Michael Ott
MSU PORT ARTHUR                   00044267    CDR(s)  Marie Sevin (FR)
INTEL COORD CENTER                00046617    CDR     Jeffrey Kuck
LANTAREA (35)                     00049069    CDR(s)  Cassandra Tidden (FR)
LANTAREA (LANT-537)               00049918    CDR     Brian Shepherd
LANTAREA (LANT-537)               00049918    CDR     James Cullen
LANTAREA (LANT-537)               00049919    CDR     Barbara Gowdy
D5 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)     00070934    CDR     Lori Archer
D8 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)     00042382    CDR(s)  Jill Bessetti (FR)
D9 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)         00043634    LCDR    Eric Olmstead
D11 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)        00050796    CDR     Peter Igoe
D13 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)    00070935    CDR     Martin Schell
D17 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)    00072024    CDR     Molly Hayes
SEC COL RIVER RESPONSE DEPT       00043948    CDR     Karl Hellberg
SEC HOU/GAL RESPONSE DEPT         00042399    CDR     Christine Kimak
SEC MARYLAND-NCR CP/RDNS STF      00052560    CDR     Bradley Smith
SEC N NEW ENG CP/RDNS STF         00052963    CDR     Amy Miller
SEC PUGET SND RESPONSE DEPT       00042600    CDR     Jeffrey Chonko
SEC SE NEW ENG CP/RDNS STF        00046262    CDR     Eric Stroming
OL-LSC ACQ & CLM BR ALAMEDA       00052237    CDR     Adam Olson
D7 LEGAL STAFF (DL)               00053004    LCDR    Jennifer Carty
D8 LEGAL STAFF (DL)               00042735    LCDR    Russell Booker
D13 LEGAL STAFF (DL)              00049147    LCDR    Rebecca Castaneda
2. Officers marked with (FR) will be frocked to the grade of Commander upon 
departure from their current duty station, if not already promoted.
3. All tour lengths will be 3 years per REF B.
4. The panel has recessed for the duration of the RILO period. Serious objections
to proposed assignments should be sent by e-mail to RADM McKinley at
Andrew.S.McKinley(at) Please copy your chain of command and CG PSC-RPM,
on the email.
5. This message constitutes notification for requests for voluntary RILO. Officers
listed in paragraph (1) must execute orders to the slated position, request
retirement, or decline orders and be transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve
(IRR) or the Inactive Status List (ISL) in accordance with REF B. Retirement
requests must be received by CG PSC-RPM prior to 18 March 2020. Members who intend
to decline the assignment listed in paragraph (1), shall notify CDR Troy E. Fryar
by e-mail at: or via phone at: (202)795-6501 by 18 March
2020. Effective date of requests for retirement or transfers to the IRR or ISL
will be 1 October 2020.
6. The target date to release commander PCS orders will be no later than 31 March
7. Assignment Panel members:
Name                                 Unit
RADM A. S. McKinley, USCGR           CG-DCO-SRO
CAPT J. A. Travers, USCGR            COMDT (CG-R8)        
CAPT G. A. Jones, USCGR              D5 COMMAND CADRE
CAPT R. J. Catudal, USCGR            CGRU USNORTHCOM   
CAPT M. G. Barton, USCGR             D1 COMMAND CADRE 
8. RADM A. S. McKinley, Panel President, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.