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02 MAR 20
ALCGPSC 029/20
1.  As we approach the spring and beginning of the transfer season for many military families, Coast Guard families across the country will be seeking quality youth programs at or near their new duty stations.  Many times, the ability to locate youth programs in the new community is a major factor to a successful relocation for the military member.
2.  The Coast Guard currently has an affiliation agreement with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).  Through this affiliation, youth programs at Base Kodiak, Base Detachment Borinquen, TRACEN Petaluma, and Base Cape Cod offer BGCA programs and activities that focus on good character and citizenship, healthy lifestyle, and academic success.    
3.  Families who do not live at these installations can still take advantage of BGCA youth programs through enrollment in a traditional Boys & Girls Club (BGC) which is available free of an enrollment fee for any Coast Guard active duty and Selected Reserve dependent through BGCA’s Mission Youth Outreach (MYO) program.  Whether on the installation or in the local community, BGCA programs offer a wide variety of educational, recreational, cultural, and social activities for youth in the ages of 6-17 and are designed to maximize opportunities for young people to acquire a sense of belonging, usefulness, influence, and competence, all important for young family members whether relocating or staying in a community.
4.  Active duty and Selected Reserve members looking to enroll their dependents in a local BGC may find the nearest one on their community through the following locator:  Enrollment forms for the Mission Youth
Outreach program may be found at If outside the network use: 
5.  Members experiencing difficulties enrolling their dependent youth in local BGCs may contact Mr. Matt Perciak, CG MWR Director, at (757) 842-4903.
6.  I highly encourage all Administrative Offices to provide this information to both members transferring into and out of an installation and for unit sponsors to make this information available to the member they are sponsoring.  Additionally, share with ombudsman, spouses club, CPOA, and CGEA.
7. The opportunity to provide enrollment in traditional BGCs “outside the gate,” is provided by the Coast Guard MWR program in the Community Services Command and is supported by the profits generated by your Coast Guard Exchange (CGX).  Shopping CGX whether in a store or online at delivers nonpay benefits contributing to the readiness, retention, and resiliency of the Coast Guard family.
8.  Released by CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center.  
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9.  Internet release authorized.