united states coast guard

27 FEB 20

ALCGENL 030/20
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
B. Screening for Overseas Duty, PSCINST 1300 
1. PSC-EPM-2 is soliciting for the following EPO position:
GRADE     UNIT                       POSN NUMBER       LOCATION
MKC       CGC DOLPHIN                00065871          Portsmouth, VA
2. Selected member will have a report date of OOA 1 JUL 2020.
3. Interested EPO candidates shall ensure they receive the appropriate
command endorsement and meet the requirements of Ref A Art 1.C.7 or
have successfully screened for EPO in AY20. All assignment year rotation
dates will be accepted. 
4. Individuals who are currently in receipt of EPO orders or a sitting
EPO with a tour completion of 2021 will not be considered.
5. Interested candidates shall submit a PCS E-Resume in Direct
Access using the position number listed above NLT 04 MAR 2020.
Requested EPO position should be listed above any general duty
positions on the E-Resume. Commands shall address all required
endorsements including overseas screening comments as per references
A and B for any overseas positions, any backfill requirements,
and specify a required reporting date if applicable. Commands
should be advised that immediate backfills are not always available.
6. As a reminder candidates should ensure their EI-PDR is complete
and accurate (e.g. CG-4082, CG-3307s, awards, and academic transcripts).
Members can request a copy of their official record by submitting a
signed CG memo via e-mail to
Members are also encouraged to review their ESS in CGBI. The ESS
provides a consolidated view of their information as it appears in
Direct Access. This serves as a means for every Coast Guard member to
review their personal data and to ensure the information in Direct
Access is up to date and accurate.
7. For assignment questions, contact the MK Assignment Officers:
A. D1, D7: CWO Matthew Thornton, Matthew.T.Thornton(at)
B. D5, PATFORSWA: CWO Grant Boyette, Grant.A.Boyette(at)
C. D11, D13, D17, D14: CWO Kurtis Yoder, Kurtis.L.Yoder(at)
D. D8, D9: CWO Larry Clements, Larry.D.Clements(at)
8. Released by: LT  R. Kent.
9. Internet release authorized.