united states coast guard

R 281012 FEB 20
UNCLAS //N04730//
ALCOAST 060/20
1. This ALCOAST solicits volunteers who are interested in participating in a
five day early operational assessment (EOA) for the Polar Security Cutter (PSC)
in Bethesda, MD at Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWC CD)
from 04 MAY 20 to 08 MAY 20. An EOA is a review of cutter design, operational
capability and effectiveness while the cutter is still in the design phase.
The EOA will be used to identify issues that may impact mission effectiveness
of the PSC.
2. Background. On 24 April 2019 VT Halter Marine was awarded a contract for
the design and construction of the lead cutter and options for the construction
of two additional PSC’s. PSCs enable the U.S. to maintain defense readiness in
the Arctic and Antarctic regions; enforce treaties and other laws needed to
safeguard both industry and environment; provide ports, waterways and coastal
security; and provide logistical support – including vessel escort – to facilitate
the movement of goods and personnel necessary to support scientific research,
commerce, national security activities and maritime safety. Lead cutter delivery
is scheduled for spring of 2024.
3. The EOA is a table top design and documentation review by active duty officers
and enlisted personnel who are currently serving, or have recently served, in
USCGC POLAR STAR/SEA, USCGC HEALY, USCGC MACKINAW and maintenance assist teams or
electronics support units that support the icebreakers. Selectees will join
subject matter focus groups to receive Polar Security Cutter briefings in their
area of expertise. Presentations will be facilitated by the Operational Test
Director (OTD), Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COTF), and the
PSC Program Management Office. Using the information presented, guidance from
the OTD, and operational experience, SMEs will identify pros and cons to assist
the OTD in identifying potential risks for successful completion of operational
test and evaluation. An EOA report will be submitted to the Office of Cutter
Forces (CG-751) as well as DHS Office of Test and Evaluation, and utilized to
assess progress of the PSC acquisition.
4. The mission areas are grouped below.
    a. Operations. Comprised of CO/XO, OPS, DWO, ELC, IT, ET, OS and BM with
bridge experience. This group will focus on icebreaking, navigation in open ocean,
coastal, and restricted waters, close-quarters maneuvering, mooring systems,
anchoring, launch and recovery of cutter boats, underway replenishment, towing
and being towed, joint interoperability and command and control systems.
    b. Deck. Comprised of CO/XO, DWO, 1st LT, BOSN, BMC, GMC, and BM with
OTH/LCVP/ASB COXN experience. This group will focus on mooring systems,
anchoring, launch and recovery of cutter boats, underway replenishment, towing
and being towed.
    c. Engineering. Comprised of EO, CWO ENG, CWO ELC, MKC, DCC, EMC, ETC. This
group will focus on integrated electric power systems, podded propulsors, launch,
recovery, and maintenance of cutter boats, analysis of shipboard vibration and
motion, equipment and machinery maintenance and repair, underway replenishment,
fuel usage rates, reliability, maintainability, and availability, engineering
casualty control, and standard shipboard emergency drills.
    d. Dive. Comprised of USCG divers. This group will focus on PSC diving
operations, facilities, and apparatus.
    e. Support. Comprised of XO, F&S, CS, SK, HS. This group will focus on
supportability, training, berthing, food service, emergency medical capability,
and human factors.
    f. Aviation. Comprised of pilots, AET, AMT, and STAN team member. This group
will focus on flight deck arrangements, launch and recovery of helo, command and
control, and use of UAS.
    g. Survey. CO/XO, Ops, BOSN, MSTs and recognized professionals from the
scientific community (OGA/NOAA/NSF). This group will focus on facilities and
arrangements for conducting scientific missions.
5. SMEs will be designated as primary or alternate and provided read ahead
documents in preparation for their role to ensure that the EOA can be completed
in the time allotted. One key reference to be provided is the PSC Operational
Requirements Document (ORD) to assist the focus groups in identifying potential
effectiveness and suitability issues for this ship as related to the PWCS, SAR
MLE AMIO, LMR, and DR missions.
6. Personnel required.
SME          NR              Rate/Rank                      Required Experience
CO/XO       5                    O-5/O-6                     POLAR/HEALY/MACK
OPS           3                    O-3/O-4                     POLAR/HEALY/MACK
EO             3                    O-5/O-6                     POLAR/HEALY/MACK
1ST LT       1                    O-2/O-3                     POLAR/HEALY/MACK
BOSN         1                   CWO                           POLAR/HEALY/MACK
F&S            1                   CWO                          1 SK/1 CS on Major Cutter
ELC            2                   CWO                          EMO/E&E on Major Cutter
ENG           2                   CWO                          MPA on Major Cutter
BM             2                   E-7 or above               Major Cutter Deck Experience
DC             2                   E-7 or above               Major Cutter Tour
EM             2                   E-7 or above               POLAR/HEALY/MACK
GM             2                   E-7 or above               Major Cutter Tour
MK             2                   E-7 or above               Major Cutter Tour
BM             2                   E-6 or above               Major Cutter/OTH COXN/Bridge
EM             2                   E-6 or above               Major Cutter Tour
IT              2                    E-6 or above              Major Cutter Tour
ET             2                    E-6 or above               Major Cutter Tour
CS             2                    E-6 or above               Major Cutter Tour
HS             1                    E-6 or above               Major Cutter Tour
SK             2                    E-6 or above               Major Cutter Tour
PILOTS      3                    O-3/O-4 H-60/H-65      Cutter Deployment
7. Volunteers must be available for the entire five day event as full
participation is required to ensure the validity of test data. A detailed
schedule of events will be provided to participants via email once the full
list of participants is established.
8. Potential participants must contact the PSC Program Management Office (PMO)
T&E Manager, Mr. Yohan Herath (email preferred) NLT 20 MAR 20. Provide brief
career summary and indicate mission area group desired. Email must include
supervisor as an info addressee to show command approval for participation.
COMDT (CG-9326) will coordinate participation, consolidate list of attendees,
and issue travel orders to members selected to participate. Contact information
is: Mr. Yohan Herath, 202-475-3336,
9. RDML Matthew W. Sibley, Assistant Commandant for Capability, sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.